Call of Duty Modern Warfare II: Controls Guide for PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Campaign Mode Tips for Beginners

Here are your complete controls and campaign mode tips for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is the nineteenth installment of the COD series. It is scheduled for release on October 28, 2022. This entry into the series is a continuation of the 2019 reboot and includes a lot of familiar characters that appeared in the previous Modern Warfare II title. A unique update is that Infinity Ward revamped the vehicle system, including leading out of windows and hijacking. 

Early access opened on October 20th, 2022, but is only limited to Campaign mode. Multiplayer features several new game modes and the return of cooperative Special Ops mode featuring two-player missions. 

While controls don’t differ too much from game to game, your controls will depend on whether you’re using a laptop or PC with a keyboard versus some sort of gaming console. So, here are all of the Modern Warfare II controls that you need to know if you’re playing on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II PlayStation, Xbox, and PC controls

In this Modern Warfare II controls guide, R and L refer to the right and left analogs on the console controllers, while L3 and R3 refer to pressing on the respective analog. Up, Right, Down, and Left refer to the directions on the D-Pad of each console controller.

Action PlayStation Xbox PC (Default)
Movement L L W, A, S, D
Aim and Look R R Mouse Movement
Aim Down Sight L2 LT Left Click
Fire Weapon R2 RT Right Click
Interact Square X F
Reload Square X R
Jump X A Space
Stand X A Space
Mantle X A Space
Open Parachute X A Space
Cut Parachute O B Space
Crouch O B C
Slide O (while sprinting) B(while sprinting) C (while sprinting)
Prone O (hold) B (hold) CTRL
Sprint L3 (tap once) L3 (tap once) Left Shift(tap once)
Tactical Sprint L3 (tap twice) L3 (tap twice) Left Shift(tap twice)
Steady Aim L3 (tap once while using a sniper) L3 (tap once while using a sniper) Left Shift (tap once while using a sniper)
Switch View – Freelook(While Parachuting) L3 L3 Left Shift
Next Weapon Triangle Y 1 or Scroll Mouse Wheel Upwards
Previous Weapon None None 2 or Scroll Mouse Wheel Downwards
Mount a Weapon L2 (when close to windowsill, wall) LT (when close to windowsill, wall) Z or Mouse Button 4 (when close to windowsill, wall)
Weapon Mount L2+R3 (to activate) LT+R3 (to activate) T or Mouse Button 5
Change Fire Mode Left Left B
Melee Attack R3 R3 V or Mouse Button 4
Use Tactical Equipment L1 LB Q
Use Lethal Equipment R1 RB E
Activate Field Upgrade Right Right X
Launch and Select Killstreak Right (tap to launch Killstreak, hold to open Menu & select Killstreak) Right (tap to launch Killstreak, hold to open Menu & select Killstreak) K or 3 (tap to launch, hold to open the Menu & select Killstreak)
Equip Armor Triangle (hold) Y (hold) G
Ping Up Up Middle Mouse Button
Gesture Up (hold) Up (hold) T (hold)
Spray Up (hold) Up (hold) T (hold)
Drop Item Down Down ~
Tactical Map Touchpad View Tab (tap)
Pause Menu Options Menu F3
Dismiss Pause Menu Options Menu F2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II PlayStation, Xbox, and PC vehicle controls

To roll or fly around the map in one of the vehicles in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, you’ll need these controls.

Ground Vehicles PlayStation Xbox PC (Default)
Enter Vehicle Square X E
Switch Seats R3 X X
Driving L ( R2 accelerate, L2 reverse) L (RT accelerate, LT reverse) W, A, S, D
Drift / Handbrake X LB or RB CTRL
Horn L3 R3  G
Lean Out / Lean In O B V
Air Vehicles PlayStation Xbox PC (Default)
Ascend R2 RT Space
Descend L2 LT CTRL
Flight Direction L L W, A, S, D
Use Flares R1 RB Left Mouse Click

Campaign Mode tips for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Below, you’ll find tips for Campaign Mode in Modern Warfare II. These tips are geared toward beginners, but can still prove useful to veterans.

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1. Deploy your flares strategically in Hardpoint

In the Hardpoint mission, you are in control of an AC130 and are providing cover for your team.  You have to keep enemies from entering the building where your team is camping on the roof. The enemy attacks from multiple fronts. You have to protect them from mortar attacks and RPGs as well.

Hardpoint is very challenging because you have to scan the entire map at all times to protect the team while also deploying flares to stop the missile attacks to take you down. Time the flares so that you aren’t caught reloading and also so you can make sure you are still protecting your team on the roof. It will take a few attempts to develop a winning strategy. Good Luck!

2. Stealth is key in Alone, but you can still make a bang

The Alone mission requires a great deal of tact and creativity. You start off with no weapons and you have to sneak around town to eventually rendezvous with Ghost. Creativity comes in with the crafting of tools and weapons. 

Eventually, you will be able to take down an armed soldier and get a weapon, but being elusive is still key due to the increased likelihood of being overrun by all enemies in the area. Toward the end of the mission, you will be holed up in a room with two entrances. Plant explosives near both doors for easy kills and pay attention to enemies shooting you through the store window.

3. Be cautious of the sliding crates in Dark Water

The Dark Water mission takes place at sea on two different vessels. The goal is to disarm a missile, but that is not without heavy resistance. The oil rig harbors the missile. However, after locating it, your team finds out that the controls room is not on the rig, but on another ship located near the rig.

The second part of the mission is where it’s tricky. You have to clear the deck of enemies to reach the controls, but there are containers sliding everywhere that will also kill you. There are small rooms you can run into to prevent being crushed, but at times, the best way to dodge them is to climb on top of them. Don’t spend too much time up there as you will be completely exposed to enemy fire. Once the deck is cleared head to the control room and disarm the missile.

Now you have the complete controls and tips for three missions in the reboot and sequel to 2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Be ready for the October 28 release of Modern Warfare II!

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