NHL 21 Draft: Best Prospects and Top Draft Steals 2021

Find out which prospects you should be looking to pick up in the 2021 Draft of NHL 21’s Franchise Mode.

One of the most exciting dates on the Franchise Mode calendar is the NHL Entry Draft. Each year, you get to pick the future stars of your team and valuable trade pieces.

The first draft on NHL 21 is the 2021 Entry Draft, but to make the most of the prospects coming through, you need to have your scouts conduct extensive scouting around the world.

Of course, it’s much easier if you know where to scout to find the best prospects and 2021 draft steals, which is what we’re running through here.

Finding the best NHL 2021 Draft picks and steals

Based on the October 16 Online Roster – the first to have the 2020 draftees in NHL teams – the players featured on this page are the ones with the highest overall ratings after simulating to the start of the 2024/25 season.

An important point to consider is that each team will use their 2021 draft picks differently, so the growth of some players may be better or worse than shown here, depending on how you use the player.

As these best 2021 draft picks are based on the Day One NHL 21 roster, some of them will be generated players. While the names may vary, in previous editions, a similar player can usually be found by scouting their same region.

So, on this page, you’ll find the highest-rated and highest potential 2021 draft prospects as well as their nationalities and their draft position in our simulation – to help you try to find some 2021 draft steals.

At the foot of the table, you can find a list of all of the best 2021 draft prospects to pick.

Alan Cullimore, Left Wing (91 OVR)

Overall Rating: 91
Potential: Elite med
Position: Left Wing
Player Type: Power Forward
Nationality: American
Drafted: 1st Round, 4th Overall

In NHL 21, Alan Cullimore was given NHL ice time almost as soon as he was drafted, carrying a 73 overall rating in the 2021 draft to get taken off of the board as the fourth pick in the first round.

His continued efforts for the Detroit Red Wings allowed the American power forward to grow into his Elite med potential, starting the 2024/25 season with a 91 overall rating.

A hefty forward at 191cm and 101kg, Cullimore’s best attributes four seasons after being one of the best 2021 prospects include his 91 hand-eye, 91 puck control, 96 defensive awareness, 91 body checking, and 94 wrist shot accuracy.

Jukka Jaaskelainen, Right Defenseman (90 OVR)

Overall Rating: 90
Potential: Elite med
Position: Right Defenseman
Player Type: Two-Way Defenseman
Nationality: Finnish
Drafted: 1st Round, 2nd Overall

Second on our list of the best 2021 draft picks of NHL 21 is the player who went second overall in the draft itself, Jukka Jaaskelainen.

Hailing from Finland, the right defenseman came into the draft with an NHL-ready overall rating of 78, allowing him to grow into his Elite med potential very quickly.

Come the start of the fourth season in NHL 21 Franchise Mode, Jaaskelainen carried a mighty 90 OVR. The left-shot blueliner’s highlight attribute ratings at this stage include his 92 body checking, 91 strength, 90 acceleration, 90 agility, 90 speed, and 93 stick checking.

Aatu Räty, Left Wing (86 OVR)

Overall Rating: 86
Potential: Elite high
Position: Left Wing
Player Type: Two-Way Forward
Nationality: Finnish
Drafted: 1st Round, 1st Overall

Aatu Räty is one of the most exciting skaters set to battle for their place in the 2021 NHL Draft. Having worked his way through the Kärpät youth system, the 17-year-old winger made his first-team debut last season, playing 12 games and scoring four points in the Liiga.

Praised for his versatility and competence in all situations, Räty is once again in the Kärpät lines; he is also expected to feature for the U20 side throughout the campaign.

In NHL 21, it seems likely that Räty will be the top pick in most simulations of the 2021 Draft, with his Elite high potential rating being too good to miss with the first overall selection.

Räty’s ability to play a 200-foot game is shown in his attribute ratings a few seasons down the line, which includes his 92 offensive awareness, 91 defensive awareness, 93 stick checking, 87 passing, 90 strength, and 92 durability.

In this simulation, Räty entered as the best 2021 draft pick due to his potential rating, but his overall rating was a mere 70. So, even though he has an 86 OVR a few seasons down the line, he can eventually develop into the highest-rated player of this draft class.

Hayden Chow, Right Wing (86 OVR)

Overall Rating: 86
Potential: Elite med
Position: Right Wing
Player Type: Power Forward
Nationality: American
Drafted: 1st Round, 3rd Overall

The San Jose Sharks have made some baffling decisions in recent seasons, but the simulated team certainly made one of the top 2021 draft picks in NHL 21, taking Hayden Chow off of the board with the third overall pick.

The American right wing comes into the draft with an Elite med rating, developing into an 86 OVR right wing with some absurdly high and useful attribute ratings.

Chow may be listed as a power forward, but his massive attribute ratings of 94 passing, 97 hand-eye, 97 slap shot power, 99 wrist shot accuracy, 97 wrist shot power, 90 speed, and 90 agility enable him to be used as a top-class sniper.

