NBA 2K21: Best Defensive Badges for Guards

Here’s everything that you need to know to make your guard a defensive beast in NBA 2K21.

Guards are simply harder to play in NBA 2K21; even the credible ball handlers can make errors to make it seem like they don’t belong in the game. The reason for this can be put down to the guards that have defensive badges, with it being tough for your guard if your defender has specific defensive animations.

At the very least, it usually works if you are on the defensive side of the ball, with the right defensive 2K21 badges ensuring that opposing guards or wing players can get past the perimeter. Here, we are going to be talking about the best defensive badges for guards to make sure that opponents can’t get past you while you’re defending.

How to be a defensive guard in NBA 2K21

Surprisingly, some defensive guards get their offensive sets from being an effective perimeter defender.

Gary Payton and Patrick Beverley are the first to come to mind when thinking of top defensive guards. It’s because of them and players like them that you expect a lot of fastbreak points from the position.

A defensive guard should also be a nightmare to ball-dominant players and have the power to alter the shots of players like Steph Curry and Trae Young.

That said, a little bit of the big man badges can come in handy. Your MyPlayer will be able to defend even the streak shooters well and give them cold nights.

You’ll still get your touches in MyCareer, though, especially as the VC piles up for every steal and block. As such, it is essential to add the right points to your badges.

How to use defensive badges in NBA 2K21

There are two types of defensive badges that you can put on your player: ones for guards and wings, and ones for bigs. While these badges are applicable for all positions, it is important to know which ones are appropriate to align for your guard.

There aren’t any easy baskets in NBA 2K anymore, even when unguarded, making these defensive badges more important.

The animations that each defensive badge gives is enough to alter drives and shots. There are also badge levels which you need to use wisely. Improper distribution of badge levels will result in unnecessary animations that aren’t fitting for a guard.

Also, take note of the fact that there shouldn’t be much emphasis on offensive badges, even if those steals lead to fast breaks. Some badges only need Bronze while others work best when at a Hall of Fame level.

For instance, Patrick Beverley may be good with swipes, but he only has a 42 steal rating in NBA 2K21: it’s the badge animations that make him a better pickpocket.

Another example is Marcus Smart, who is one of the best defensive guards in 2K21. He has a 70 steal rating, but all of the badges related to steals are on Gold – which means that he can easily make swipes without being called with a loose ball foul.

If you wish to create a defensive guard, you need to make sure that you predominantly distribute the attribute points to defensive stats. Also, ensure that you have at least an 86 and above on all Athleticism attributes.

We mentioned Gary Payton earlier, and we know that he can score in many ways as well as defend, so at least a defensive guard doesn’t necessarily have to be wholly one-dimensional.

Best defensive badges for guards In 2K21

You’ll need to pattern your defensive badges to suit the type of defensive guard that you want to build. You can have a silky pickpocket like Beverley or a hound dog like Smart. Or, you can make a huge but low-key impact player, like Jrue Holiday.

The important thing is being an outside stopper: one that was prominent during the 90s when steals led to highlight-reel plays.

Here’re the best badges that you can use for your defensive guard build:


You’ll need clamps to hound the ballhandler into losing their stamina. Beverley is the best example of this type of defensive badge. A Gold-level badge for your player will make sure that those excess dribbles lead to indirect swipes.

Pick Pocket

A Pick Pocket badge is a perfect complement to the Clamps badge. It lessens the chance that you’ll receive a loose ball foul on swipes. Having at least a Silver badge is enough to combo with Clamps.

Tireless Defender

If you want the ballhandler’s long-term efficiency to drop, you must combine the Clamps badge with the Tireless Defender badge, too. It reduces your player’s energy consumption when chasing a nifty ballhandler, so make this one another Gold badge.


Having an Intimidator badge will make sure that the shooters don’t go on streaks. While better for a big man, you’ll need at least a Bronze badge to alter those jump shots.


The interceptor badge might be more useful than the Pick Pocket in the recent 2K releases. While the Pick Pocket is the go-to when you have Clamps, the Interceptor badge has a greater success rate with steals. That said, put it on the same Gold level as Clamps.

Off Ball Pest

Your MyPlayer will thank you for giving it an Off Ball Pest badge; having it will make sure that you deny your opponent of possible scoring opportunities. We can put John Wall here, who combines being an Off Ball Pest with being an Interceptor smoothly. At least a Silver-level badge will do for this one.

What to expect from building a defensive guard in NBA 2K21

Being a defensive guard in NBA 2K21 won’t make you a superstar as quickly as an all-around build would. You’re mostly going to get scoring opportunities on interceptions, with swipes leading to fastbreak points.

Fewer assists are also common for defensive guards because they tend to be the first down to the other end of the court when an error occurs. It automatically means that you could sink an easy two points or a three-pointer if you are brave enough to take the shots.

The fastest way to earn full stats on your MyPlayer is to pattern your defensive guard into a Holiday-type player, if you want well-roundedness. If you want a pure hound, go with a Beverley build.

Just keep in mind that your defensive guard won’t be the focal point on offense, and your MyPlayer will be locked into becoming a role player in 2K Online.

It’s safe to say that building an evenly-distributed and well-rounded defensive guard is the perimeter equivalent of a paint beast.

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