NBA 2K23: Best Shooting Badges For Scoring More Points

Want to upgrade your perimeter offense in NBA 2K23? Here are the best shooting badges to equip.

NBA 2K23: Best Shooting Badges For Scoring More Points list

Shooting has become the name of the game in today’s NBA. That said, most 2K players now enjoy firing from long range more than forcing a chain of dribbles to drive to the basket. 

A good mix of the best shooting badges will make sure there’s a good chance you don’t score below 30 points every game. It also helps boost your playing time in MyCareer, which in turn gives you more opportunities to nab endorsements. 

Building a scoring machine will need a max on all offensive-related badges. Good thing there are some new shooting 2K badges players will love to have in their arsenal. 

What are the best shooting badges in NBA 2K23?

Below, you will find the best shooting badges in NBA 2K23. The requirements for each badge will also be listed.

1. Agent 3

NBA 2K23 best shooting badge Agent 3

Badge Requirement(s): Three-Point Shot – 68 (Bronze), 83 (Silver), 89 (Gold), 96 (Hall of Fame)

It used to be just equip the Range Extender badge if you want to pull up from beyond the arc. Now, there’s the Agent 3 badge, which accompanies you with the right animation to turn into a pull up fiend. 

The Agent 3 badge ups your chances of making a pull-up or spin shot from beyond the arc. It also comes in handy whenever you want to cut your Downhill or Hyperdrive short and decide to pull up like Trae Young or Jamal Murray. If your playstyle is predicated on shooting and hitting pull up threes, then this badge is a must-have to maximize your abilities.

2. Blinders

NBA 2K23 best shooting badge Blinders

Badge Requirement(s): Mid-Range Shot – 65 (Bronze), 77 (Silver), 84 (Gold), 94 (Hall of Fame) or
Three-Point Shot – 70 (Bronze), 80 (Silver), 89 (Gold), 97 (Hall of Fame)

If there’s one thing the recent NBA 2K versions have done, it’s to make defenses effective regardless of the defense. A hand in front of a surefire shooter will automatically render a missed shot, presenting a but of a dilemma for you. 

The Blinders badge is one way to get through these defenses. Blinders reduces the penalty from defenders in the periphery closing on you. You can relive those days where Kobe Bryant and Tracy McGrady shoot over two to three defenders both on the side and in their face. 

3. Claymore

NBA 2K23 best shooting badge Claymore

Badge Requirement(s): Three-Point Shot – 55 (Bronze), 69 (Silver), 76 (Gold), 86 (Hall of Fame)

The Claymore badge now trumps the Corner Specialist badge in NBA 2K23. While Corner Specialist still serves its purpose, Claymore extends the limit. 

Claymore increases your chances of scoring from three when “spotting up patiently.” Spot-up shooting is something most 2K players prefer over drives. That said, you can use the Claymore badge to make sure you not only bury it deep while spotting up in the corner, but also from anywhere beyond the arc. 

4. Deadeye

NBA 2K23 best shooting badge Deadeye

Badge Requirement(s): Three-Point Shot – 71 (Bronze), 82 (Silver), 89 (Gold), 99 (Hall of Fame) 

The Deadeye badge is still the most important shooting badge in NBA 2K. If the Blinders badge shades away defenders coming from the side, the Deadeye does the same in front. Specifically, it reduces the penalty received from a contested shot.

All known shooters in the NBA definitely have the Deadeye badge in the 2K game. It’s time for your player to have the same in MyCareer. This way, you can shoot over any defender and fear little about the contested shot penalty.

5. Green Machine

NBA 2K23 best shooting badge Green Machine

Badge Requirement(s): Mid-Range Shot – 60 (Bronze), 71 (Silver), 80 (Gold), 90 (Hall of Fame) or
Three-Point Shot – 60 (Bronze), 73 (Silver), 82 (Gold), 91 (Hall of Fame)

Being able to nail shots without consistency won’t win games. That said, the Green Machine badge is what you need to maintain a high shot percentage. 

The badge gives an additional shot boost whenever you hit consecutive perfectly-timed shots. It’s what makes players streaky shooters in NBA 2K. Since the first thing you should have done was find or create a jump shot that you can hit green on nine or ten times out of ten, this badge will make you virtually unstoppable and if paired with a few others on this list, you may never miss.

6. Guard Up

NBA 2K23 best shooting badge Guard Up

Badge Requirement(s): Mid-Range Shot – 55 (Bronze), 69 (Silver), 77 (Gold), 86 (Hall of Fame) or
Three-Point Shot – 60 (Bronze), 73 (Silver), 83 (Gold), 90 (Hall of Fame)

The later NBA 2K versions put more emphasis on defense. Scoring even the easiest shots increase in difficulty in 2K23. With that being said, you’ll need every badge related to shaking off defenses. 

The Guard Up badge works similar to the Blinders and Deadeye badge, but this comes out whenever the defense is lazy. Guard Up improves your chances of making a spot-up jumper when there’s no shot contest. It’s a good combination with the Ankle Breaker badge, shaking off defenders and then hitting a wide open shot.

7. Space Creator

NBA 2K23 best shooting badge Space Creator

Badge Requirement(s): Mid-Range Shot – 52 (Bronze), 64 (Silver), 73 (Gold), 80 (Hall of Fame) or
Three-Point Shot – 53 (Bronze), 65 (Silver), 74 (Gold), 83 (Hall of Fame)

The Space Creator badge makes sure you get that advantage from the start. It’s what creates that small opening between a dribbler and a defender. Think of it as the shooting version of the playmaking badge Ankle Breaker.

Having this badge boosts your chances of making a shot after creating space and makes it easier to cross up opponents when hitting step-backs. This should be paired with the Blinders, Deadeye, and Guard Up badges for maximum effect. 

8. Catch & Shoot

NBA 2K23 best shooting badge Catch & Shoot

Badge Requirement(s): Three-Point Shot 60 (Bronze), 72 (Silver), 81 (Gold), 93 (Hall of Fame)

The Catch & Shoot badge is what you need to cap all shooting badges. Not all shots can be done effectively off the dribble. This badge is one that also gets aided by the Blinders, Deadeye, and Guard Up badges. 

Catch & Shoot improves the ability to knock down threes for a brief window after receiving a pass. This means you must shoot with taking a dribble and almost immediately after taking the pass. However, if your playstyle has you coming off screens to create space, then this could be an essential badge to ensuring you knock down your shots.

What to expect when using shooting badges in NBA 2K23 

Shooting badges require skill and timing. These badges would not work even at a Hall of Fame level if your timing is poor. Make sure your jump shot is one where you can consistently have perfect release timing!

Before making sure which shooting badges to give your player, it’s best to practice the activation of these badges in a regular NBA game first using your favorite NBA players. Go to Play Now and have at it, probably with the All-Star teams as they’ll be filled with players who have high level badges.

Once you have all these shooting badges equipped, you’re one step closer to become a scoring machine in NBA 2K23. 

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