How to Play GTA 5 Online PS4

Want to learn how to play GTA V Online on your PS4? Keep reading to find out.

A beginner's guide to playing GTA5 online on PS4

GTA 5 on the PS4 features a robust single-player campaign that boasts dozens of hours of playtime. However, arguably the true draw of the game comes in the form of Grand Theft Auto V Online. While GTA 5 Online shares the same city as its offline counterpart, the multiplayer component is a completely separate beast. After exploring San Andreas on your own for a while, it is only natural to want to see what other players are doing. This can be accomplished through the menu screens while playing a PS4 copy of the game.

In this article, you will read:

  • Two ways how to play GTA 5 Online PS4
  • The story progression threshold for playing the PS4 version of GTA Online
  • An explanation of whether or not you need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play GTA 5 Online

Selecting GTA 5 Online as the game loads

The simplest way to enter GTA 5 Online is before the game loads your campaign save. While the game displays a loading percentage in the bottom right corner of the screen, hit the Square button to transfer to the online loading queue. The screen will look mostly the same, but the text near the loading percentage will change to reflect you are now loading the multiplayer portion of GTA 5.

Choosing to play online via the options menu

At any point during your offline session, you can opt to join an online lobby from the in-game menus. Press the options button to pause the game and open the list of settings. Press the R1 button to switch between each tab. Scroll to the Online tab in the options menu and select “Play GTA Online” with the directional pad or left analog stick. Press the X button to load into a multiplayer lobby.

Can I jump directly into GTA 5 Online after purchasing GTA 5?

If you are unable to select GTA 5 Online from the options menu, please note that you must complete the campaign’s prologue before the multiplayer portion of the title is unlocked. The initial story sequence takes just a few minutes, but you must complete it before syncing up with your friends for online mayhem.

Do you need a PS Plus subscription to play GTA Online on PS4?

The online portion of GTA 5 requires an active PlayStation Plus subscription in order to get in on the action. Anyone subscribed to at least the Essentials tier will have full access to the PS4 version of GTA Online.

Stay tuned for more updates

Now that you know how to access GTA Online, it is worth keeping track of the numerous patches and updates released by Rockstar. Be sure to check back with Outsider Gaming often for all the latest GTA news.





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