NBA 2K23 Shot Meter Explained: Everything You Need to Know About Shot Meter Types and Settings

Learn more about the shot meter types, turning off your meter and improving your shot window in our NBA 2K23 shot meter guide.

In NBA 2K23, there are a great many ways to beat any opponent. Through all the contrasting approaches, however, the one key aspect that must be mastered is timing jumpshots.

Some prefer not to use a shot meter and prefer just to adopt a rhythm. It could become a distraction on the screen, but the shot meter is an incredible indicator that can show a beginner how to “green” or find the perfect release for the jumpshot of the players that they continually use.

So, these are a few tips to maximize the shot meter in NBA 2K23.

What is the shot meter and how do you use it in NBA 2K23?

The shot meter is used as a guide and an indicator to show the effectiveness of jumpshots in NBA 2K23. As previously mentioned, some decide not to use it, but the purpose of the shot meter is to help you to convert consistent jumpshots in the game.

The shot meter in NBA 2K23 is more customizable compared to the previous iterations. The major changes revolve around the type of shot meter you can choose and sounds produced. For the experts, it may not really matter, but the shot meter is an integral tool to help a person to master the timing of jumpshots.

Comet (High) Shot Meter

The perfect jump shot occurs when you release it on the apex of their player’s release. The challenge is that different players from any team could have different timing and peaks on their release.

Getting a perfect shot in NBA 2K23 isn’t an easy feat, especially if the difficulty is set to Superstar or Hall of Fame. To find the perfect release, you’ll need to practice a lot and experience taking jumpshots with several different players.

How to turn off the shot meter

To turn off the shot meter in NBA 2K23, you need to:

  1. Go to the Main Menu and then select Features;
  2. Select Controller Settings and scroll down to Shot Meter
  3. Switch the Shot Meter option to Off.

The Controller Settings section allows you to experiment with your preferred settings, such as turning the shot meter off or changing how it looks during the game.

How to change the shot meter in 2K23

You can customize your shot meter by altering the shot meter type, sounds and vibration within the Controller Settings menu.

To change your shot meter in 2K23:

  1. Go to the Main Menu and then select Features;
  2. Navigate to Controller Settings

Here you can alter the settings for your Shot Meter, Shot Timing, Perfect Release, Shot Meter Type and Perfect Release SFX.

Shot meter types in 2K23

There will be 20 different shot meter types available. Five shot meter types will be available at launch with another 15 unlocked in Seasons throughout the year. The five default shot meter types are:

  1. Comet (High)
  2. Tusk 1 (Under)
  3. Curved Bar (Side)
  4. Curved Bar (Mini)
  5. Straight Bar (Mini)
Comet (High) Shot Meter
Tusk 1 (Under) Shot Meter
Curved Bar (Side) Shot Meter
Curved Bar (Mini) Shot Meter
Straight Bar (Mini) Shot Meter

How to make the shot meter bigger

The shot meter in NBA 2K23 cannot be manually changed to increase its size. However, you can select the Comet (High) shot meter type as it is the biggest shot meter available at launch. The shot meter does automatically increase in size if the player is open as opposed to attempting a jumpshot while two defenders are all over them.

Is there a dunk meter in 2K23 current-gen?

Yes, the dunk meter is in the current-gen (PS4 and Xbox One) version of NBA 2K23. The dunk meter is a new feature that gives players a more dynamic and freely experimental experience.

When R2 is pressed toward the basket, you must put the right stick downward and make sure that the stick is released when the mark is between the green lines. Additionally, on greater difficulties, the space to release at the proper timing decreases. It is a tremendous addition to the game, but it is challenging to master.

What are the best shot meter settings?

While shot meter settings preferences can vary greatly, the main goal is to convert buckets constantly. So, these are our picks for the best shot meter settings for beginners and veterans to NBA 2K23.

For beginners:

  • Turn on shot meter for jump shots and not layups.
  • Use the Comet (High) shot meter type.
  • Turn the shot meter off on for free throws.
  • Use the Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox) button for shooting.
  • Sound doesn’t really matter.

For veterans:

  • Turn off the shot meter for jump shots, layups, and free throws (this increases your shot window).
  • Rely on the timings for players.
  • Use the Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox) button for shooting.

How to fix your shot meter if it is not working

To fix the shot meter, go to the Controller Settings and turn the Shot Meter option from Off to On. There is a tendency for players to experiment with different approaches with the shot meter, so it is best to check before playing a game and double-check that the shot meter is working with your preferred settings.

Can you change the color of the shot meter

You cannot change the color of the shot meter. This was a feature available in 2K22 and is no longer available in 2K23.

The shot meter is an excellent way to aid the development of a gamer in NBA 2K23. There isn’t a simple answer to being able to compete with the greatest in this game, but mastering the shot meter gives you a massive opportunity to wreak havoc with any team or player.

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