NBA 2K22 Badges Explained: Everything you need to know

Learning the different badges in NBA 2K22 will give you an edge over the competition.

The importance of badges in NBA 2K is slowly rising with the number of talented players in the league and the rising number of skilled gamers, being an essential factor that separates the great players from the best.

Badges have been in the game for the past few years, but this year’s edition has more badges than ever before. The options and levels are endless as players can pick and choose the badges that suit their playing style and type of build.

So, to help you to gear up for NBA 2K, here’s your guide to all of the different badges in the game as well as how to redeem, equip, and use them successfully.

What are badges and what do they do in NBA 2K22?

For starters, badges are skill boosts that in-game players may obtain by leveling up or as a result of their real-life counterparts’ performances in the NBA. These give the player a significant edge over the opponent, with the badge tiers spanning Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Hall of Fame.

A caveat, though, is that not all badges are open to all positions. This means that some badges for guards may not be available for forwards or centers. For example, centers may not obtain the Deep Threes badge.

The NBA 2K development team divided the badges into four skill categories: Finishing Badges, Shooting Badges, Playmaking Badges, and Defense/Rebounding Badges. Each badge can be combined with others as gamers continue to upgrade their players.

How does the badge system work in NBA 2K22?

In NBA 2K22, the badge system works in tiers, with Bronze representing a base-level or the weakest form of a badge, while Gold and then Hall of Fame are the prime badge tiers.

NBA 2K overhauled the badge system for next-gen consoles, thus enabling gamers to upgrade from Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Hall of Fame in the game. Your build and playing style in the game is crucial to finding the optimal position to maximize your badges.

Forwards generally have the highest ceiling in terms of badge collecting. Guards and centers also have a wide range of badges available, but not all are available for certain roles.

How many different types of badges are there in NBA 2K22?

In total, there are 80 different types of badges in NBA 2K22. Badges are classified into Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking, and Defensive/Rebounding. A caveat is that NBA players generally have more obtainable badges, so your MyPlayer build may be capped when trying to get some power-ups.

  • Finishing badges: There are 20 Finishing badges on the board, with Acrobat, Fearless Finisher, and Lob City Finisher standing as the popular ones.
  • Shooting badges: There are 20 Shooting badges in total, which includes the useful Corner Specialist, Difficult Shots, and Lucky #7.
  • Playmaking badges: You can also obtain 20 Playmaking badges, with Ankle Breaker, Dimer, and Needle Threader as the options.
  • Defensive badges: There are 20 Defensive badges in total which combines steals, blocks, and screen defense, with Brick Wall, Pick Pocket, and Rebound Chaser as top choices.

NBA 2K22 Badges List

Badge NameBadge Type
Backdown PunisherFinshing
Dream ShakeFinshing
Fast TwitchFinshing
Fearless FinisherFinshing
Giant SlayerFinshing
Grace under PressureFinshing
Hook SpecialistFinshing
Limitless TakeoffFinshing
Lob City FinisherFinshing
Mouse in the HouseFinshing
Post Spin TechnicianFinshing
Pro TouchFinshing
Putback BossFinshing
Rise UpFinshing
Slithery FinisherFinshing
Tear DropperFinshing
Catch and ShootShooting
Circus ThreesShooting
Clutch ShooterShooting
Corner SpecialistShooting
Difficult ShotsShooting
Fade AceShooting
Green MachineShooting
Hot Zone HunterShooting
Limitless Spot-UpShooting
Lucky #7Shooting
Mismatch ExpertShooting
Rhythm ShooterShooting
Set ShooterShooting
Slippery Off-BallShooting
Stop & PopShooting
Volume ShooterShooting
Ankle BreakerPlaymaking
Bail OutPlaymaking
Break StarterPlaymaking
Bullet PasserPlaymaking
Floor GeneralPlaymaking
Glue HandsPlaymaking
Handles for DaysPlaymaking
Needle ThreaderPlaymaking
Post PlaymakerPlaymaking
Quick ChainPlaymaking
Quick First StepPlaymaking
Space CreatorPlaymaking
Special DeliveryPlaymaking
Stop & GoPlaymaking
Tight HandlesPlaymaking
Triple Threat JukePlaymaking
Ankle BracesDefensive
Ball StripperDefensive
Brick WallDefensive
Chase Down ArtistDefensive
Defensive LeaderDefensive
Off-Ball PestDefensive
Pick DodgerDefensive
Pick PocketDefensive
Pogo StickDefensive
Post LockdownDefensive
Rebound ChaserDefensive
Rim ProtectorDefensive
Tireless DefenderDefensive

How do you equip and change badges in NBA 2K?

You can equip and change badges in 2K22 by entering a game mode, finding the player that you want to see the badge of, and then selecting ‘Badges’ from the player screen in the game. The game will then give you the option to choose from the badge categories and equip your chosen badges.

There isn’t a limit to the total number of badges that you can equip at the same time. Different badges are more difficult to obtain than others, though, so using the right power-up will be essential to any player in the game.

How do you get all of the badges in NBA 2K?

Earning badges is based on your in-game performance to add more badge points to your player. More badge points are earned for your performance based on if you score from outside (Scoring), finish in the paint (Finishing), dish out assists (Playmaking), or play great defense (Defensive/Rebounding).

Certain badges allow you to upgrade all of the way to the Hall of Fame tier, depending on your player’s build and regardless of them being a guard, forward, or center. Gold badges are upgradable provided that they are unlockable for the build at hand.

What badges should I get first in NBA 2K?

Certain badges are better suited to different playstyles. Perimeter scorers will likely opt for shooting badges. Slashers will lean towards finishing badges. Floor generals will mostly choose playmaking badges. On-ball stoppers will likely want the defensive badges.

Some badges are more effective than others, especially those with the potential to reach the Hall of Fame tier. Blinders, Posterizer, Quick First Step, and Clamps are just some of the first badges that you may aim to equip at the start of NBA 2K22.

Can you remove badges in NBA 2K?

Badges can be removed in NBA 2K22. To remove badges, you need to:

  1. Go to your MyPlayer;
  2. Find the Badges section;
  3. Select the badge that you want to remove;
  4. Make sure that you deactivate the badge that you want to remove by checking if it’s invisible on your screen.

If you think that a certain badge does not go well with another, you may remove that badge from your arsenal. Any changes made to your player’s badge selection will be reflected in your next game.

Note that after you remove a badge, you may activate it again if ever you want to try out new builds. The badge will just be inactive in your badge dashboard, but a quick click will allow them to be available again at any time.

How many badges do you need to get Hall of Fame in NBA 2K?

There are 19 badges that gamers may upgrade to the Hall of Fame tier. The Blinders, Deep Threes, Hot Shot, Hot Zone Hunter, and Catch & Shoot are five badges that you may upgrade from the Shooting category.

As for Finishing badges, the Heat Seeker, Posterizer, Backdown Punisher, Dropstepper, Post Spin Technique, and Rise Up can all be upgraded to the top tier.

Bail Out, Bullet Passer, and Quick First Step are the three Playmaking badges that you may upgrade to become Hall of Fame badges.

Finally, five Defensive badges can be boosted into the Hall of Fame category, which are Clamps, Interceptor, Rebound Chase, Intimidator, and Rim Protector.

Understanding badges and selecting the right ones in NBA 2K22 is important to keep you ahead of the competition. Feel free to experiment with the badges in-game, and let us know if you have any other questions about badges in NBA 2K in the comments section below!

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