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In October 2011, Mactavish joined the Special Air Service (S.A.S) 22nd Regiment. He was made part of the Bravo Six, led by Captain John Price and Gaz, where he was a sniper and demolitions expert.

Captain John "Soap" Mactavish in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Guide

Captain John “Soap” Mactavish is a fictional character of the Modern Warfare franchise, as well as the Call Of Duty franchise, both owned by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. He was born a Roman Catholic in Scotland, but his date of birth remains unknown. At a young age, he became a football fan, but instead of pursuing a career in football, he joined the British army sometime during the 2000s and served with the 3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment where he led his troop during a tour in Northern Ireland.

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After the tour, Mactavish joined the Royal Marines where both his operations while he served and the time of his joining went unrecorded except for the combat knife that has the motto of the Marines inscribed in it.

In October 2011, Mactavish joined the Special Air Service (S.A.S) 22nd Regiment. He was made part of the Bravo Six, led by Captain John Price and Gaz, where he was a sniper and demolitions expert. Captain Price asked to know both how he survived basic training and how he got “Soap” as his nickname. Soap got his name from being able to clean a room with surprising efficiency in room clearance techniques and urban warfare tactics. But anybody with a military background would first have had a different understanding of how he got the nickname, they would have thought it to be a callsign because callsign is the combination of identifying letters, letters, and numbers, or words assigned to an operator, office, activity, vehicle, or station for use in communication.

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When he joined the Special Air Service, he was called “Fucking New Guy.” A name he got from being ridiculed for being new to the regiment. That didn’t stop him from being one of the best Special Air Service soldiers in its history, and later a member of Task Force 141, where he became captain after Price’s capture during Operation Kingfish (a failed attempt to capture Makarov between the events of Modern Warfare 1 and Modern Warfare 2)

Modern Warfare 2 is a scary mission with extremely violent and near-death situations. Imagine a Private Military Company (PMC) wiping out an entire town with zero laws to hold them accountable, or backup to come to the aid of the victims. Hearing the people’s screams and seeing all the families affected, and the houses that stuffed animals can be bothering and nerve-racking.

The fear became even more evident when it looked like both Mactavish and Price would be killed after they went after Shepherd, Mactavish got stabbed by Shepherd with his knife, but before Shepherd could finish him up with his .44 Magnum revolver, Price pushed Shepherd, and during the struggle Mactavish manages to pull out the knife he’s been accused of not using and toss it on Shepherd, targeting his eyes and killing him in the process.

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Nikolai (the codename of a Loyalist Russian soldier who infiltrated Zhakaev’s troops before being captured and rescued in the first game), rescued Mactavish and Price and took them to a safe house in India where Mactavish was treated for his wounds despite the attack on the safehouse by Makarov.

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