NBA 2K22: Best Shooting Badges for a Point Guard

The modern-day NBA is a far cry from what it once was, with point guards now enjoying free reign to fire at will if they’re a decent shooter.

There are a lot of point guards who can shoot threes, but it’s safe to say that Steph Curry was the one who opened the door for them. His revolutionary shooting paved the way for guys like Damian Lillard and, more recently, Trae Young, to fire those long bombs with far more regularity than ever seen before.  

Shooting threes as a point guard is something that a lot of 2K players have been doing since the creation of MyPlayer. It has become a go-to for trigger-happy players who want to score as quickly as possible. 

The build may be similar as it was in the past for this type of player, but the badges have improved over time. That’s why you’ll need to combine the best 2K22 badges for a point guard to get the most out of your player. 

What are the best shooting badges for a point guard in 2K22? 

We’re focusing on pure shooting here, trying to develop the next Steph Curry for you on the latest incarnation of the 2K series.

While we want to follow Curry’s blueprint, we’re going to tweak badge levels to make sure that you still perform well in other facets of the game well.

1. Deadeye 

You aren’t a real shooter without the Deadeye badge. If you want to render incoming defenses useless when you let go from downtown, then this badge is for you. Make sure you put it up on Hall of Fame. 

2. Circus Threes 

We’re talking about everything related to range first, so it makes sense to ensure that the Circus Threes badge increases your success rate with stepbacks and other tough shots from distance. You’ll need this up on Hall of Fame too. 

3. Limitless Spot Up 

Speaking of range, as a point guard you want to be able shoot from anywhere, and the Limitless Spot Up badge will help you to do that. Pull up from anywhere on the floor with a Hall of Fame level badge for this one. 

4. Blinders 

Unfortunately, the current 2K meta favors hep defenders coming in from the side. The Blinders badge will limit their influence significantly, so make sure that you have a Gold one. 

5. Chef 

You’re a point guard so invariably, you’ll be dribbling a lot and trying to find your range. If you’re thinking of shooting the ball off the dribble, then you must have this badge. Steph has it on Hall of Fame. Dame has it on Gold. It’s up to you which one between the two you would want for your own build. 

6. Difficult Shots 

Speaking of off-the-dribble shots, the Difficult Shots badge will help you with to drain them even more often. Unlike the Chef badge, which you won’t need as much for your player, you’ll do well to have this one at a Gold level. 

7. Sniper 

We’re going to one-up Dame here and bring you something that Steph and Trae have in common. The Sniper badge boosts well-aimed shots, so it’s best to have a Gold badge for this as well. 

8. Green Machine 

Once you’ve mastered your aim, the Green Machine badge will be your best friend since it boosts your shots after consecutive excellent releases. It’s going to help you to catch fire easily and Gold will be a great conductor of such heat. 

9. Rhythm Shooter 

Once you’ve broken down your defender, chances are that you’ll be excited to shoot given the space you have created. To increase your chances of a successful conversion, you’ll need a gold Rhythm Shooter badge.

10. Volume Shooter 

Since you’re in control of your point guard and will be playing an entire game, you’ll need the help of the Volume Shooter badge, which will help to boost your shots as you accrue attempts during the game. This is activated when Trae Young heats up, so it’s best to copy his badge and have a Gold one for yourself. 

11. Clutch Shooter 

All your shooting is useless if you can’t make it count with a win. Make sure your shots matter in an end-game scenario with a Gold Clutch Shooter badge. 

12. Set Shooter 

While you won’t be seeing yourself in set shot scenarios too often, it’s better to be safe than sorry. The Set Shooter badge will boost your chances whenever you take your time prior to a shot. It’s best to use this after an ankle breaker and have a Gold one to ensure you get the highlight. 

13. Mismatch Expert 

You’re likely to have the opposing team’s best defender on you when you are heating up, which is why you’ll need a Mismatch Expert badge to help you shoot over taller defenders. It’s best to put this one on Gold too. 

14. Space Creator 

While the space you create is better used to make plays for your teammates on a defensive collapse, you can use it for your own good too. Use a Gold Space Creator badge as your safety net to shoot. 

What to expect when using shooting badges for a point guard 

You might have noticed that we used almost all the shooting badges for your shooting point guard build, and it was no accident – you’ll need all of them.

Someone like Steph Curry has based his game around shooting, and that’s why he’s got all the shooting badges. The same could be said of Damian Lillard and Trae Young to some extent.  

The only badge omitted is the Corner Specialist because, as a point guard, you’ll want to use another corner shooter as an option just in case you are a perimeter threat already and choose to mix it up with drives. 

It’s worth remembering that you’ll also need some playmaking badges to set up most of your shooting badges. Just make sure that you create good combinations with your badges to ensure that they have the maximum effect. 

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