NBA 2K22: How to Build the Best Dominant Playmaking Three-Point

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NBA 2K22: How to Build the Best Dominant Playmaking Three-Point guide

Learn how to create one of the best Playmaking three-point shooting guards on NBA 2K22 that resembles Trae Young and Steve Nash.

This is a dominant playmaking scoring guard with the ability to shoot lights out from beyond the arc. Its exceptional shooting ability makes it one of the most unguardable offensive guards in NBA 2K22.

Additionally, it has the playmaking ability to be a team’s primary ball-handler and facilitator on the offensive end of the floor.

In terms of NBA 2K22 player comparison, think Trae Young and legend Steve Nash.

Here, we will show you exactly how to create one of the best playmaking, three-point shooting guards in the game.

Key points of the build

  • Position: Point Guard
  • Height, Weight, Wingspan: 6’2’’, 185 lbs, 6’2’’
  • Takeover: Limitless Range, Spot-up Precision
  • Best Attributes: Mid-Range Shot (99), Three-Point Shot (97), Free Throw (92)
  • NBA Player Comparison: Trae young and Steve Nash

What you’ll get from the Playmaking Three-Point Guard

Overall, this is a build for those looking to be a lethal shooter from anywhere on the floor. With elite midrange (99) and three-point (97) shooting, this is arguably one of the best shooting builds in the game, once fully upgraded. 

Playmaking is also a huge asset for this build. With a 94 ball hander and 90 speed with the ball, this will be a hard matchup for most taller players to guard.

Defensively, its 86 steal rating and 85 perimeter defense make this build an above-average on-ball defender outside the paint.

In terms of playstyle, it is best suited for those who want to score and create offense at a high level.

The build works extremely well for those that want to play competitively in Pro-Am or 5v5 competition.

In terms of weaknesses, like many point guards, this build is not the tallest nor the strongest. Therefore, one shouldn’t expect it to be a strong rebounder or defender near the basket.

With that in mind, it may not work on teams without a solid rebounder or interior defender.

Playmaking Three-Point Shooting Guard build body settings

  • Height: 6’2”
  • Weight: 185 lbs
  • Wingspan: 6’2″
NBA 2K22 best playmaking Three-Point shooting guard build body settings

Set the potential for your Playmaking Three-Point Shooting Guard build

NBA 2K22 best playmaking three-point shooting guard build

Shooting skills to prioritize:

  • Three-point shot: Max out to 97
  • Mid-range shot: Max out at 99
  • Free Throw: Aim for at least 90

By maximizing your player’s mid-range shot, three-point, and free throw at the suggested levels above, your build will qualify for 39 shooting badges.

In short, this build has access to every shooting badge in the game and 19 shooting badges at the Hall of Fame level. Needless to say, not many, if any, builds in the game will have better shooting.

Once fully upgraded and equipped with the right badges, this build should have very little problem making shots anywhere on the court. In fact, it will likely be considered the best shooter on the court for any game you play in.


NBA 2K22 best dominant playmaking three-point
  • Ball Handle: Max out at 94
  • Speed with Ball: Max out at 90
  • Pass Accuracy: Aim for at least 80

By following the suggested thresholds above, your guard will have access to 32 badge points, including a total of 11 badges in the Hall of Fame.

With this setup, besides elite shooting, this build can be considered an elite playmaker too.

With important badges such as Handles for Days, Ankle Breaker, and Tight Handles all accessible, this build will be a nightmare to guard for opposing players.

Secondary skills to boost:

NBA 2K22 best secondary skills to boost

Defense/rebounding skills to prioritize:

  • Perimeter defense: Set to around 85
  • Steal: Set to around 85

Being a smaller guard, the two most relevant skills to upgrade are perimeter defense and steal. As your player won’t be relied upon for interior defense and rebounding, it’s wise to allocate attribute ratings elsewhere.

Even though defense and rebounding are not primary skills, the suggested setup should still give this build access to 17 total badges for this category, including “Pick Pocket”, “Ball Stripper”, “Clamps” and “Interceptor” all on Gold.

