NBA 2K22 Agent Choice: Best Agent to Choose in MyCareer

Which agent should you choose in NBA 2K22 MyCareer? Let us help you decide who the best fit is for your player.

NBA 2K22 Agent Choice: Best Agent to Choose in MyCareer

After climbing through the college ranks or developing your game in G-League, your player will come across one of the biggest decisions in NBA 2K22’s MyCareer mode. Right before entering the NBA draft, you will be presented with an opportunity to choose an agency to represent you for your NBA career.

Both firms are different in terms of their vision and objectives, with the decision being to sign with Palmer Athletic Agency or Barry & Associates, but which agency is the better one for you?

Here, we break down what each agency has to offer and hopefully give you a better idea of which agency is the better fit for your player.

Agencies are less upfront on NBA 2K22

Unlike in 2K21, where the benefits, rewards, and perks are presented to you in detail before signing with an agency, things are a little less upfront in 2K22.

With things being a lot less clear-cut, it appears that you have to progress further into the game to unlock and find out about all of the perks that each agency offers. In a sense, 2K22 is a bit more realistic; similar to real-life, nothing is guaranteed for new prospects entering the NBA.

With that in mind, here is a closer look at what you can expect to go down at both official meetings with the agencies, along with a summary of all of the key points discussed during their pitches.

Palmer Athletic Agency

NBA 2K22 best agent Palmer Athletic agency

Palmer Athletic Agency (PAA) is a top-tier sports agency whose main priority is to foster you into a superstar player at the NBA level. In short, they want you to dedicate your entire focus to basketball.

Furthermore, their main vision is to help you maximize your potential as an NBA player, and they have the tools to help you get there. Besides that, all off-court decisions will be managed by the top-tier associates at their agency.

As mentioned in their pitch, they are one of the most established agencies and the first to be run by a group of female executives. Therefore, they feel that this will give your player a major advantage, as their vision and operating approaches will be outside the norm, compared to most traditional sports agencies in the past.

They also mentioned that you will be the first player in the NBA to be represented by a female-operated player agency. In a sense, you will be somewhat of a trailblazer and could be known as a key athletic figure in helping to promote gender equality in professional sports.  


  • Can entirely focus on basketball and dedicate all of your time to being the best player that you can be.
  • Be managed by a well-structured corporate company with top-tier staff, along with the tools to help you become an NBA superstar.
  • If you hold your own on the court, you can expect to become the marquee client of the firm and receive star treatment.


  • In terms of off-court matters, you have little autonomy. Therefore, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to personalize your own authentic brand. 
  • If things don’t pan out on the court, your priorities might be pushed aside in favor of other stars or bigger clients signed with the same company.

Barry & Associates

NBA 2K22 best agent Barry & Associates agency

In comparison to Palmer Athletic Agency, the folks at Barry & Associates do things a little differently. As an untraditional firm, their main focus is on non-sports-related business areas, such as music and fashion.

The vision for Barry & Associates is to help you to create your own personal brand as a player that goes beyond the court. They believe that you do not have to be a superstar in the NBA to be one of the most successful influencers off of the court.

In that, they can help you to gain exposure in other industries and possibly land lucrative endorsements unrelated to basketball. Along with that, their vision is to guarantee your player a successful business career after the NBA.


  • Gives you more freedom on off-court decisions and will help you to establish a personal brand that is unique to you.
  • Have good connections to other industries outside of basketball to help expand your fan base.
  • As a smaller company with less star power, you will receive their undivided attention and won’t be pushed aside in favor of bigger clients.


  • Might not provide you with the environment that you need to become a star in the NBA.
  • Being a less experienced agency with on-court matters, they may not be able to help you to maximize your success with things related to basketball, such as getting a lucrative NBA contract or become the face of an NBA franchise.

What is the best agency to choose in 2K22?

Palmer Athletic Agency is the best agent to choose if you want to become the most successful NBA player on the court in 2K22. They are a well-structured firm with the tools that can help you to become a star player in the NBA.

On the other hand, if you prefer a little more freedom and want to find success outside of the basketball court, then Barry & Associates might be for you. They will be able to help you to foster a personal brand and find business opportunities outside of basketball.

As you can see, both agencies have their strengths and weaknesses. At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with either. The more important question to ask yourself is which agency is better aligned with your vision?

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