NBA 2K22: How to Build the Best Dominant 2-Way Small Forward

Learn how to create one of the best two-way SF builds that resembles Kevin Durant and Jayson Tatum right here.

NBA 2K22: How to Build the Best Dominant 2-Way Small Forward guide

This is a versatile small forward build with the ability to carry a team offensively as the primary scorer or a playmaker. It excels on both ends of the floor and is one of the more well-rounded builds in NBA 2K22 without one glaring weakness. In terms of NBA player comparison, think Kevin Durant or Jayson Tatum. 

Here, we will show you exactly how to create one of the best 2-Way Mid-Range Facilitator builds in NBA 2K22.

Key points of the build

  • Position: Small Forward
  • Height, Weight, Wingspan: 6’9’’, 204lbs, 7’4’’
  • Takeover: Limitless Range, Extreme Clamps
  • Best Attributes: Close Shot (87), Block (88), Mid-Range Shot (85)
  • NBA Player Comparison: Kevin Durant, Jayson Tatum

What you’ll get from the 2-Way Mid-Range Facilitator SF build

Overall, this is a well-round wing build with a versatile skillset. With the rare combination of size, speed, and offensive skills, it can be used as the team’s primary ball-handler and main offensive option. At the same time, it has the ability to be deployed as a power-forward or even a center on teams that are looking to play a more up-tempo game.

In terms of playstyle, it is best suited to those who want to blend in with a wide array of teammates seamlessly. This build also offers you the ability to carry a team in more than one way, whether it’s to be a dominant post player, a spot-up shooter, or as your team’s point forward.

In terms of weaknesses, this build does not have one particular skill with a 99 rating. However, it also doesn’t have one glaring weakness. Attributes-wise it has above-average ratings in almost every major category, including speed, ball-handle, three-point shot, and playmaking for a 6’9” player.

2-Way Mid-Range Facilitator build body settings

NBA 2K22 best 2-Way Mid-Range Facilitator build body settings
  • Height: 6’9”
  • Weight: 204 lbs
  • Wingspan: 7’4″

Set the potential for your 2-Way Mid-Range Facilitator build

Finishing skills to prioritize:

NBA 2K22 best finishing skills to prioritize
  • Close Shot: Set to over 85
  • Standing Dunk: Set to around 90
  • Post Control: Set to at least 75
  • Driving Dunk: Set to around 85

By prioritizing your skill points to these four finishing skills, your player will have access to five Hall of Fame Badges and nine gold badges, making it an elite finisher around the rim.

Shooting skills to prioritize:

NBA 2K22 best shooting skills to prioritize
  • Three-point shot: Max out to 85
  • Mid-range shot: Max out to 80

By maximising your player’s mid-range and three-point shot, they’ll become a reliable spot-up shooter in NBA 2K22. With 25 shooting badges available, along with “Sniper” and “Fade Ace” to the Hall of Fame level, when fully upgraded, your player has the attributes to shoot over shorter opponents consistently.

Defense/rebounding skills to prioritize:

NBA 2K22 best defense/rebounding skills to prioritize
  • Defensive Rebounding: Max out to 85
  • Block: Aim for around 88
  • Perimeter defense: Max out at 84
  • Interior defense: Aim for above 80

With this setup, your player has the ability to guard outside of its primary position. An 84 perimeter defense gives your player enough lateral quickness to stay in front of most smaller guards. Meanwhile, an 80 interior defense makes it an above-average paint defender down low.

Secondary skills to boost:

NBA 2K22 best secondary skills to boost
  • Ball Handle: Max out ball handle at 77
  • Speed with Ball: Max out at 70

With above-average “speed with ball” and “ball handle,” your player will be a matchup problem for most others of the same height or taller. With a total of 21 playmaking badges, your player also has access to most of the badges that many smaller playmaking guards have in NBA 2K22.

