Pokémon Legends Arceus: Best Fighting-Type Pokémon

Here’s your list of Fighting-type Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Generally a hearty set of Pokémon, Fighting-type Pokémon once again find resonance in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Most are geared toward physical attacks, but few do excel in special attacks. While there aren’t too many available in Hisui, the land that would become Sinnoh has a strong collection of Fighting-types for you to catch.

Below, you will find a list of of the best Fighting-type Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. There are a few important notes to keep in mind when viewing this list. Firstly, this list does not include Hisuian Decidueye any Legendary and Mythical Pokémon. Secondly, each Pokémon on this list has at least a Base Stats Total of 480, a little low to account for the eight Fighting-type final evolutions in the game. Thirdly, secondary type (if any) matters when considering any added weaknesses.

1. Infernape (Base Stats Total: 534)

Infernape makes a repeat appearance after being list on the best Fire-types list. The eventual (best) Sinnoh starter has the best stats of all Fighting-types in the game, those stats geared toward maximizing its dual typing.

It has high Speed (108), Attack (104), and Special Attack (104). Its other three stats are decent with HP at 76 and Defense and Special Defense at 71. Infernape is a quick and powerful striker, not made for battles of attrition.

Infernape learns a variety of physical and special attacks. Physical attacks include Mach Punch, Raging Fury, and Close Combat along with Flamethrower. It can also learn through move tutors Aerial Ace, Bulldoze, Drain Punch, Fire Punch, Iron Tail, Poison Jab, Shadow Claw, and Thunder Punch. Move tutors are a great way to teach Infernape moves to cover its weaknesses.

As a Fire-type, it is weak to Water, Rock, and Ground. Fire-type attacks are super effective against Grass, Bug, Steel, and Ice. Fire attacks are not very effective against Dragon, but Fairy attacks are not very effective against Fire.

Infernape’s secondary type is Fighting. This adds weaknesses to Flying and Psychic, but reverts Fairy attacks to normal damage. Fighting-type attacks cannot hit Ghost-type Pokémon without an identifying move like Odor Sleuth, though the same applies in reverse.

Fighting attacks are super effective against Normal, Rock, Ice, Dark, and Steel. The high physical attacks of most Fighting-type Pokémon make them ideal to be your Steel-type specialists. Fighting attacks are not very effective against Bug and Poison in addition to its weaknesses.

You can find Infernape at Ramanas Island. However, you can obtain a Chimchar early in the game by completing Request 20, Mysterious Will-o’-the-Wisp. Generally, it is recommended to catch and evolve a Pokémon than to catch the evolved form in the wild if you want them as part of your main team.

2. Lucario (Base Stats Total: 525)

The Aura Pokémon Lucario is no surprise on this list as the fan favorite packs a good stat base similar to Infernape’s.

Lucario is not as fast as Infernape, but hits harder. Its Special Attack is 115, Attack 110, and Speed 90. Its HP, Defense, and Special Defense are all 70. Its Speed should still be enough for Lucario to land its powerful attacks before being hit by the opponent.

Lucario learns a good mix of moves, including its signature Aura Sphere. It learns Bullet Punch, Bite and Crunch, Dragon Pulse, and Close Combat as well. It can also learn Bulldoze, Ice Punch, Poison Jab, Psychic, Shadow Claw, and Stone Edge, another good mix of moves to teach it to cover weaknesses.

Lucario has weaknesses to Fire, Ground, and Fighting, the latter not offset by its main type and Fire added due to its secondary Steel-type. Defensively, Lucario resists attacks from Normal, Grass, Ice, Dragon, Dark, and Steel. It’s even more resistant to Bug and Rock. It is immune to Poison attacks. Offensively, Lucario’s typing is super effective against Normal, Ice, Rock, Dark, Steel, and Fairy.

Lucario can be found at Icebound Falls and Snowfall Hot Spring. If you want to evolve one from a Riolu, Riolu can be found at the same locations. Riolu can only be evolved with high friendship during the daytime.

