Skins That Professional CS:GO Players Use

Explore 2023’s favorite CS:GO skins among top professional players!

Skins That Professional CS:GO Players Use

From the beginning of 2023 to June, the average number of monthly CS:GO players has grown from 726,150 to over 1,085,966. This competitive shooter keeps and even stirs up the interest of the players, despite the fact that the game was released in the US and Europe. The success is justified by the voluminous work of the game developer, in particular, regular improvements and the release of new skins, which are an important visual component of CS:GO.

What Are CS:GO Skins

Skins, or in-game items in the form of weapon or character designs, are of great importance in the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. These virtual items create a unique gaming experience for the players, enhancing the comfort and aesthetic satisfaction of the game.

The Meaning of Skins in CS:GO For Players

Skins that change the appearance of weapons are very popular and there are several reasons for this. Items are first and foremost a powerful tool for demonstrating your individual play style. Some players consider skins as a means of collecting. This makes sense, since many items are quite rare, their value increases over time. In addition, items are an element of the game that creates a special atmosphere of lightness. Designs allow players to quickly identify the type of weapon and its owner’s role in the game. If you want to update your inventory, and add items that are used by the best players in the history of the shooter, this article from Volodymyr Huda is for you. You can find out more information about the players and settings in the game on the Profiller website, in particular, use the CS:GO crosshair generator.

Game comfort

Items in CS:GO are not only a visual decoration for the game world but also a great tool to improve the comfort of players in the game. Interestingly, players can choose not only the design of the item but also its soundtrack. Such features contribute to the adaptation of the gameplay to the preferences of the player.

Subject of investment

For many players, skins in CS:GO have become not only a part of the gameplay, but also an investment. Rare and unique skins can be worth huge amounts of money, making them a valuable asset in the secondary market. Some players even specialize in skin trading and earn a lot of money from it.

Social Status

For some players, skins in CS:GO are a symbol of social status. Rare and beautiful skins may indicate that the player is experienced and has reached a high level in the game. It can also express belonging to a certain group of players, which helps to strengthen the bond between people within the game’s community.

Popular Skins Among Professional CS:GO Players

Some weapons are more popular among pro players because they are more powerful and accurate. Let’s take a look at the top skins for these weapons.

AK-47 Skins

The AK-47 assault rifle, or simply, is one of the most popular weapons not only in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but also in real life. In total, since the release of the first batch in 1949, more than 70 million copies of these weapons have been created. The developers from Valve tried to recreate the weapons in the shooter as realistically as possible, thanks to which the characteristics of the virtual AK-47 fully correspond to the real ones. Just like a real gun, a virtual rifle differs from similar models in its long range and good rate of fire. Moreover, it has huge damage for an assault rifle. One hit to the head can eliminate the enemy.

Among the most popular AK-47 skins that pro players use are:

  • Case Hardened,
  • Fire Serpent,
  • Bloodsport,
  • Vulcan

These items were spotted in the inventories of such pro players as FalleN, Happy, byaily, TaZ, and others.

AWP Skins

Users fell in love with AWP for very high damage. It is even more powerful than the legendary AK- 47. Just imagine: if you hit in the head, chest, and stomach, your opponent will not have a chance to survive, even if he is in armor. A sharpshooter is able to neutralize all targets if the team raises enough funds to purchase this expensive weapon.

Among the most popular skins for AWPs:

  • Dragon Lore;
  • Medusa;
  • Atheris;

Dragon Lore, the skin, which is the most expensive in the CS:GO game, was spotted in the inventory of the Ukrainian pro player Oleksandr “⁠s1mple” Kostyliev from the Natus Vincere team.

M4A4/M4A1-S Skins

The M4A1-S has been compared to the M4A4 autonomous assault rifle. Both models are available exclusively for the SWAT team. And their characteristics are quite close to each other. While the M4A4 is popular for its large magazine capacity and high rate of fire, the M4A1-S features a quiet firing sound, lower recoil, and better accuracy. Visually, both rifles are extremely similar to each other. The only difference is that the M4A1-S is equipped with a detachable silencer. However, during a fight, 99% of the time you won’t get a chance to detach it. For other criteria, M4A1-S and M4A4 are almost equivalent. Same reload time, same penetration, same kill reward, etc.

Among the most popular skins for this weapon:

  • Howl,
  • Neo-Noir,
  • Chantico’s Fire,
  • Poseidon

These skins are used by famous pro players like flusha, device, KRIMZ, and others.

Desert Eagle Skins

The Desert Eagle is a semi-automatic pistol with excellent accuracy and damage against enemies. The Desert Eagle was jointly designed by the US and Israel back in 1983, but it is still one of the most formidable hand weapons in the world. In the game itself, this pistol can theoretically kill 3 opponents with one shot, because its maximum damage to the head is as much as 249 health units. There are many beautiful skins for him in CS:GO in any price category. Among the popular skins that pro players use are:

  • Blaze,
  • Conspiracy,
  • Golden Koi,
  • Midnight Storm

These skins are used by pro players like Happy, Snax, FalleN, and others.

Final Thoughts

Pro players use different weapons and have skins with a variety of designs in their inventory – both bright items and skins with a minimalistic pattern. You can try to get one or more of the skins used by pro players through the purchase of cases or skins, as well as by exchanging unwanted items for more in demand. Wherever you are, in Miami or Houston, the Profiller service is open for you with the latest information about CS:GO tournaments and important functionality to improve your gaming experience.

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