Ryan Fredericks FIFA 23

Overall, Ryan Fredericks is going to be a highly rated and popular player in FIFA 23.

Player Ryan Fredericks in FIFA 23 Guide

Fans are becoming impatient for the winter refresh of FIFA 23 when their favorite player’s ratings and talents will presumably be improved. Fans of AFC Bournemouth are likely to find Ryan Fredericks invaluable and highly rated this time and again. There’s a strong reason behind it – find out below!

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Ryan Fredericks career overview

London-born Fredericks started his professional football career with Tottenham Hotspur’s club before moving to Bristol City in 2011. He started off as a backup for the team in 2011, but by 2012 he was a regular starter.

The 2016 season marked Fredericks’ arrival at Fulham, where he immediately made an impression with his speed and offensive flair. As a result of his contributions in 2018, the squad made it all the way to the Championship playoff final, and he was subsequently signed by West Ham United of the Premier League.

Also, in July 2022, Fredericks completed yet another transfer, this time to AFC Bournemouth.

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Fredericks FIFA 23 player card

In FIFA 23, Fredericks has already been given a highly-rated player card. His speed and dribbling skills have gotten him praise, and his crossing and passing are also notable attributes. He accounts for a whopping 92 sprint speed and 89 acceleration ratings, making him one of the fastest players in the league.

There is a possibility that Fredericks’ defensive ratings will drop. Although he is a formidable attacker, he is vulnerable when his defense is broken. His total rating is still expected to be high, making him a desirable addition to any FIFA 23 squad.

Fredericks player card setbacks

Ryan comes with remarkable pace attributes, but the case is exactly the opposite when it comes to his shooting and physicality. Unquestionably, good shooting power, in conjunction with Ryan’s pace, can make him a lethal player. However, he falls short of these parameters. The English defender has 58 shot power, 46 long shot, and 47 finishing ratings, which are a bit below average.

Who should pick Fredericks in their team?

Because of his high overall rating, Fredericks is sure to be a hot commodity among Premier League team builders. His speed and attacking prowess make him a fantastic option for teams wanting to open up scoring chances from the wing position.

Bottom line

Overall, Ryan Fredericks is going to be a highly rated and popular player in FIFA 23. His speed, dribbling, and attacking skills make him a valuable weapon on the field, and he will be a benefit to any team in the match.

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