Zachary L’Heureux, Center (85 OVR)

Overall Rating: 85
Potential: Top 6 Forward high
Position: Center
Player Type: Playmaker
Nationality: Canadian
Drafted: 1st Round, 7th Overall

Having impressed with the Châteauguay Grenadiers in the QMAAA in 2018/19, scoring 52 points in 41 games, Zachary L’Heureux was able to step up to the QMJHL in style.

In his first season at the level up, with the Moncton Wildcats, he scored 20 goals and 53 points in 55 games, also earning five caps for Canada Black U17.

For 2020/21, L’Heureux is with the Halifax Mooseheads, impressing early with three goals and seven points in just six games.

He ranks as one of the best 2021 draft picks in the game, with the Canadian’s rapid growth warranting his selection at seventh overall – despite there being plenty of Elite med potential skaters left at the time.

L’Heureux was drafted by the New Jersey Devils with a lowly 63 OVR, but after a single season, he became a 76 OVR center, hitting 85 OVR by the start of the 2024/25 campaign.

His best attributes include his 92 acceleration, 92 agility, 92 speed, 90 stick checking, 91 deking, 91 puck control, 91 passing, and 90 hand-eye.

Tucker Tynan, Goaltender (84 OVR)

Overall Rating: 84
Potential: Starter med
Position: Goaltender
Player Type: Hybrid
Nationality: American
Drafted: 2nd Round, 56th Overall

Tucker Tynan developed his game in the American youth ranks, starting 24 games with a .924 save percentage for the New Jersey Rockets in 2018/19.

Last season, however, Tynan decided to move north, joining the Niagara IceDogs in the OHL to put up a .910 save percentage through 23 games.

Even the highest potential goaltenders don’t tend to go in the first round of drafts in NHL games, so a 56th overall selection for Tynan in NHL 21 is respectable.

Playing for the Montreal Canadiens, the young American netminder quickly becomes a starter in the NHL, developing into an 84 overall rating by the time he hits 22-years-old.

With some more room to grow into his Starter med potential, Tynan features attribute ratings of 94 glove low, 92 glove high, 94 agility, and 94 speed by the start of the 2024/25 campaign.

All of the best 2021 draft picks and steals in NHL 21 Franchise Mode

Along with those above, the following table contains all of the 2021 prospects which either reach a high overall rating a few seasons down the line or have a particularly high potential rating.

NamePotential24/25 OverallPosition2021 Draft PickNationality
Alan CullimoreElite med91Left Wing1st round, 4th overallAmerican
Jukka JaaskelainenElite med90Right Defenseman1st round, 2nd overallFinnish
Aatu RätyElite high86Left Wing1st round, 1st overallFinnish
Hayden ChowElite med86Right Wing1st round, 3rd overallAmerican
Zachary L’HeureuxTop 6 Forward high85Center1st round, 7th overallCanadian
Tucker TynanStarter med84Goaltender2nd round, 56th overallAmerican
Kirill BryzgalovElite low83Left Wing2nd round, 37th overallBelarusian
Dylan GuentherElite med82Left Wing1st round, 10th overallCanadian
Nicklas JakobsElite med82Right Defenseman1st round, 11th overallSwedish
Mason McTavishTop 6 Forward med81Center1st round, 26th overallCanadian
Cole SillingerTop 6 Forward high80Center1st round, 6th overallCanadian
Devon BureauElite med80Right Wing1st round, 8th overallNorwegian
Gael TavaresElite low80Right Wing2nd round, 43rd overallAmerican
Trevor WongElite med79Center1st round, 5th overallCanadian
Jesper HenriksenTop 6 Forward med79Right Wing1st round, 13th overallSwedish
Carson LambosElite med78Left/Right Defenseman1st round, 12th overallCanadian
Brett HarrisonTop 6 Forward med78Center1st round, 14th overallCanadian
Zachary BolducTop 6 Forward med78Center2nd round, 32nd overallCanadian
Gustavs KhudobinTop 6 Forward med78Left Wing1st round, 27th overallRussian
Jan CikhartTop 6 Forward med78Left Wing1st round, 29th overallCzech
Jack ByersTop 4 Defenseman med77Left Defenseman1st round, 20th overallPolish
Vyacheslav KeninsTop 4 Defenseman med77Right Defenseman1st round, 22nd overallRussian
Tyler CurtisTop 4 Defenseman med77Left Defenseman2nd round, 36th overallAmerican
Joshua RoyTop 6 Forward high76Center1st round, 9th overallCanadian
Brandt ClarkeElite med75Right/Left Defenseman1st round, 15th overallCanadian
Daniil ChaykaTop 4 Defenseman med75Left/Right Defenseman1st round, 16th overallRussian
Sergey PetrovElite med75Goaltender5th round, 135th overallBelarusian
Graham SwardTop 4 Defenseman  med74Left/Right Defenseman4th round, 101st overallCanadian
Ulf HedmanElite med73Goaltender5th round, 141st overallSwedish
Alexei ValentenkoTop 4 Defenseman med72Right Defenseman1st round, 25th overallRussian
Chase StillmanTop 6 Forward med63Right Wing5th round, 130th overallCanadian

Many of the best prospects get snapped up in the first round, as you’d expect, but there are several 2021 draft steals to be found in the first Franchise Mode draft on NHL 21.

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