 2-Way Mid-Range Facilitator build physicals

NBA 2K22 best 2-Way Mid-Range Facilitator build physicals
  • Speed and Acceleration: Max out
  • Strength: Max out

With speed, acceleration, and strength maxed out, your player gets the best of both worlds. Boasting a 76 speed, you will be faster than the majority of taller players that you face. At the same time, 80 strength with the right badges should give you a huge advantage over smaller players down low.

Best 2-Way Mid-Range Facilitator Takeovers

NBA 2K22 best 2-Way Mid-Range Facilitator Takeovers

This build gives you the option to equip a wide range of offensive and defensive Takeovers in the game. However, two of the best Takeovers to equip for this particular build are “Limitless Range” and “Extreme Clamps.” This combination gives you the ability to dominate offensively and defensively.

Once the Takeovers are unlocked, your player won’t struggle to hit long-range shots at a high rate. Additionally, it will receive a significant boost playing on-ball defense against high-octane offensive players.

Best badges for the 2-Way Mid-Range Facilitator

With the setup of this build, it has good access to many dominant badges in all four categories, making it a very well-rounded player. To give this build the best chance to excel in the different facets of the game, here are the best badges that you can equip:

Best shooting badges to equip

  • Sniper: Jump shots taken with slightly early or late timing will receive a boost, while very early or late shots will receive a larger penalty.
  • Fade Ace: A shot boost to post fadeaways taken from any distance.
  • Clutch Shooter: Increases the ability to knock down shots in clutch moments. Shot attempts that occur during the final moments of the fourth quarter or in any overtime period receive a considerable boost.
  • Volume Shooter: Boosts shot percentages as shot attempts accrue throughout the game. After a player has taken a small handful of shots, an additional boost to shot attributes is given for every subsequent shot – whether it’s a make or a miss.

Best finishing badges to equip

  • Unstrippable: When attacking the basket and performing a layup or dunk, the chances of being stripped are reduced.
  • Pro Touch: Gives an additional boost for having good layup timing and an extra shot boost for having slightly early, slightly late, or excellent shot timing on layups.
  • Fast Twitch: Speeds up the ability to get standing layups or dunks off before the defense has time to contest.

Best defense and rebounding badges to equip

  • Rim Protector: Improves the player’s ability to block shots, reduces chances of getting dunked on, and unlocks special block animations.
  • Rebound Chaser: Improves a player’s ability to track down rebounds from farther distances than usual.
  • Clamps: Defenders have access to quicker cut-off moves and are more successful when bumping or hip riding the ball handler.

Best playmaking badges to equip

  • Dimer: Boosts the shot percentage for open teammates on jump shots after catching a pass. When in the half-court, passes by Dimers to open shooters yield a shot percentage boost.
  • Glue Hands: Reduces the chances of an errant pass while improving the ability to both catch tough passes and quickly make the next move.
  • Bullet Pass: Improves a player’s ability to pass the ball quickly, speeds up how quickly a player gets the ball out of their hands, and increases the velocity of the pass.

Your 2-Way Mid-Range Facilitator build

NBA 2K22 best 2-Way Mid-Range Facilitator build

The 2-Way Mid-Range Facilitator is a versatile build with the ability to impact the game in more than one way.

Offensively, it has the skillset to be a spot-up shooter, creates its own shot, and be the team’s primary playmaker and ball handler.

Defensively, its size, speed, and overall physical attributes make it a versatile multi-positional defender. It is the type of player that can consistently switch with teammates and not be a liability on the defensive end of the floor. 

To make the most of this build, it’s best to use it on teams looking for a versatile wing with the ability to facilitate, score, and defend multiple positions.

Many smaller teams that like to play an uptempo game tend to have at least two wings that are similar to the 2-Way Mid-Range Facilitator. Once fully upgraded, this build best resembles the likes of Kevin Durant or Jayson Tatum and can be its team’s best overall player on a nightly basis.

Congratulations, you now know how to create the most versatile 2-Way Mid-Range Facilitator on NBA 2K22!

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