NBA 2K22 best primary and secondary skills to boost

Finishing skills to prioritize:

  • Driving Layup: Set to over 85
  • Close Shot: Set to at least 70

By prioritizing your skill points to driving layups and close shots, your player will have 14 finishing badges. This includes two badges at the Hall of Fame level and four on gold.

Since this build’s primary asset is shooting, it is suggested that you don’t add any more skill points to the other finishing categories, but rather save them for your build’s primary categories instead. 

Playmaking Three-Point Shooting Guard build physicals

NBA 2K22 best playmaking three-point shooting guard build physicals
  • Acceleration: Set to at least 70
  • Speed: Set to at least 85

To get the best of this build, two key physicals to upgrade are speed and acceleration. Being a smaller player, speed is vital in helping your player gain separation from defenders to create offense.

With 88 speed, you will find yourself faster than most players you face. Utilizing switches on pick-and-roll plays will be vital, as your speed will constantly put pressure on off-ball defenders to help, therefore leaving teammates open for better scoring opportunities.

Playmaking Three-Point Shooting Guard build takeovers

NBA 2K22 best playmaking three-point shooting guard build takeovers

This build gives you the option to equip takeovers from every major category. To make this build be as dominant as possible, it is highly recommended that you choose Limitless Range and Spot-Up Precision as your two takeovers.

By doing this, you will be able to maximize your build’s elite shooting ability. As you activate these takeovers in-game, you will be amazed at how many difficult shots your player is able to make on a regular basis.

Best badges for the Playmaking Three-Point Shooting Guard

NBA 2K22 best badges for the playmaking three-point shooting guard

Shooting and playmaking are the primary attributes of this archetype. At the same time, equipping the right badges can make this build a rather reliable perimeter defender as well.

To give this build the best chance to be as well-rounded as possible, here are the best badges that you can equip:

Best shooting badges to equip

  • Sniper: Jump shots taken with slightly early or late timing will receive a boost, while very early or late shots will receive a larger penalty.
  • Limitless Spot-Up: Gives a boost to the range that a player can effectively shoot standing three-point shots.
  • Blinders: Jump shots taken with a defender closing out in their peripheral vision will suffer a lower penalty.

Best playmaking badges to equip

  • Ankle Breaker: When performing stepbacks and other certain moves, the defender stumbles or falls more frequently when biting the wrong way.
  • Tight Handles: Increases a player’s ball-handling ability in size-up situations, making it easier to break down the on-ball defender.
  • Space Creator: When performing any stepback move or shot, there’s a higher chance of successfully creating separation from the opponent.

Best finishing badges to equip

  • Slithery Finisher: Increases a player’s ability to slide through traffic and avoid contact during gathers and finishes at the rim.
  • Giant Slayer: Boosts the shot percentage for a layup attempt when mismatched against a taller defender and reduces the possibility of getting blocked.
  • Unstrippable: When attacking the basket and performing a layup or dunk, the chances of being stripped are reduced.

Best defense and rebounding badges to equip

  • Clamps: Defenders have access to quicker cut-off moves and are more successful when bumping or hip riding the ball handler.
  • Pick Pocket: Increases the chances of a steal and reduces the chances of a foul when attempting to strip the ball from a ball-handler. Also improves the chances of successful layup strips.
  • Ball Stripper: Helps increase the chance of a steal when attempting to strip a layup or dunk near the basket.

Your Playmaking Three-Point Shooting Guard build

The playmaking three-point shooting guard build is an elite offensive player with superb shooting and playmaking ability.

If you like to be considered a lethal scorer from distance, this is an excellent build for you.

To make the most of this build, it’s best to use it in a 5v5 Pro-Am competition. Ideally, it’s best to surround this build with versatile finisher and defensive players at the rim.

If used correctly, this can be the perfect offensive point guard to run a team with.

Once fully upgraded, this builds best resembles the likes of Trae Young and Steve Nash, who are considered elite shooters at their position.

Congratulations, you now know how to create one of the best three-point shooting guards in the game.





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