NBA 2K23: Best Teams To Play For As A Point Guard (PG) in MyCareer

What are the best teams to grow your point guard in 2K23? Here are the perfect landing spots for your PG.

The 2022 offseason has brought some significant changes to the NBA – Utah is a vastly different team heading into 2022-2023 than it did when the 2021-2022 season ended – which affects where it’s best to play point guard. Being a point guard in NBA 2K23 is going to be interesting knowing how this year’s draft is heavy on big men. 

Offense starts at the point and being the one facilitating the action makes sure you’re able to pad those stats. The best teams for a point guard in 2K23 will only increase your chances.

Which teams are best for a PG in NBA 2K23?

Even in the era of hybrid players, there are still good places for your true point guard to land in MyCareer. It’s not only one’s fit into a team’s void; coaching sometimes plays a factor, too. 

Standing out doesn’t work well with the latest 2K generations. That means your scoring point guard won’t win games with a 2011 Derrick Rose workload on your shoulders. 

Good balance is key regardless of play style, and here are the best teams for a new point guard to join in NBA 2K23. Note that you will begin as a 60 OVR player.

Read below for the seven best teams for a point guard.

1. San Antonio Spurs

Lineup: Tre Jones (74 OVR), Devin Vassell (76 OVR), Doug McDermott (74 OVR), Keldon Johnson (82 OVR), Jakob Poeltl (78 OVR)

San Antonio accepted the fact that they need to rebuild. Dejounte Murray was literally their only point guard, but he was traded to the Atlanta Hawks. 

It only leaves the Spurs with backup quality guard Tre Jones to fight for minutes shall your point guard join the Spurs. You could go with any point guard archetype in San Antonio as they’ll all benefit the team.

There’s going to be plenty of playmaking opportunities with the team filled with pick-and-roll players and stretch forwards. The roster includes players like Zach Collins, Keldon Johnson, Doug McDermott, and Isaiah Roby at the forward spots with Josh Richardson, Devin Vassell, and Romeo Langford at the guard positions.

2. Dallas Mavericks

Lineup: Luka Dončić (95 OVR), Spencer Dinwiddie (80 OVR), Reggie Bullock (75 OVR), Dorian Finney-Smith (78 OVR), Christian Wood (84 OVR)

2K is all about offensive help. Hero ball does not play well in later versions compared to the earlier ones. That said, you’ll find plenty of scoring opportunities with the Dallas Mavericks. 

Luka Dončić will still be the de facto starting point guard, but your scoring point guard will slide up to shooting guard once your 2K rating piles up, spelling the star at the point when he sits as well. 

A scoring point guard is the best build for the Mavs, who have inefficient shooters sharing the position with Dončić, including Dorian Finney-Smith and Reggie Bullock. The roster is filled with mostly role players like Dāvis Bertāns and JaVale McGee. This means you can easily thrive in Dallas, especially if you have an accurate outside shot.

3. Washington Wizards

Lineup: Monte Morris (79 OVR), Bradley Beal (87 OVR), Will Barton (77 OVR), Kyle Kuzma (81 OVR), Kristaps Porziņģis (85 OVR)

Monte Morris may have been a good point guard addition for the Wizards, but yours could be better as Morris is not an elite level starting guard. The team needs a facilitator to run pick plays as the rest of the starting lineup thrives in such situations. 

Only Bradley Beal can play efficient isolation basketball in Washington and that opens up your opportunities. You can call for screens to lessen the workload on Beal and let any one of the forwards on the team pop for a three, such as Rui Hachimura and Kyle Kuzma. Even then, your point guard should still have ample opportunity to score on- and off-the-ball. You could also develop a nice pick-and-pop with Kristaps Porziņģis.

If you’re looking for an easy hack, you might want to run floppy plays with Beal ending up with an open three-pointer. 

4. Houston Rockets

Lineup: Kevin Porter, Jr. (77 OVR), Jalen Green (82 OVR), Jae’Sean Tate (77 OVR), Jabari Smith, Jr. (78 OVR), Alperen Şengün (77 OVR)

Houston has had a point guard problem since James Harden’s final, tumultuous year in Houston. Kevin Porter, Jr. plays better off-ball in an Eric Gordon-type role – who is still on the Houston roster – rather than a facilitator, leaving a hole for a facilitating point guard to fill. 

