Sifu: Walkthrough of Level Two “The Club”

Here’s your walkthrough for level two of Sifu, “The Club.”

Sifu is a challenging, unforgiving game that does reward you for learning the patterns of your enemies and using parries to your advantage. One level that embodies this is level two, The Club, which features more group battles and special enemies than level one, The Squats.

Read below for your guide on the difficult level, culminating in a boss fight with Sean, “The Fighter.”

From the entrance through the dance floor

Your first battle in The Club involves a horde of enemies.

Walk up and take out the guard. He has a good bit of defense, so it’ll take a little bit. Go inside and take out the three enemies, a bat laying on the table just outside the room. Enter the hallway and prepare for a fight.

She likes to kick!

The dance floor is filled with enemies, some who will grab bottles. Take them out, using the bat from the previous room. After they’re killed, you’ll have to face a woman who specializes in kicking attacks, particularly sweeps and up kicks. She shouldn’t be too difficult if you time your parries well. Don’t forget to hit the upgrade Shrine by the DJ booth (and prioritize Weapon Durability if you haven’t maxed it out and are still 25 or younger!).

To the right of the room is a blocked Access Door. To the left is a bar that will spawn some enemies as you near; grab a bottle from the right side before heading to the bar. One of the enemies is drugged and will rebuff you after you try a takedown. After, check the Code Door for some Detective Board stuff.

Through the VIP

A video hyping “The Burning” and Sean.

Head into the VIP section and take out the woman with her back to you, then prepare for a mob of about five other enemies to head toward you, at least one with a bottle. You can also grab some bottles around the area.

Go upstairs and take out the guy closest to the stairs, then prepare for another fight with some more enemies. There’s a bottle on the ledge as well as in the booths, so use those to your advantage. After, hit D-Pad Up when prompted to view the video.

Two juggernauts, patiently waiting for you to enter their area.

Head inside and take out the enemies, but don’t head toward the juggernauts while fighting the group! Make sure you stay around the first part of the room. You’ll really only have bottles here, but breaking some stuff may produce a wooden staff, which should be used against the juggernauts.

The juggernauts will favor grabbing and slamming you, so remember to hold L1 and then down on the left stick whenever you see them get ready; unlike the first level, time will not slow down when this happens.

Enter through the next hallway and prepare for a semi-difficult battle against two women. If you have the wooden staff from the previous encounter, great; if not, there’s a bat lying on a counter inside the bar. After you defeat them, make sure you have a bat and prepare for a brutal encounter.

Getting through “The Pit”

If an enemy drops from above and isn’t dead, the four below won’t appear until you drop down.

After taking out the three men up top, you’ll enter “The Pit” down below with four other fighters, including a juggernaut. Even though they’re fighting, none of them will take any damage until you drop down and begin fighting. If possible, take out the juggernaut first not just because he’s the strongest, but because you’ll also pop a trophy.

Your path opening after winning in “The Pit.”

After, proceed through for yet another difficult fight, basically a mini boss. This fighter looks to favor some Muy Thai, and will block many of your blows. Your goal here is to parry as much as possible to open up your attacks. Once you do enough damage (about half), the takedown prompt will appear. You will get the Disciple’s Pass to directly access “The Burning.”

He drops the Disciple’s Card.

Head through the hall and the left door, using the Pass. Don’t get too cornered here as you defeat your foes. There is also an upgrade Shrine in the first section on the left. Make sure you grab the pipe by the Shrine as well!

Now, get ready for your “trials.”

Making it through the trials

Informing you of the forthcoming trials.

Enter the door and you’ll notice it’s pitch black. Try attacking and it will light up. You’ll see Sean in the distance, then doors closing behind him. As you approach, a woman will appear on the overhang and inform you you’ll be tested. A horde of enemies will come at you from all rooms, holding weapons and one that’s drugged. Luckily, the woman who spoke won’t attack you, but you also can’t land attacks on her. You may die a few times here. After you defeat the horde, you’re told you have two more challenges waiting for you: Dexterity and Endurance.

The next area is a bit rave-like with its music and lighting. Move forward to face a woman with a wooden pole, much like Sean. The battle won’t start until you pick up the long pole on the ground. Your goal here is to hold out until her pole breaks by blocking, parrying, and dodging. Once her pole breaks, she is much easier to defeat. After that, proceed into the next area.

This area is burning – quite fitting considering the endpoint. Head through and make sure to at least register the writing on the walls by hitting X when prompted. Head down into the next area and be sure to collect the Fire Chest for the Board. You’ll then have to fight two of the Muy Thai fighters at once. The pole will help, but this will be a tough fight.

Defeating Sean, “The Fighter”

If you survive, head into the next area and be sure to hit the upgrade Shrine! It’s recommended to hit the Death Counter upgrade for one thousand experience, especially if you have more than three deaths. Now, get ready for a difficult boss fight – but aren’t they all in Sifu?

You’ll see Sean, sitting arrogantly on a throne, as a student calls him Sifu and says, “My arms are yours.” Sean will grasp the man’s forearms with his hands, burning the man’s flesh for about a second. He then tells the man to leave as he sees you, rekindling his memories.

You’ll notice that Sean has bandages all around his body, presumably from his pyrophilia. He looks a bit like Makoto Shishio from Rurouni Kenshin.

Sean, remarking on your uniform.

In the first phase, he will relentlessly attack you with his long pole. Hopefully, you have the guile – and most importantly Structure – to parry his attacks to stun him enough to dash in and land some strikes. He usually attacks in three- to four-hit combos, but his attacks are fast.

The second phase is much like the first, but Sean adds a burning effect to his pole – it really fits with the theme of the stage. While not much is added in terms of new attacks, what is added is increased damage from the fire. Do your best to avoid his attacks and get inside the reach to land attacks, then finish him off to complete the level and pop a trophy.

There’s your walkthrough for the second stage, The Club, and to beat Sean. The shortcut through the Access Door will lead you to the trials and then Sean, bypassing many difficult fights. Remember to replay the level to get a better age to proceed to the third level, The Museum.

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