NBA 2K22: Best Finishing Badges to Boost Your Game

Finishing is still a potent weapon on offense. Here are ALL the best finishing badges in 2K22 to make you a constant threat.

NBA 2K22: Best Finishing Badges to Boost Your Game

Finishing around the rim is something that old-school basketball thrived on. Most of today’s NBA players start out as finishers before learning to shoot later in their careers.

Regardless of playstyle, you’ll need the best finishing badges to boost your chances of scoring on that second chance, or simply to get past a good defender.

It’s a good thing that the meta of NBA 2K22 is more friendly on the offensive side. Add in the fact that there are new finishing badges available for you to make your player even more potent, and you’ll find good reason to build up your finishing ability in the game.

What are the best finishing badges in 2K22?

The common finishing badges of the NBA 2K series still make it onto the list, but there are a few new ones that you might want to add to make you the ultimate slasher or paint beast.

Finishing isn’t limited to just the big men around the rim, though, as even the guards and wing players benefit from these badges, which deliver animations to help boost scoring ability.

So, what are the best finishing badges? Here they are:

1. Fearless Finisher

One thing that’s inevitable, especially in a half-court setup, is the prevalence of contact layups. You will struggle to convert them, even when controlling the best NBA players, if you don’t have the right badge.

There’s a good chance that your shot will get blocked without the Fearless Finisher badge, so it’s best if you bring it up to the Hall of Fame level as you develop your game.

2. Acrobat

A perfect combo to the Fearless Finisher, the Acrobat badge will support the Fearless Finisher badge just because it helps ease up the difficulty of converting layups.

Giannis Antetokounmpo is a perfect example of an Acrobat, but a Gold-tier badge – which is what Luka Dončić has – is enough to make your player get easier shots on the drive.

3. Pro Touch

Capping off the layup trifecta is the Pro Touch badge. A bunch of NBA players just seem to make it drop regardless of the awkwardness of the shot. In 2K22, that’s because of the Pro Touch badge.

Ben Simmons is a good example of someone with Pro Touch. It will also increase your player’s chances of still making the shot after an awkward sidestep or an early-released layup if you have at least a Gold badge here.

4. Giant Slayer

Since defenses are animation-based, a body standing right in front of you may alter the shot – even if you have a good amount of space in between you and the defender.

The Giant Slayer badge is vital to make sure that your guard or wing player can still convert, especially when the defender doesn’t even jump. A Gold badge is enough to make things easy in this scenario.

5. Backdown Punisher

A common tendency for 2K22 players is to create a big man suited to playing bully ball. It’s good and basic, and to improve on the playstyle, develop the Backdown Punisher badge as you go on.

If you want to be as good as Joel Embiid or even Shaquille O’Neal with your player, you will need to make sure that you maximize this badge by putting it up to Hall of Fame level.

6. Grace Under Pressure

While most of the best finishing badges for NBA 2K22 have been mostly carry-overs from the last couple of editions, here’s one that is extremely important, especially if you’re into bully ball.

The Grace Under Pressure badge might be the most important of the new finishing badges, which is why you need to pair this up with the Backdown Punisher up to the Hall of Fame level.

7. Limitless Takeoff

Here’s a badge that you can add to your slasher build. Slashers are good finishers, which is why they need the highest level of badges to make sure that those drives are converted.

Another new badge that does the job is the Limitless Takeoff. It makes you be able to convert those Jordan-esque layups or even posterize your opponents – as LeBron James does.

A Gold badge is actually good enough, but you may as well take it up another level to Hall of Fame. You will thank the badge if you upgrade it by that extra tier.

What to expect when using finishing badges in NBA 2K22

You’re not going to be a good finisher around the rim overnight, but the best finishing badges in 2K22 will drastically help your player make those shots as you progress.

A good way to make sure that you are on a good path is to practice the right timing and proper spacing when releasing your shots around the rim. Once you are able to level these finishing badges, everything will be easy as pie.

Now that you know all of the best finishing badges in NBA 2K22, you can go and dominate in the paint and score some crucial points for your team.

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