Jalen Green will be getting most of the touches, which is why your player should compliment his skillset rather than be a second star. The Rockets have a good future depending on its point guard rather than its star, so focus on being a distributor and playmaker rather than a scorer as players like KPJ and Gordon can fill the points column in the box score easily. 

Being able to shoot will also help your chances of thriving within the Rockets organization. Focus on catch-and-shoot threes to help recapture the types of plays seen during the Harden era in Houston. 

5. Oklahoma City

Lineup: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (87 OVR), Josh Giddey (82 OVR), Luguentz Dort (77 OVR), Darius Bazley (76 OVR), Chet Holmgren (77 OVR)

The Oklahoma City Thunder have not had a upper-tier point guard since Russell Westbrook. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander seems more apt to being a shooting guard rather than a point guard to maximize his scoring abilities, but this leaves the team without a true facilitator. 

Gilgeous-Alexander has averaged only 5.9 assists per game in each of the last two seasons and playing him on 2K only means you pass the ball less as well. His 5.9 assists per game actually placed him in per game average between KPJ and tied with Marcus Smart, a tenth of a point ahead of Giannis Antetokounmpo. He’s decidedly middle of the pack in assists, but again, becoming the facilitator so he can score is the best path for OKC. 

It’s going to be a fun young team even with Chet Holmgren out for the season (though you can change that in 2K). Tip: make your point guard athletic and fast so that everyone will be running in transition on each play. 

6. Sacramento Kings

Lineup: De’Aaron Fox (84 OVR), Davion Mitchell (77 OVR), Harrison Barnes (80 OVR), Keegan Murray (76 OVR), Domantas Sabonis (86 OVR)

It may look like Sacramento’s backcourt is stable with De’Aaron Fox and Davion Mitchell rotating at point, but it’s not enough. Fox is probably closer to a hybrid guard, but probably is better off focusing on scoring; Fox averaged 5.6 assists per game in 2021-2022, even less than Gilgeous-Alexander.  

Fox’s speed can also be an advantage as an undersized shooting guard if the Kings go small ball with Sabonis at center. An all-around point guard similar to Sacramento legend Mike Bibby is what the team needs. 

Scoring is not going to be a problem for the Kings. Being able to be the assists leader for the team is the best route to taking Sacramento back to the playoffs. 

In short, the Sacramento Kings need a bonafide system, which could begin with you. 

7. Detroit Pistons

Lineup: Jaden Ivey, Cade Cunningham (84 OVR), Saddiq Bey (80 OVR), Marvin Bagley III (76 OVR), Isaiah Stewart (76 OVR)

Cade Cunningham will do just as good off-ball and rookie Jaden Ivey is competing for minutes. It’s also a good thing Detroit seems to have given up on the Killian Hayes project as he never seemed to develop as hoped. 

There are a plethora of opportunities for a point guard with the Detroit Pistons. Offensive duties are still being worked out in Detroit, so that presents plenty of opportunities for you to contribute right away. 

Being a pure playmaker in Detroit might not be a good idea for now since you likely won’t be playing with anyone above 87 overall here. It’s best to be the leader of the team as a do-it-all point guard. 

How to be a good point guard in NBA 2K23

It’s definitely easy to be a point guard in NBA 2K. The offensive play starts with you as the ballhandler whether you’re starting or coming off the bench, essentially the quarterback of the offense. 

Being a point guard also gives your player the best opportunity above all positions because of your proximity to the basketball. To be a good point guard, you’ll need to analyze your team’s strengths. 

An effective play is calling for picks for an easy drive to the hoop or a drop pass to an open teammate when the defense collapses. Also, make sure that you are good defensively as it can translate to an easy fastbreak as well. 

Positioning is crucial as well as 2K23’s also prone to demerits, which take a toll on your superstar grade. It’s best to go with a team that will be able to pull you up as well. 

A point guard who carries the team as a rookie will be a good way to challenge yourself. Now you know which teams are in most need of a point guard in NBA 2K23. 

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