Sniper Elite 5: How to Destroy Tanks and Armored Cars Fast

Contents1 1. Use a satchel charge on the engine of tanks2 2. Use a Panzerfaust on the engine of tanks if no satchel charge is available3 3. Use a PzB […]

Contrary to what its name might suggest, Sniper Elite 5 isn’t just about sniping. Sure, the sniper rifle will probably be the gun you use the most, but you can use others as well as kill or pacify enemies with melee takedowns. However, there is one main category of enemies you’ll face where sniping or melee don’t fare well: armored vehicles.

In Sniper Elite 5, you’ll face armored vehicles as well as tanks. The former are far more nimble than the latter, but the latter takes much more to destroy. Simple tactics and weaponry won’t work, and you’ll need to raise your game to destroy these vehicles.

Below, you will find tips on dispatching tanks and armored vehicles quickly. While the tips will be geared toward facing tanks, most will also apply to armored vehicles.

1. Use a satchel charge on the engine of tanks

The easiest way to disable a tank and leave it prone is to place a satchel charge in the rear – that is, if you have one. Place the satchel charge with Triangle or Y, then quick light with the same button and sprint away. The resulting explosion should do three things: expose the engine, disable the treads (leaving it prone), and damaging the structure.

The key to this is having a satchel charge (or few). There should be plenty laying around in crates (that may need crowbars or bolt cutters to open) and in areas patrolled by Nazi soldiers. Check the outposts, buildings, and especially bunkers for satchel charges.

2. Use a Panzerfaust on the engine of tanks if no satchel charge is available

When a satchel charge is unavailable, your next best bet is to use a Panzerfaust on the spot a satchel charge would be placed. Panzerfausts are one-shot weapons, basically an RPG with a long range. You can find them in most bunkers, some watchtowers, and armories. Check areas surrounding tanks as there should be at least one Panzerfaust in the area.

Aim with L2 or LT and fire with R2 or RT. Find the back of the tank and make sure the aim meter is colored red to indicate a direct hit. The Panzerfaust shot should function just like the satchel charge by exposing the engine, disabling the treads, and damaging the tank.

3. Use a PzB Anti-Tank on tanks and armored cars

The PzB Anti-Tank is, as named, a gun made to hammer tanks. In areas where you find Panzerfausts, you should find a PzB Anti-Tank nearby. These are powerful guns with a slow fire rate, taking about two to three seconds between each shot.

It’s best to use these guns once the engine is exposed. If the engine isn’t exposed, use this gun to take out the treads at the very least to make the tank prone. This will make it easier to sneak in behind the tank and expose the engine for a fiery death.

4. Use armor piercing rounds on engines of tanks (and all vehicles)

The red areas are weak spots, but only weak to high explosive damage and armor piercing rounds.

A tank has three parts that can be damaged: the engine, the left treads, and the right treads. Unfortunately, these parts can only be damaged with armor piercing rounds (and high explosives like above). Even exposed engines need armor piercing rounds to inflict more damage.

Armor piercing rounds will be available throughout missions, particularly in armories. However, you can always ensure you have the rounds once you unlock special ammo for one or all three of your guns – or even both ammo slots – so that you start each mission with the special ammo.

5. With all options exhausted, use TNT on exposed parts of tanks and armored cars

A fiery, explosive death for those inside the tank.

If all of the above was exhausted or you encountered a tank without the necessary items, then resort to TNT with a timed fuse as your savior. TNT can be found in many of the same crates that you’ll find satche charges.

Hopefully, the treads have already been taken out, but if not, equip a five-second fuse TNT and toss it at the treads. The explosion should destroy them on whatever side you’ve hit, resulting in the tank being unable to move.

Use the TNT to expose the engine and another to set the tank on fire. Once the tank is on fire, it will eventually explode. However, if you were able to expose the engine before using any of your TNT, then you’ll have at least one – two if you gained the upgrade – in case you miss.

Now you know how to quickly destroy tanks and armored vehicles. Seek to carry extra satchel charges and go under the assumption that if a Panzerfaust is present, something big may be upcoming.

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