Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Cascarrafa Water-Type Gym Guide To Beat Kofu

Be prepared for the Water-type gym in Cascarrafa with this Pokémon Scarlet and Violet guide to defeat Kofu.

At about the midway point in your Victory Road towards the coveted Pokémon League challenge, it’ll be time to chart a path towards the Pokemon Scarlet Violet Cascarrafa Water-type gym where Kofu will be waiting. Your exact order might not put it there, but this is the fourth gym in line if you’re following the strength of levels to decide who to face next. 

If you’ve spent some time knocking out some of the Team Star bases or Titans, you may be more than ready, but there’s no harm in being sure before you head into battle. With this Pokemon Scarlet Violet Cascarrafa Water-type gym guide, you’ll know without a shadow of a doubt what you’re up against when it’s time to secure the Water Badge. 

In this article you will learn: 

  • What kind of test you’ll face at the Cascarrafa gym
  • Details on every Pokémon that Kofu will use in battle
  • Strategies to make sure you’re able to defeat him
  • What team you’ll face in the Kofu rematch

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Cascarrafa Electric-type gym guide

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Cascarrafa Water Gym Kofu Running

If you’ve mostly been working your way through the East Province while getting through other gym leaders like Brassius and Iono, it’ll soon be time to head west once again and seek out Kofu at the Cascarrafa gym. You’d have likely dealt with Katy in Cortondo by this point, so fly to that city first if you don’t have a closer location to use. 

Follow the winding road west from there before turning north to catch the bridge to the northern half of West Province (Area One). Once you cross, continue following that road to the northeast until you arrive in the desert-adjacent oasis of Cascarrafa where Kofu leads the Water-type gym. Much later on, you’ll have the opportunity to return her and battle a much stronger Kofu in one of several gym leader rematches. 

Cascarrafa gym test

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Cascarrafa Water Gym Kofu Gym Test-3

Things are a bit less test-style when it comes to Cascarrafa gym, as your task will kick off with the reality that Kofu has lost his wallet and needs it returned to him. Before you can do that, you’ll have to defeat one of his underlings. 

  • Gym Trainer Hugo 
    • Floatzel (Level 28)
    • Clauncher (Level 28)

After you’ve taken down Hugo, you’ll get 3,920 Pokédollars as a reward and get to proceed to the next stage of the gym test. Kofu will give you a bit of an introduction to the auction marketplace on Cascarrafa and award you 50,000 Pokédollars to use while bidding on some seaweed. Just keep raising your bid and you should be fine with the money he’s given. 

How to beat Kofu for the Water Badge

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Cascarrafa Water Gym Kofu Defeated

Now that you’ve gotten through the test, Kofu will be ready to provide the gym leader challenge you came looking for here. While his Pokémon are a bit stronger than what you may have taken on against Iono, Kofu’s team isn’t quite as tricky strategically. Here are the Pokémon you’ll be up against: 

  • Veluza (Level 29)
    • Water- and Psychic-type
    • Ability: Mold Breaker
    • Moves: Slash, Pluck, Aqua Cutter
  • Wugtrio (Level 29)
    • Water-type
    • Ability: Gooey
    • Moves: Mud-Slap, Water Pulse, Headbutt
  • Crabominable (Level 30)
    • Fighting- and Ice-type
    • Tera Type: Water
    • Ability: Iron Fist
    • Moves: Crabhammer, Rock Smash, Slam

Your most difficult opponent when it comes to the first battle with Kofu will be his powerful Crabominable, which you can expect to be Terrastalized into a Water-type when the battle reaches that stage. Grass-type Pokémon will be in the best shape for this battle despite a few red flags in Kofu’s team. 

Veluza has a Flying-type move, but Pluck isn’t very powerful. Veluza as a Psychic-type and Crabominable as an Ice-type create potential threats, but neither has a move they can utilize in your first fight with Kofu. Most of all, you need a Pokémon strong enough to withstand a potential Crabhammer strike by Crabominable, and a big Grass-type or Electric-type hit should be able to secure victory. 

If you don’t yet have a Pokémon that fits the bill, you can snag a Capsakid or Skiddo in West Province (Area One). Once defeated, Kofu will award you with the Water Badge and TM 22 which can teach the move Chilling Water to one of your own Pokémon. If this is the fourth gym you’ve defeated in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you’ll also gain the ability to control all Pokémon up to Level 40. 

How to defeat Kofu in your gym leader rematch

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Cascarrafa Water Gym Kofu Crabominable

Once you’re charting a course towards the Academy Ace Tournament, long after your first battle with Kofu, a series of gym leader rematches will become available. All eight leaders are bringing strong teams to the table, but with equal levels for each team, there’s no incentive to follow a given path. 

Here are the Pokémon you’ll face in the Cascarrafa gym rematch against Kofu: 

  • Veluza (Level 65)
    • Water- and Psychic-type
    • Ability: Mold Breaker
    • Moves: Aqua Jet, Aqua Cutter, Psycho Cut, Night Slash
  • Pelipper (Level 65)
    • Water- and Flying-type
    • Ability: Drizzle
    • Moves: Hurricane, Surf, Blizzard, Quick Attack
  • Wugtrio (Level 65)
    • Water-type
    • Ability: Gooey
    • Moves: Triple Dive, Throat Chop, Sucker Punch, Stomping Tantrum
  • Clawitzer (Level 65)
    • Water-type
    • Ability: Mega Launcher
    • Moves: Water Pulse, Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse, Aura Sphere
  • Crabominable (Level 66)
    • Fighting- and Ice-type
    • Tera Type: Water
    • Ability: Iron Fist
    • Moves: Crabhammer, Ice Hammer, Zen Headbutt, Close Combat

Much like the other earlier game gym leaders, Kofu steps things up quite a bit when you’re heading for the rematch. Grass-types will still be useful, but be wary if they’re also Poison-type as Veluza now has Psycho Cut. Similarly, moves like Pelipper’s Blizzard and Crabominable’s Ice Hammer could cripple a Grass-type. You’ll be best off with a strong Electric-type for Crabominable, but be careful if you bring them into the battle against Wugtrio as it could deal serious damage with Stomping Tantrum. 

Now that you’ve got a set of strategies to keep in mind and a full layout of what Kofu is bringing to battle thanks to this Pokemon Scarlet Violet Cascarrafa Water-type gym guide, you should have everything necessary to seek victory. Crabominable is going to try and give you extra trouble, but knowing what to expect is going to give you a major advantage each time you take on Kofu in the Cascarrafa gym.





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