Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Best Dragon- and Ice-Type Paldean Pokémon

Here are the best Dragon- and Ice-type Pokémon specific to Paldea in Scarlet & Violet.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Best Dragon- and Ice-Type Paldean Pokémon

Among the rarest types in Pokémon, Dragon- and Ice-type Pokémon remain scarce in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. Still, they are not absent, and at least one will make for a nice addition to your team should you put in the patience and work to obtain the Pokémon.

Dragon-type Pokémon are the stuff of pseudo-legendary and legendary Pokémon, but Ice is represented in both as well. In fact, there are times when the two come together in one Pokémon, as is the case in Paldea.

The best Dragon- and Ice-type Paldean Pokémon in Scarlet & Violet

Below, you will find the best Paldean Dragon and Ice Pokémon ranked by their Base Stats Total (BST). This is the accumulation of the six attributes in Pokémon: HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. Because of the overlap of one Pokémon, rather than breaking them into separate lists below, it will instead be a combined list. Each Pokémon listed below has at least a 475 BST.

There are three things of note when it comes to Dragon-type Pokémon, specifical, one of which overlaps with Ice-type. First, Ice-type Pokémon are the rarest in the series. Dragon-type Pokémon are tied for the third rarest type in the series, though this also accounts for different forms like mega evolution. This helps explain the lack of new ones in Paldea.

Second, Dragon-type Pokémon are one of two types (Ghost) that are weak to attacks of their own type. This ties into the third thing, which is that Fairy-type Pokémon are immune to Dragon attacks. This means Dragon-type Pokémon hold weaknesses to Dragon, Ice, and Fairy. Ice-type Pokémon hold weaknesses to Fire, Rock, Fighting, and Steel.

The list will not include legendary, mythical, or Paradox Pokémon. One of the new hyphenated legendary Pokémon, Chien-Pao (Dark and Ice), will not be listed.

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1. Baxcalibur (Dragon and Ice) – 600 BST


Baxcalibur is the newest pseudo-legendary to join the series with its 600 BST, adding yet another Dragon-type to the pseudo-legendary list. The Dragon- and Ice-type evolves at level 54 from Archibax, which in turn evolves at level 35 from Frigibax.

As with most pseudo-legendary Pokémon – only two of which aren’t Dragon-type (Tyranitar and Metagross) – Bascalibur’s attributes are good to great, even the “low” ones. Baxcalibur has a high 145 Attack. It adds 116 HP, 92 Defense, 87 Speed, 86 Special Defense, and 75 Special Attack. Basically, Baxcalibur is stout everywhere, but a skilled physical attacker.

Baxcalibur holds weaknesses to Fighting, Rock, Steel, Dragon, and Fairy. The Fire and Ice weaknesses are reverted to normal damage thanks to its typing. 

2. Cetitan (Ice) – 521 BST


The only pure Ice-type line introduced in Paldea is that of Cetoddle-Cetitan. As the names suggest, the former is more of a tyke while the latter is meant to represent an ice titan of a cetacean. Cetitan evolves from Cetoddle when Cetoddle is exposed to an Ice Stone.

Cetitan is here for one thing: to land strong attacks while having enough health to withstand an attack or two. Cetitan has a whopping 170 HP to pair with 113 Attack. The tradeoff, especially for the HP, is having lackluster attributes the rest of the way. Cetitan has 73 Speed, which is decent, but then 65 Defense, 55 Special Defense, and 45 Special Attack. Cetitan will have trouble when facing its weakness in Fire, Rock, Fighting, and Steel.

3. Cyclizar (Dragon and Normal) – 501 BST


Cyclizar makes another appearance after placing on the best Paldean Normal-type list. The descendant of Koraidon and ancestor of Miraidon. Cyclizar is a non-evolving Pokémon that is basically a dragon-shaped motorcycle. The Mount Pokémon is used by your classmates in Scarlet & Violet to traverse Paldea.

Cyclizar is quick and fairly strong. It has 121 Speed, 95 Attack, and 85 Special Attack. Its quickness and offensive stats should make it enough to one-hit knockout (OHKO) most opponents, but be wary as it only has 70 HP and 65 Defense and Special Defense.

Cyclizar holds weaknesses to Fighting, Ice, Dragon, and Fairy. Its Normal-type also makes it immune to Ghost.

4. Tatsugiri (Dragon and Water) – 475 BST


Lastly is another non-evolving Pokémon in Tatsugiri. Tatsugiri is a fish Pokémon that works in conjunction with Dondozo on the battlefield, their abilities functioning in tandem. Tatsugiri also comes in three different colors, or forms, with Curly Form (orange), Droopy Form (red), and Stretchy Form (yellow).

Tatsugiri is all about the special attributes. It has 120 Special Attack and 95 Special Defense to go along with 82 Speed. However, its 68 HP, 60 Defense, and 50 Attack means it’s going to be a difficult battle against physical attackers. Tatsugiri’s typing makes it hold weaknesses to Dragon and Fairy.

Now you know the best Dragon- and Ice-type Paldean Pokémon in Scarlet & Violet. Will you add Baxcalibur and its pseudo-legendary status or reach for a more attainable Pokémon?

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