What Error 6034 in Modern Warfare 2 Means and How to Fix It

Some users who have received error 6034 claim that removing data packs and add-ons has helped them resolve the issue.

What Error 6034 in Modern Warfare 2 Means and How to Fix It

Lately, quite a few Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 gamers have encountered Dev error 6034 while using their Xbox One. While it is fairly common for avid gamers to encounter dev errors, such as Dev error 6178 and Dev error 6635.

But why are users encountering error 6034 on the Xbox? Activision hasn’t given us a definitive answer on that yet. What I can tell you that, after going through some user reports online, there are a few possible explanations – and some potential fixes.

Error 6034 in Modern Warfare 2 Fix

PC/Xbox: Restart Your Game

If you’re on PC or Xbox, start by restarting the game. Close it down normally, then boot it up again. See if that fixes the error.

Xbox: Clear Your Cache

Next step, Xbox owners, is to clear your system’s cache. The cache can become corrupt over time. Once the game comes back on, see if things run smoothly.

Xbox: Clear Out Reserved Space

Game patches and updates are stored in the Xbox’s reserved space. When those experience issues, you might get error 6034. To fix this, you need to clear out your reserved space and restart the console and game.

Xbox: Remove Add-ons and Data Packs

Some users who have received error 6034 claim that removing data packs and add-ons has helped them resolve the issue. You’ll need to go into Manage Game and Add-ons and get rid of Call of Duty Modern Warfare MP2 Pack and Call of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer Pack 3. If that doesn’t resolve it, you might need to remove some packs and try again.

PC: Scan and Repair Game Files

Broken game files are a major culprit for PC gamers. You’ll have to go into File Explorer and delete these files:

  • .patch.result
  • .product
  • vivoxsdk_x64.dll
  • Launcher.db
  • Launcher.exe (Modern Warfare)

Go into Call of Duty: MW or Warzone in the left vertical menu; click Options and select Scan and Repair. Let the scan run and try the game again.

PC/Xbox: Switch DNS Settings

Inadequate DNS settings can throw off the game. You might want to switch to OpenDNS or Google DNS to see if this resolves the error.

PC: Update Device Driver

An outdated graphics card driver can cause error 6034. Update your GPU driver to the most current edition if it isn’t already up to date.

Reinstall MW2

If all else fails, reinstall Modern Warfare 2. This game needs 200GB of data minimum to be downloaded. Back up all important data before you wipe the game from the console.

Reset Xbox One

This should be a very last resort since it deletes all your Xbox files. Be sure to back everything up before doing this. After you reset the console, try reinstalling the game and see if everything works.

With any luck, you’ll be able to troubleshoot Dev error 6034 without much hassle and can get back to gaming!

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