Sniper Elite 5: Best Scopes to Use

Scopes are what determine your sniping performance in Sniper Elite. Here are Outsider Gaming’s best scopes in Sniper Elite 5.

Sniping in combat is sometimes inevitable in Sniper Elite 5. The regular crosshair isn’t very accurate which is why you have to rely on a scope to aim better. 

Each scope has a different effect on each sniper rifle. It’s a matter of proper combination to make sure that you have the perfect sniper for your mission in Sniper Elite 5.

Below, you will find a list of every scope for rifles in Sniper Elite 5. Following the list will be Outsider Gaming’s ranking of scopes.

Full list of scopes in Sniper Elite 5

The function of scopes in Sniper Elite is determined by mainly their aim stability, visibility, and zoom.  

Here are the list of all the scopes available in Sniper Elite 5, a total of 13: 

  • No.32 MK1 
  • A5 Win & Co 
  • Iron Sights 
  • B4 Win & Co 
  • M84 
  • No.32 MK2 
  • PPCO 
  • A1 Optical 
  • A2 Optical 
  • W&S M1913 
  • ZF 4 
  • M2 Night Vision 
  • PU 

Best scopes in Sniper Elite 5 

Below is Outsider Gaming’s ranking of the best Scopes in Sniper Elite 5. 

1. ZF 4

Pros: Versatile all-rounder
Cons: None
Best Utilization: All
How to Unlock: Available when unlocking Gewehr 1943

The winner of the best scope in Sniper Elite 5 is the ZF4. It’s multi-purpose as you can use it for long-range sniping, mid-range sniping, and close combat. 

Some might find its 6x zoom options quite limiting, but it’s enough if you’re using a semi-auto sniper rifle. Its maximum zoom is not bad once you become a pro at aiming even hundreds of meters. 

2. A2 Optical

Pros: Extremely high zoom
Cons: Poor aim visibility; slower aim time
Best Utilization: Long-range sniping
How to Unlock: Complete Mission 8

The A2 optical is higher on this list than its predecessor because of its maximum zoom range. It has twice the normal zoom at 16x. 

This scope is perfect when combined with armor-piercing ammo since it’s hard to shoot and penetrate through a tank if you’re in close distance. This is the perfect scope to use for rifles with high audible ranges as it’s best at long-distance sniping.

3. A1 Optical

Pros: Very high zoom
Cons: Poor aim stability; poor visibility
Best Utilization: Long-range sniping
How to Unlock: Find the rifle workbench in Mission 2

The A1 Optical does the M84 better with its longer zoom range. Just like the M84, the A1 Optical also doesn’t have visibility on its side. 

This scope is purely for sniping from a very far distance. Aim stability is not much of an issue since you can simply press the spacebar or L3 to use Iron Lung to hold your breath for better aim. 

4. M84

Pros: Multiple zoom options; very high zoom
Cons: Poor visibility; slower aim time
Best Utilization: Long-range sniping
How to Unlock: Find rifle workbench in Mission 6

The M84 offers increased zoom on your sniper rile, but also compensates with other aspects of firing. Its poor visibility and slow aim time makes it more of a scope for vantage points. 

This scope can be suitable if you’re trying to eliminate guards on automatic machine guns and snipers on decks or towers. Since aim time isn’t on their side, be patient while aiming. 

5. A5 Win & Co

Pros: Great visibility
Cons: Single zoom level
Best Utilization: Long-range sniping
How to Unlock: Complete Mission 1

The A5 Win & Co is only slightly better than the B4 Win & Co as it has an 8x zoom. While it has a little compromise in terms of the aim speed, this scope still gives better visibility. 

Since it’s a notch better in terms of zoom range, it doesn’t mean it performs a notch better as it’s only single zoom. The best scenario to use this is when you’re sniping from a distance. 

