Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Medali Normal-Type Gym Guide To Beat Larry

Be prepared for the Normal-type gym in Medali with this Pokémon Scarlet and Violet guide to defeat Larry.

As you approach or pass the midway point in your path to the Pokémon League, your Pokémon Scarlet and Violet journey will eventually collide with the Pokemon Scarlet Violet Medali Normal-type gym where Larry is at the helm. This is the fifth gym in line if you’re trying to follow their levels in order. However, players can head to Medali at any point if they feel their team is ready to secure a Normal Badge. 

Whether you’re already nearing Medali and wanna get an idea of what to expect or are early in your journey looking to stay prepared, this Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Normal-type gym leader guide has all the details you’re going to need. That includes a potential rematch with Larry, as he won’t be a one-time opponent in your Victory Road quest. 

In this article you will learn: 

  • What kind of test you’ll face at the Medali gym
  • Details on every Pokémon that Larry will use in battle
  • Strategies to make sure you’re able to defeat him
  • What team you’ll face in the Larry rematch 

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Medali Normal-type gym guide 

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Medali-Gym -Larry

Chances are you’d have done a good bit of exploring across Paldea by the time you’re ready to take on Larry at the Medali gym. If you’ve recently dispatched of Kofu at the Cascarrafa gym, the good news is that Medali isn’t that far. How you arrive there will depend mostly on how far you’ve made it against the various Titans. Also, by proxy, how upgraded your travel capabilities with Miraidon or Koraidon happen to be. 

You can head east directly from Cascarrafa or take a longer path around by heading west through the Asado Desert before heading north and following the path from West Province (Area Two) north towards Casseroya Lake until you can wind around into West Province (Area Three). Upon arrival, the Normal-type gym shouldn’t be difficult to find as Medali is one of the smaller cities in Paldea. 

Medali gym test

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Medali Gym-Test - Order

Depending on how you wish to approach the Medali gym test, there is the option to speed things up or to face a few extra trainers. If you face the trainers, it will offer some extra XP and Pokédollars, but you may need to heal up or head to a Pokémon Center before proceeding to the final battle. 

In either case, you’ll need some hints to make the correct special order at the gym in order to trigger the battle with Larry. If you wish to have those battles, you’ll take on three different trainers around town to secure hints from each: 

  • Gym Trainer Adara
    • Location: Near the restaurant 
    • Team: Gumshoos (Level 34), Greedent (Level 34)
  • Gym Trainer Gisela
    • Location: On the outskirts of Medali
    • Team: Ursaring (Level 34)
  • Gym Trainer Santiago 
    • Location: Near the strip of restaurants in Medali
    • Team: Dunsparce (Level 34) 

If you defeat each of those trainers you’ll be able to order the secret menu item yourself. For those who wish to skip those battles or confirm their memory before ordering, these are the answers you need to give to complete the Medali gym test: 

  • Grilled Rice Balls
  • Medium serving
  • Extra crispy, Fire Blast style
  • Lemon

Once you’ve made this order, you’ll get a cutscene which sees the floor of the restaurant transform to reveal the gym battlefield in its place. You can leave the gym and return after making the order if your team isn’t fully healed and prepared for Larry. 

How to beat Larry for the Normal Badge

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Medali Gym -Larry Battle

While some of the gym leaders you’re up against will require a more elaborate plan, Larry isn’t bringing anything to battle too out of the ordinary. However, you will need to ensure you’re leveled up high enough to manage against the three powerful Pokémon on his team: 

  • Komala (Level 35)
    • Normal-type
    • Ability: Comatose
    • Moves: Yawn, Sucker Punch, Slam
  • Dudunsparce (Level 35)
    • Normal-type
    • Ability: Serene Grace
    • Moves: Hyper Drill, Drill Run, Glare
  • Staraptor (Level 36)
    • Normal- and Flying-type
    • Tera Type: Normal
    • Ability: Intimidate
    • Moves: Facade, Aerial Ace 

While a Fighting-type Pokémon may be able to wipe the floor with Komala and Dudunsparce, be careful as Staraptor’s Aerial Ace could easily wipe even an offensively capable Fighting-type. If you don’t have a Pokémon that fits that bill, just make sure your top options are leveled a bit higher as pure power can secure a smooth victory in this gym. 

If you plan to use status effects to your advantage like Poison or Paralysis, it might be time to avoid that as Staraptor can be extremely devastating when Facade is at full power thanks to a status effect. After securing the win, you’ll receive the Normal Badge as well as TM 25. That can teach Facade to one of your own Pokémon. If that makes this your fifth gym badge, you can also now control Pokémon up to Level 45. 

How to defeat Larry in your gym leader rematch

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Medali Gym Larry-2

Before getting to the details of your gym leader rematch with Larry, it’s important to note that you will actually have at least three battles with him throughout your journey. Larry is actually one of the members of the Elite Four, and he’ll bring a much more type-diverse team into that battle than you’ll see in either the first or second gym battle against him. After you’ve become Champion and are moving towards the Academy Ace Tournament, you’ll get the opportunity to travel around Paldea and take on all eight gym leaders in a powered up rematch. 

Here are the Pokémon you’ll face in the Medali gym rematch against Larry: 

  • Oinkologne (Level 65)
    • Normal-type
    • Ability: Gluttony
    • Moves: Body Slam, Bullet Seed, Zen Headbutt, Iron Head
  • Komala (Level 65)
    • Normal-type
    • Ability: Comatose
    • Moves: Yawn, Sucker Punch, Wood Hammer, Zen Headbutt
  • Braviary (Level 65)
    • Normal- and Flying-type
    • Ability: Keen Eye
    • Moves: Brave Bird, Crush Claw, Close Combat, Rock Tomb
  • Dudunsparce (Level 65)
    • Normal-type
    • Ability: Serene Grace
    • Moves: Hyper Drill, Drill Run, Dragon Rush, Stone Edge
  • Staraptor (Level 66)
    • Normal- and Flying-type
    • Tera Type: Normal
    • Ability: Intimidate
    • Moves: Facade, Brave Bird, Close Combat, Thief

When it comes to your official gym leader rematch with Larry, things step up significantly in difficulty both for his team’s levels and the strategy coming with it. You’ll be better off with a Pokémon that knows a Fighting-type move and isn’t actually Fighting-type for this clash, because any Fighting-type will be very much in danger from Zen Headbutt as well as the two Flying-type attackers. 

If you’re bringing any Rock-type Pokémon to counter the two Flying-type members of Larry’s team, that can backfire as Braviary has Close Combat. Ultimately, a high enough level squad will be able to manage against Larry, but it’s a tough battle. With a full picture of what you’re up against thanks to this Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Medali gym guide, you should be able to walk out with a win both times. 

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