Why You’re Getting a Transmission Error Message in Modern Warfare 2 and How to Fix It

Fingers crossed that you can now avoid another transmission error message while playing Modern Warfare 2!

Why You're Getting a Transmission Error Message in Modern Warfare 2 and How to Fix It

When you are trying to play Modern Warfare 2 but keep getting the message “Disconnected due to transmission error; status: VIGOROUS”, you are bound to get frustrated. What does this even mean?! This is a type of connection error that is being commonly reported, but in some cases, corrupted game files are to blame.

How are you to fix this? Well, there are a few things you can do. If you have the game on an external drive, move it over to the main drive before you attempt any troubleshooting. Then, doublecheck your server status to ensure that servers aren’t under maintenance or shut down temporarily.

Then, you can proceed with these:

Troubleshooting techniques

Fix Your Game Files

Missing or corrupt files can be a major culprit for a transmission error. If you’re using the Blizzard launcher, you need to:

1. Open up the Battle.net desktop app.
2. Select the game title, then click on the cog wheel, then select Scan and Repair.
3. Select Begin Scan and let the scan run.

If you’re on Steam, verify the game’s files by:

1. Open Steam client.
2. Go to Library > Modern Warfare 2 > Properties.
3. Choose the tab titled Local Files, then click the tab that says Verify The Integrity of Game Files.

Update the Network Driver

If that doesn’t work, try updating the network driver. A misconfigured or outdated driver can result in connectivity issues. You can use the Device Manager to manually update the network driver. You just need to go to the manufacturer’s page and locate the download, then follow all the prompts.

There are also automatic driver update software available if you aren’t terribly tech-savvy. They are easy to install and do not take a whole lot of time to run.

Switch DNS Settings

If updating your network drivers doesn’t work, try changing your DNS settings. It is impossible to know the quality of the DNS server your ISP provides you. However, a third-party DNS (such as Google Public DNS) can help speed up your Internet connection.

All you need to do is:

1. From your keyboard, press the Windows + keys at the same time to open the Run dialog box.
2. Type ‘control’ then press Enter. This opens Control Panel.
3. Click Network and Internet.
4. Click Network and Sharing Center.
5. Click on your Connections (such as WIFI or Ethernet).
6. Click Properties.
7. Click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP /IPv4) > Properties.
8. Click Use the following DNS server addresses:

For Preferred DNS server, type
For Alternate DNS server, type

Be sure to select the box next to Validate settings upon exit. Next, click on OK to confirm all your changes. Now, you can launch the game.

Reinstall Shaders

Shaders are meant for game optimization, but if something went wrong with installation, the shaders could affect connectivity. Try reinstalling them by:

1. Boot the game, then click Options.
2. Choose the Graphics tab, then Restart Shaders Installation.
3. Restart to clear the cache and reinstall the shaders.

Disable All Antivirus Software

Antivirus software is supposed to help, but sometimes, it causes problems. If you got the message “Match Started. Loading level…” before getting the transmission error, you need to disable your antivirus software.

Click the up arrow icon near the system tray, right-click on the software program, then either disable or exit the program. Try running Modern Warfare 2 again. If it happens again, add the game to your list of bypassing Windows firewall.

What To Do If Troubleshooting Doesn’t Help

If everything fails to work, try using a VPN. This prevents bandwidth throttling and is relatively safe if you use a paid VPN. (Warning: free VPNs can be somewhat problematic.) NordVPN and Cyberghost are both good paid VPNs that tend to work well for MW2 gameplay.

Fingers crossed that you can now avoid another transmission error message while playing Modern Warfare 2!

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