6. B4 Win & Co

Pros: Fast aim speed
Cons: Single zoom level
Best Utilization: Rapid fire sniping
How to Unlock: Find the rifle workbench in Mission 8

The B4 Win & Co could have ranked better on this list if only it had more zoom levels than one. Not only does it have a fixed zoom, but it’s also a notch less than the regular 8x zoom. 

Still, this scope works well if you’re rapid firing from a distance. There’s no other way to use this since it’s not going to be a friendly assault sniper. 

7. No.32 MK2

Pros: Great visibility
Cons: Slow aim speed
Best Utilization: Stealth sniping
How to Unlock: Find the rifle workbench in Mission 7

The No. 32 MK2 is slightly better than the MK1 in terms of aim stability, but this scope compromises when it comes to aim speed. 

This scope is best used when you want to go stealth and camp at a vantage point. It’s not advisable to use this when there’s a horde of Nazi soldiers due to its slow aim speed. 

8. No.32 MK1

Pros: Multiple zoom options
Cons: Poor aim stability
Best Utilization: Rapid fire rifles
How to Unlock: Available in Mission 1

The No 32 MK1 has a regular 8x zoom feature. It’s one of the basic scopes in the game which means you’re going to have to make do with it at the start. 

There’s not much aim stability on this scope, which means you will be holding your breath a lot in order to get a better aim. If you can hide and get in close, the aim stability won’t affect you too much – just try to use subsonic rounds when possible to dull the audible range.

9. PU

Pros: Excellent aim stability; very fast aim speed
Cons: Very low zoom
Best Utilization: Mid-range sniping
How to Unlock: Find the rifle workbench in Mission 8

The PU performs best with semi-auto sniper rifles. Its excellent aim stability and speed makes up for its limited 3x zoom. 

This scope could have made the top half of the list if only it had 6-8x the zoom distance. Still, it’s something to use while in combat when alarms trigger a horde. 

10. PPCO

Pros: Good aim stability; great visibility
Cons: Low zoom
Best Utilization: Mid-range sniping
How to Unlock: Find the rifle workbench in Mission 4

Another scope suitable for high fire rates is the PPCO. It has good aim stability and offers great visibility for combat. 

You can rely on the PPCO to go full crosshair mode while in combat. It adds depth to your line of sight, especially if you’re heavily reliant on your sniper. 

11. Iron Sights

Pros: Very fast aim speed
Cons: No bullet drop indicator
Best Utilization: Rapid fire and assault sniping
How to Unlock: Complete Mission 2

While aim speed is something to look at in a scope, it still defeats the purpose of sniping, especially if you only have 1x zoom. 

The Iron Sights is good to use for sniper rifles with higher fire rates as you get good aim while in combat. It also comes in handy when you’re faced with a horde of Nazi soldiers. There are also two trophies popped by using iron sights – one specifically to rifles – for the trophy collectors out there.

12. M2 Night Vision

Pros: Night vision
Cons: Poor aim stability; very low aim speed
Best Utilization: Night missions; mid-range sniping
How to Unlock: Complete Mission 6

Don’t let the night vision function fool you. The M-2 is one of the worst scopes to take into your missions. The scope has average zoom and worse, it has poor aim speed and stability.  

It’s not practical to use it unless you’re in pitch black. You still can use other scopes rather than this one regardless of how dark it is in your mission. 

3. W&S M1913

Pros: No scope glint
Cons: Terrible aim stability; very low zoom
Best Utilization: Short-range stealth sniping
How to Unlock: Find the rifle workbench in Mission 5

The W&S M1913 is one of the worst scopes in Sniper Elite 5 and the worst in these rankings. Aside from its extremely limited zoom, it also has terrible aim stability which doesn’t play well when in combat. 

The scope only has a good aesthetic. It’s better to go with the other scopes on this list if you are after function. 

Now you know which scopes are the best in Sniper Elite 5. Some won’t be unlocked until past the halfway point of the game, but there are plenty to choose from for a happy sniping season.





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