Pokémon Legends Arceus: Best Fire-Type Pokémon

Here’s your list of Fire-type Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Fire-types are one of the rare types, though this is common in the core series games. With the numerous Water-types in Hisui, it seems that it’s difficult to survive as a Fire-type in the land that would become Sinnoh.

This list will take a slightly different approach than the lists for Water-type and Grass-type Pokémon. This list will include the starter and lone Fire-type Legendary or Mythical. This is because there are only 18 Fire-type Pokémon in the game, with the eight below representing the final evolutions or only forms known.

However, every Fire-type final evolution has a Base Stats Total of at least 500. This makes Fire-type one of the strongest in the game, even if rare. Secondary typing, if any, does matter and became the tiebreaker for the fourth and fifth entries on this list.

With that, let’s begin with the Legendary Fire-type in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

1. Heatran (Base Stats Total: 600)

The Legendary Lava Dome Pokémon is, without a doubt, the strongest Fire-type Pokémon in the game. As a Legendary, it’s one of the strongest in the game regardless of type.

Heatran’s only stat that is lower than 90 is its Speed at 77, which is decent. Where Heatran excels is in Special Attack (130), Defense (106), and Special Defense (106). It also has good HP (91) and Attack (90), making Heatran a well-rounded Pokémon.

Heatran learns both physical and special attacks, though it leans toward the special to make use of its stats. For physical attacks, it learns Fire Fang, Iron Head, and Crunch, with the ability to learn other moves like Bulldoze and Rock Slide. For special attacks, it learns Ancient Power, Earth Power, and Magma Storm with the ability to learn other moves like Flamethrower and Flash Cannon.

As a Fire-type, it is weak to Water, Rock, and Ground. Fire-type attacks are super effective against Grass, Bug, Steel, and Ice. Fire attacks are not very effective against Dragon, but Fairy attacks are not very effective against Fire.

Heatran adds a secondary Steel-type, one of the best defensive types in the game. This does add a double weakness to Ground and a weakness to Fighting, but it also reverts Rock to normal damage. Steel is super effective against Rock, Ice, and Fairy, one of only two weaknesses for Fairy-types. Steel types are defensively good against Normal, Grass, Flying, Bug, Dragon, and Psychic attacks, and completely immune to Poison.

Unfortunately, Heatran isn’t available until clearing the main story, then found on Firepit Island.

2. Hisuian Arcanine (Base Stats Total: 555)

The Hisuian version of Arcanine make its way to this list with a new look, but the same Base Stats Total as its original Kanto variant. Still, it’s a strong addition to your team, especially if you chose Oshawott.

Like its Kanto counterpart, Hisuian Arcanine is a speedy attacker. Its Attack is 115, with HP at 95, Special Attack at 95, and Speed at 90. While it excels in Attack, it’s still well-rounded as its two defensive stats are both 80.

Even though it has a high Special Attack, the only special attack it learns is Ember, heavily favoring physical attacks. Arcanine will learn Bite, Fire Fang, Rock Slide, and Raging Fury, among others. It can learn Flamethrower, Stone Edge, and Outrage, among others.

Arcanine adds a secondary Rock-type, which doubles its weakness to Ground-type attacks like Heatran, but also doubles its weakness to Water, one of the most numerous types in the game. It also adds a weakness to Fighting. Unfortunately, it’s still weak to Rock attacks. However, it has good defense against Normal and Poison attacks while being super effective against Ice, Flying, and Bug.

To obtain an Arcanine, you need to evolve a Hisuian Growlithe. Hisuian Growlithe can be found at Veilstone Cape and Windbreak Stand. Evolve Growlithe using a Fire Stone.

3. Magmortar (Base Stats Total: 540)

The Blast Pokemon remains a strong addition to any team, granted you’re able to evolve one. The pure Fire-type maintains the three weaknesses of Fire-type Pokemon.

Magmortar has one tremendous stat: its Special Attack is 125. It also has good Attack (95) and Special Defense (95). It also has Speed that belies its size at 83, but its HP and Defense are low at 75 and 67, respectively.

Magmortar learns Flame Wheel and Fire Punch for physical attacks. It also learns Flamethrower and Fire Blast, two of the most powerful Fire-type special attacks. It can also learn Hyper Beam, Mystical Fire, and Thunder Punch.

To obtain Magmortar, you need to evolve Magmar. You can find both Magmar and Magby at Firespit Island. Then you need to buy a Magmarizer and give it to Magmar. Finally, you need to trade Magmar while holding the Magmarizer. Be sure you trade with a friend so you can trade back!

4. Infernape (Base Stats Total: 534)

The best starter to choose in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is available in Hisui, but not as the starter it will eventually become. Infernape also gets the nod over Hisuian Typhlosion because of the latter having one more weakness.

Infernape has always been about hitting fast with powerful strikes. Its Speed (108), Attack (104), and Special Attack (104) reflect this, though its HP (76), Defense (71), and Special Defense (71) make it like a stereotypical Rogue loadout in RPGs.

