Need for Speed 2022 Car Damage

With a bit of forethought, and some upgraded cars, you will be dominating the events of Need for Speed Unbound in no time.

Need for Speed 2022 Unbound Car Damage Complete Guide

Need for Speed Unbound drove past the finish line in late 2022. A new game in the storied franchise always has fans wondering how vehicle damage will be handled. The series has historically fluctuated between an emphasis on simulation and arcade racing. Each style calculates car damage far differently. Here’s an examination of Need for Speed Unbound to see where it lands on the arcade to simulation spectrum that is the franchise’s calling card.

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Does Need for Speed 2022 car damage affect vehicle performance?

Yes. Need for Speed Unbound has a complex car damage system that realistically analyzes if damage would affect driving performance. Scraping past obstacles on the side of the road will produce cosmetic blemishes such as paint being chipped off. However, serious collisions and crashes can cause noticeable damage to the engine with the right impact.

Sustaining too much damage lowers your overall speed, which is not ideal in a racing game. What’s worse is it makes you more susceptible to being busted by the police. Getting caught before a run is complete will hamper how much money and experience points you obtain. It is always better to survive a run by mitigating your car damage as soon as possible. Crashing too many times will also fail your run should the engine give out completely.

How to repair Need for Speed 2022 car damage

You can have your car repaired with ease by visiting any of the gas stations located throughout the map. You can identify each station via the gas pump icons located on the mini-map and menu screens. While repairing your car is free of charge, there is a five-minute cooldown before you can use any other gas station again. This prevents you from camping in one place until your heat blows over.

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Keeping your cars in top shape

With a bit of forethought, and some upgraded cars, you will be dominating the events of Need for Speed Unbound in no time. To maximize your strength in the early stages, plan your routes during chase scenes so that you pass a gas station every five minutes or so. Stop in every time until you have enough upgrades to make the cops lag behind your supercars later on in the story. Eventually, your favorite car will overpower the computer opponents.

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