NBA 2K22 Shooting Tips: How to Shoot Better in 2K22

Take your shooting to the next level! Learn how to shoot better in 2K22 with our tips, setups and best badges to equip.

NBA 2K22 Shooting Tips: How to Shoot Better in 2K22 guide

Shooting in NBA 2K22 is different compared to previous years. The shot meter has changed and the timing of jumpers are different for every player now.

Luckily, NBA 2K has maintained some of the core components of shooting this year which heavily favors the three-point shooters while penalizing difficult shots.

Here is a breakdown of the top 2K22 shooting tips that can help you shoot better.

How to shoot in 2K22

To shoot in 2K22, press & hold Square then release on PlayStation or press & hold Y then release on Xbox. You want to time your shot by filling your meter to the black mark at the top of the shot meter. If you release exactly on the black mark, your meter will light up green which indicates a perfect shot.

1. Find a shooting method – 2K22 shooting tips

When playing NBA 2K22, choosing a shooting method that fits your style is one of the first crucial steps that all players should consider.

One of the biggest changes in NBA 2K22 is the revamped shooting system, in particular the new mechanisms involved with the Shot Stick.

The revamped shooting features not only widens the skill gap between players, but it also gives players more control than ever over their jump shots. Players do still have the option to utilize the traditional way of shooting, by simply tapping the shot button (Square or X).

As all shooting methods have their own pros and cons and can take time to get used to, here is a basic breakdown of each shooting method to help you decide what’s best for you.

Shot Stick Aiming is the most advanced shooting mechanic in the game. It is the most difficult to execute but also offers the greatest shooting boost.

It can be further broken down into three different settings. The first is the most difficult, but if executed properly, it will give your player the highest shooting boost.

NBA 2K22 shooting tip to shoot better: Find a shooting method that works for you
  1. Shot Stick: R3 and L2/LT for timing
  2. Shot Stick: Left trigger timing removed
  3. Shot Stick: Aim meter turned off
NBA 2K22 shooting tip to shoot better: controller settings

The shooting settings can be adjusted in the controller settings menu.

How to use the Shot Stick in 2K22

  1. Move and hold R3 down;
  2. After pulling down, flick the analogue left or right, towards the high-percentage area, to take a shot. The closer it is to the middle of the bar, the higher your chances are that the shooter will be able to hit green and perform an excellent release.

How to use the Shot Button in 2K22

Press and hold the shot button (Square or X), and release it as close to the high-percentage area as possible to increase your chances of making a shot.

2. Know the player you are shooting with

A little basketball knowledge helps add a few points to your game average, particularly if you know the attributes of the player you are using. This is particularly important in MyPlayer, and it’s key to find the right timing for your shot and model your jumper type on a real-life NBA player who has great shooting ability.

Patterning your shot from the likes of Klay Thompson, Ray Allen, or Steve Nash are good bets for jumpers to try in NBA 2K22. Shots with a narrower base and a faster release point are less likely to get blocked. Shots which have a slow release point, though, are easier to time and are more flexible in the mid-range.

Catering your MyPlayer’s jump shot to your player’s play style will be key in better utilizing your shot base.

NBA 2K22 shooting tip to shoot better: play style

3. Pick a pie chart with enough green

When making solid builds in MyCareer, choosing a skill pie chart with enough green (shooting ability) is crucial.

NBA 2K22 shooting tip to shoot better: pick a pie chart with enough green

On top of that, other important physical attributes that great shooters need are speed and acceleration as these will help them to evade defenders and make open shots with greater ease. 

So, when choosing a physical profile pie chart, it is recommended that you choose one with a good amount of agility (purple).

NBA 2K22 shooting tip to shoot better: physical profile

4. Find your perfect jump shot

Another important aspect of shooting in NBA 2K22 is choosing the right jump shot for your MyPlayer.

There is no perfect jumpshot in NBA 2K22, but going into training and experimenting to find out what jump shot works best will give you a leg up on the competition. Finding a shot base and jump shot that you can consistently hit will help you be comfortable in focusing on the other parts of your game once your shot is clean.

Every player’s jump shot is different, and those that work for you may not work for your friends. So, it’s best that you do your own due diligence and spend some time in the gym to test the jump shots and releases to find the one that you are the most comfortable using.

5. Equipping your player build with high shooting stats

The start of your MyPlayer career is one of the most crucial parts to your success in NBA 2K22. This is where you determine how you will dominate the competition, be that in shooting, playmaking, defending, or rebounding. Choosing whether you are a guard, forward, or center also affects the overall cap you have in the shooting department.

It is important to know how to adjust your weight, height, and wingspan to shoot at a high percentage in NBA 2K22. Playmaking Shot Creator, Sharpshooting Facilitator ,and Stretch Four are the three builds we recommend for a high-scoring MyPlayer build.

Check out our guide for more MyPlayer build tips here: NBA 2K22: Best Shooting Guard (SG) Builds and Tips

NBA 2K22 shooting tip to shoot better: MyPlayer build

6. Use badges to improve your shooting

As any experienced 2K player will tell you, badges are one of the most important features of MyCareer, and can separate average shooters from great ones.

In short, without any badges, your player will not be able to hit their shots at a high rate – even if they have a high shot rating.

Many 2K players have even said that, when making a player, it is more worthwhile to get an extra shooting badge count than extra attribute points. Certain badges set on Hall of Fame or Gold are much better than Silver and Bronze.

A few of the best shooting badges we recommend are:

  • Sniper
  • Stop and Pop
  • Circus 3s

To explore more great badges to up your shooting game, check out the guide on all of the best shooting badges in 2K22.

7. Earn and know your Hot Spots and Hot Zones

To become a consistent shooter in NBA 2K22, another important feature that all players must obtain are Hot Zones. These are areas on the court where your player is strong at shooting the ball.

At the beginning of MyCareer, your player won’t have any, but Hot Zones will be acquired as you more consistently make shots in the game.

After a sufficient number of Hot Zones are obtained, it is recommended that you save some upgrade points to apply to the Hot Zone Hunter badge.

After that, your player will receive a shooting boost every time that you attempt a shot in any of their Hot Zones.

How to see your player’s Hot Zone

NBA 2K22 shooting tip to shoot better: How to see your player's Hot Zone

In order to see your player’s Hot Zone, simply pull up your player in the MyCareer NBA stats menu and scroll right. Not only does this chart tell you which areas your player is strongest at shooting from, but it also gives you a good indication of the areas that you need to acquire Hot Zones from.

Hopefully, these top 2K22 shooting tips have helped you understand the shooting mechanics of NBA 2K22 and will eventually translate into making your MyPlayer a star shooter.

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