NBA 2K21: Best Badges for a 3-Point Shooter

These are the badges that your build needs if it hopes to be a masterful three-point shooter.

Being a three-point shooter in NBA 2K21 is vital. The sport has evolved tremendously to make these scoring opportunities an essential part of it and the game that attempts to replicate the NBA.

However, to become a top-class three-point shooter, you might need to create a specified three-point shooter build for MyPlayer.

Locking focus on shooting from beyond the arc can boost your chances of breaking the starting unit pretty quickly. It doesn’t matter what position you play; being a sharpshooter from three-point territory will be a valuable asset, especially when you get cold on other parts of the floor.

So here, we’re going to talk about the best badges for a three-point shooter in NBA 2K21.

How to be a three-point shooter in NBA 2K21

The first player to come to mind in today’s NBA is Stephen Curry when it comes to three-point shooters. Still, there are other players that you can base your playstyle on if you’re going for this build.

Damian Lillard and Trae Young are two guards who excel at shooting three-pointers in isolation. You also have Devin Booker or Jamal Murray when it comes to these kinds of playstyles. Then, there are the snipers like Kyle Korver, who, even though he’s a legitimate three-point shooter, never sees the play revolve around him.

So, playing with this build can mean that you’re a shooter and that you may sacrifice a bit on your teammate grade due to excess calls for passes. The best three-point shooter build will still be an all-around type of player, but one that has a preference for outside shots. It’s easier to dominate the scoreboards that way.

There’s an endless amount of possibility as you can even make a big man three-point shooters if that’s your playing preference. Just think of LaMarcus Aldridge or even a Nikola Jokić if you’re heading down this path.

How to use three-point shooter badges in NBA 2K21

You don’t need to be one-dimensional in your build just to be a sound three-point shooter. All that you need is a good amount of shooting badges and a fair distribution across your scoring attributes.

It’s your choice whether you want to be limited to a Kyle Korver or Duncan Robinson, or be more like a Stephen Curry or Trae Young.

We won’t emphasize other badges here as all that we need are offensive badges and attributes to be a three-point shooter in NBA 2K21.

Best three-point shooter badges in 2K21

You don’t need to stock up on all of the offensive badges to be a three-point shooter in NBA 2K21. In fact, you can achieve the feat with just high-scoring attributes.

The badge animations just happen to help more with your chances beyond the arc. In the game, some players are just a badge away from being a better shooter from deep.

Some like to focus purely on becoming a three-point shooter before then filling out other attributes. That way, they get a ton of scoring output instantly upon character creation.

In any case, these are the best badges for a three-point shooter build in NBA 2K21:

Deep Threes

This one is pretty obvious if you want Damian Lillard’s range. A Hall of Fame-tier badge doesn’t guarantee that you’ll never miss your shots, so you may as well have this one at its highest possible level.

Range Extender

This is the perfect combination badge for the Deep Threes badge. That said, it needs to be at the Hall of Fame level to increase your chances of sinking threes. It’s good to keep in mind, with this badge, that it’s easier to immediately shoot once your defender sags off.


This one might be the world’s most important badge for a three-point shooter. It’s not just because of the crosshair logo, either: it’s because Deadeye increases the chances of a jump shot going in, even when there’s a defender contesting. This is another badge that you need to keep at the Hall of Fame-level.

Flexible Release

A common habit among those who rely on a heavy three-point shooter build is that they are too eager to shoot, relying on the uncertainty of their attributes and badge animations. You’ll need at least a Gold badge for the Flexible Release to increase your chances of draining that three, even when you make early releases.

What to expect from building a three-point shooter in NBA 2K21

Anyone can build a three-point shooter in NBA 2K. It might be a long process for some, though, depending on the base playstyle of their player.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t create a three-point shooter; you’ll just want to survive those inevitable instances where the defense is so good that you can’t play to your strengths.

Even the natural slashers like LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo have embraced shooting more from beyond the arc. It’s not easy to make a shooter out of them, though, if that’s the direction of the base build that you’ve selected.

A good idea to become a better three-point shooter is to combine the best of its badges with ball-handling badges. That way, it will be easier to create your own shots.

It’s not advisable to start your build as a three-point shooter from the onset, though. You may find a lot of success initially, but you’ll see how limited your MyPlayer becomes in the long run.

The best way to go is to create an all-around or an athletic-based player and then just focus on upgrading three-pointer attributes. It’s the safer path for your build with the least friction in styles. In fact, the perfect prototype for even a three-point shooter will still be basing your build on a player like LeBron James.

If you want to make your MyPlayer an ace from beyond the arc, be sure to add NBA 2K21’s best three-pointer badges.





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