3. Gallade (Base Stats Total: 518)

A repeat from the best Psychic-types list, Gallade has a unique state distribution, but is still a formidable addition to your team.

Gallade is the physical attacker to Gardevoir’s special attacking prowess. Gallade has Attack of 125 and Special Defense of 115. Its Speed is good at 80, but HP (68), Defense (65), and Special Attack (65) are low. Gallade is made to be your special attack destroyer as most special attackers have low physical defense.

If you focus on physical attacks, Gallade learns Slash, Psycho Cut, Leaf Blade, and Close Combat. It also learns status attacks like Swords Dance and Calm Mind. It can learn Rock Slide, Poison Jab, and Shadow Ball (among others), covering its three weaknesses.

Gallade is a Psychic-type and Fighting-type. Its typing only makes it weak to Flying, Ghost, and Fairy attacks. Gallade resists Fighting and Rock attacks. Offensively, Gallade’s typing is super effective against Ice, Rock, Normal, Dark, Steel, Poison, and Fighting. However, note that Dark is immune to Psychic.

You can find Gallade at Snowpoint Temple. If you want to evolve from a Ralts, they can be found in the same location. However, to evolve one into Gallade, you need two things: a male Kirlia and a Dawn Stone. Use the Dawn Stone on your male Kirla to evolve it into Gallade.

4. Sneasler (Base Stats Total: 510)

The Hisuian exclusive and evolved form of Hisuian Sneasel is the fastest Pokémon on this list, though not by much.

Sneasler packs an Attack of 130 and Speed of 120. Its HP and Special Defense are good at 80, but Defense is 60 and Special Attack a paltry 40. Gallade and Sneasler are more indicative of traditional Fighting-types in that they favor physical attacks over special attacks; Infernape and Lucario are anomalies.

Sneasler’s move set is heavily geared toward physical attacks, with the only special attack it learns being Swift. Sneasler learns Rock Smash, Dire Claw, Slash, Poison Jab, and Close Combat. It can learn Drain Punch, Iron Tail, Shadow Claw, and X-Scissor, the latter two attacks covering a weakness.

Sneasler is a Poison-type and Fighting-type Pokémon. It has weaknesses to Ground and Flying with a double weakness to Psychic. Sneasler resists attacks from Grass, Fighting, Poison, Rock, and Dark, with even better resistance to Bug attacks. Offensively, Sneasler’s typing is super effective against Normal, Ice, Rock, Steel, Dark, Grass, and Fairy. However, note that Steel is immune to Poison, but Sneasler’s Fighting-type attacks should take care of Steel-types.

To obtain Sneasler, you must evolve Hisuian Sneasel. You can find the latter at Celestica Trail, Primeval Grotto, and in Space-Time Distortions. To evolve Sneasel, you need to have it hold a Razor Claw and trigger the evolution during the daytime. This is the opposite of its eventual descendants where Sneasel needs to hold a Razor Claw at night to evolve into Weavile.

5. Machamp (Base Stats Total: 505)

The Fighting-type bastion since Generation I, Machamp still remains a good addition to your team, maybe more than any on this list simply because it’s purely a Fighting-type.

Machamp’s strategy is forgo speed to pack the heaviest punch(es). Its Attack is 130 and HP 90. Special Defense is 85 and Defense 80, decent stats to combat its main weaknesses. However, Special Attack is 65 and Speed is only 55.

Machamp learns only physical attacks, with one status move in Bulk Up. It learns Bullet Punch, Mach Punch, Drain Punch, and Close Combat. It can learn Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Poison Jab, and Rock Slide, the latter four covering weaknesses.

The only weakness Machamp can’t cover with its learned or teachable move set is Psychic. Bullet Punch and Poison Jab are super effective against Fairy-types, and learning Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, or Rock Slide will take care of those pesky Flying-types.

Machamp can be found at Arena’s Approach. If you want to evolve one from a Machop, Machop can be found in a slew of areas, including Obsidian Falls, Bolderoll Ravine, Cloudclap Pass, and Arena’s Approach. Once it’s evolved into Machoke, you need to trade it to evolve into Machamp.