Infernape learns a variety of physical and special attacks. Physical attacks include Mach Punch, Raging Fury, and Close Combat. Special attacks include Swift and Flamethrower. It can also learn Aerial Ace, Poison Jab, and Bulldoze, two of which cover type weaknesses for Infernape.

Infernape adds a secondary Fighting-type. This increases its weaknesses to include Flying and Psychic. However, Rock and Fairy regress to normal damage. Offensively, Fighting is good against Normal, Ice, Rock, Dark, and Steel. Fighting moves are not very effective against Poison and Bug, in addition to its weaknesses. Fighting cannot hit Ghost-types without an identifying move first, such as Lock On or Odor Sleuth.

You can find Infernape at Ramanas Island. However, you can obtain a Chimchar early in the game by completing Request 20, Mysterious Will-o’-the-Wisp. It’s usually best to catch and evolve rather than catching an evolved form if you want them on your team.

5. Hisuian Typhlosion (Base Stats Total: 534)

The final evolution of the best starter to choose in Arceus, Hisuian Typhlosion is a formidable foe, even able to counter one its new weaknesses.

Its highest stat is Special Attack at 119, with Speed at 95. Its lowest stat is HP at 73. Its other stats have a narrow range with Special Defense at 85, Attack at 84, and Defense at 78. Stick with special attacks for maximum impact.

Hisuian Typhlosion has a special attack heavy move set. It learns Swift, Flamethrower, Infernal Paradise, Overheat, and Shadow Ball. It does learn physical attacks Rollout and Flame Wheel. It can also learn Hyper Beam, Drain Punch, and Bulldoze, among others.

Its secondary Ghost-type adds weaknesses to Ghost and Dark attacks. Luckily, as long as Typhlosion has a Ghost attack like Infernal Paradise or Shadow Ball, it can counter other Ghost-types itself, though its risky. Drain Punch can counter Dark-types.

To obtain Typhlosion, you need to evolve Cyndaquil. This means you either needed to choose Cyndaquil as your starter or trade for Cyndaquil.

6. Flareon (Base Stats Total: 525)

One of the original Eeveelutions, Flareon remains a great choice for your team all these generations later.

Flareon excels in three stats: Attack (130), Special Defense, (110), and Special Attack (95). However, its other three stats are decidedly low with HP and Speed at 65 and Defense at 60. It should be fast and powerful enough, especially against special attacks, to survive, but its very susceptible to physical attacks.

Flareon learns Double Edge and Flamethrower. However it can learn through move tutors Fire Fang, Iron Tail. Rock Smash, and Giga Impact. Eevee can also learn a litany of move prior to being evolved, so use that to round out your available moves.

Flareon maintains the three weaknesses of Fire-types as a pure Fire-type. However, there is one big note that doesn’t apply to Magmortar above: its low physical defense is exacerbated by the fact that Rock and Ground attacks favor physical attacks.

Flareon can be found by evolving Eevee. Eevee can be found at Horseshoe Plains, but it’s very skittish and will run away at first sight!

7. Ninetales (Base Stats Total: 505)

The majestic Fox Pokémon is a well-rounded pure Fire-type to add to your team.

It doesn’t really excel in any one thing, though its Special Defense and Speed are both 100. There’s only an eight-point difference between the other four stats as Special Attack is 81, Attack 76, Defense 75, and HP 73. It’s a speedy special defense tank.

It learns mostly special attacks, including Hex, Flamethrower, and Fire Blast. It can learn Dark Pulse, Energy Ball, Hyper Beam, Iron Tail, and Shadow Ball as well. Energy Ball is super effective against all three of Ninetales’ weaknesses, while Iron Tail works to take out Rock.

You can find Ninetales at Firespit Island. However, if you want to evolve one from Vulpix, you can find those at Veilstone Cape. Use a Fire Stone to evolve Vulpix into Ninetales.

8. Rapidash (Base Stats Total: 500)

Another majestic Fire-type, the Fire Horse Pokémon favors speed and attack over speed and defense like Ninetales. If that’s more your style, Rapidash is for you.

Its Speed is 105 and Attack 100. Its other stats are fairly even with Special Attack and Special Defense at 80 and Defense at 70, though HP is 65.

Rapidash’s move set is geared toward physical attacks. It learns Double Hit, Flame Wheel, and Flare Blitz, along with Hypnosis and Fire Blast. It can learn High Horsepower, Iron Tail, Megahorn, and Wild Charge. Three of the four are super effective against the three Fire-type weaknesses.

Rapidash can be found at Horseshoe Plains where an Alpha Rapidash resides. As an Alpha, this will probably be stronger than one you raise from a Ponyta. However, if you want Ponyta, you can also find them roaming the same area.

Also, shiny Ponyta and Rapidash are some of the best shiny Pokemon in the series.

Now you know all of the Fire-types you’ll find in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. If you didn’t choose Cyndaquil, which one will you be adding to your team?

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