6. Heracross (Base Stats Total: 500)

The honey-loving Pokémon from the anime has always been a solid addition to any team, including in Arceus.

Heracross is comparable to Gallade in its stats. Its Attack is 125 and Special Defense 95. Heracross has good Speed at 85 and HP at 80. Its Defense is also decent at 75, but Special Attack is a paltry 40 (pretty much standard for Fighting-types).

Heracross learns Rock Smash, Aerial Ace, Slash, Close Combat, and Megahorn. It can also learn Bulldoze, Rock Slide, and Shadow Claw (among others), covering some weaknesses.

Heracross is weak to Fire, Psychic, and Fairy attacks with a double weakness to Flying attacks. There are many Flying-types in Hisui, so keep this mind. However, Megahorn is super effective against Psychic, Bulldoze against Fire, and Rock Slide against Flying. Heracross can be equipped with moves to cover its own weaknesses. Offensively, Heracross’ typing is super effective against Grass, Psychic, Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, and Steel.

Heracross can be found at Grueling Grove and Wayward Wood.

7. Toxicroak (Base Stats Total: 490)

Another Poison-type and Fighting-type like Sneasler, Toxicroak is the most well-balanced of the eight listed. That alone may make it a better choice for your team.

Toxicroak boasts an Attack of 106, Special Attack of 86, and Speed of 85. HP is 83 with Defense and Special Defense admittedly a little low at 65. Still, that’s only a 41-point disparity from lowest to highest stat. For example, Heracross’ disparity is 85 points and Sneasler’s 90 points!

Toxicroak learns Rock Smash, Mud Bomb, Venoshock, Poison Jab, and Close Combat. It can also learn Dark Pulse, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, and X-Scissor, all attacks that cover its weaknesses.

Toxicroak holds the same weaknesses as Sneasler: Ground and Flying with a double weakness to Psychic. It holds the same resistances: Grass, Fighting, Poison, Rock, and Dark, with even better resistance to Bug attacks. It has the same offensive advantages as well: Normal, Ice, Rock, Steel, Dark, Grass, and Fairy, with the same caveat about Steel’s immunity to Poison.

You can find Toxicroak at Ancient Quarry, Holm of Trials, and Spring Path. If you would like to evolve one from a Croagunk, they can be found at Ancient Quarry, Holm of Trials, Gapejaw Bog, and Scarlet Bog.

8. Hisuian Lilligant (Base Stats Total: 480)

Appearing on its second list after making the best Grass-types list, Lililgant is the choice for you if you want a more challenging playthrough.

Lilligant excels at Attack (105) and Speed (105). Its Defense and Special Defense are decent at 75 each, with HP just below at 70. Its Special Attack is only 50, which is unusual for its main Grass-type.

Lilligant’s move set is geared for physical attacks. It learns Drain Punch, Leaf Blade, and Close Combat. It also learns special attacks like Energy Ball and Leaf Storm, but it’s advisable to stick with physical attacks. It can also learn Giga Impact, Poison Jab, and rock Smash.

Lilligant holds weaknesses to Fire, Ice, Poison, Psychic, and Fairy with a double weakness to Flying. It’s resistant to Water, Electric, Grass, Ground, Rock, and Dark. Offensively, its typing is super effective against Water, Ground, Rock, Normal, Ice, Dark, and Steel. Lilligant is a challenge because of its many weaknesses and inability to learn moves to offset its weaknesses (for the most part).

Lilligant can be obtained by evolving Petilil. Petili can be found at Cottonsedge Prairie and Holm of Trials. To evolve Petilil, use a Sun Stone.

Legendary and Mythical Fighting-type Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Unfortunately, Pokémon Legends: Arceus does not have any Fighting-type Legendary or Mythical Pokémon.

There’s your list of the Fighting-type Pokémon available in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Will you go with a series veteran like Machamp or one of the Hisuian variants like Sneasler or Lilligant?





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