Stray: How to Unlock the Safe in the Slums’ Library

Here’s your guide to completing Doc’s library in Stray.

In Stray, you play as a cat with a trusty robot companion as you seek to escape the city and regroup with your lost pack. That’s not all the game has to offer, though, as there are collectibles throughout the game. Some of these collectibles will be apparent while others will require a little more work.

Below, you will find a step-by-step guide on one of these collectibles that will require a bit of work. Once you meet the robots and are freely able to roam the slums, you can unlock a few things, but this will focus on the safe in the library on an upper floor.

1. Climb to the rooftops and head to the back of the area in the slums

Once you can move around the slums, find your way to the rooftops. There are a few air conditioner units sticking out of a building that you can use to climb up. From there, make your way to the back of the area. You’ll know you’re in the right spot when you see the blue computer face logo (check the title image). Make your way through the bars and into the library filled with so many bookshelves and books that there are more stacks of books on the ground and even a rolling ladder!

2. Grab the sheet music from the piano

The first thing you should do is head to the right and then around into a little room with a piano. On the piano, you will find a piece of sheet music. This is one of the eight collectible pieces of sheet music. Deliver this to the musician Morusque so that he can play a new tune. Once you bring all pieces of sheet music to Morusque, you’ll pop the Meowlody trophy.

3. Leap beyond the stack of books blocking the back room and grab the keys

After grabbing the piece of sheet music, head to the back of the library. You’ll see a room to the right that appears to be blocked off thanks to even more stacks of books. Simply leap onto a stack and over into the room. The stack of books you leaped on will fall over, creating a navigable path back out of the room. While here, interact with the note on the bed using Triangle to see that Doc isn’t the best about leaving things around, which will give you the keys for the safe. With keys in hand, you can now unlock the safe.

4. Unlock the safe for Doc’s Notebook

Head back out of the room and left toward the main library area. Look toward the bottom and middle of the first area to find the safe. Use the keys in your inventory to unlock the safe. This will reward you with Doc’s Notebook. The notebooks are another collectible in the game.

5. Grab the second notebook and sheet music along the rooftops

There is also another notebook and another piece of sheet music you can grab from the rooftop area. Head back out and follow the rooftop path to the upper right. There’s also a vending machine just below you on the rooftops shortly after leaving the library. Head along to the right and along a pipe to enter the open window (pictured).

As soon as you enter, head through the holes into the next room. You’ll see another piece of sheet music on the shelf to the right. Grab that and deliver it to Morusque later with the piece you nabbed from Doc’s library.

Finally, head to the left and into the narrow computer room with a screen turned on that you cannot interact with. However, on top of the other monitors on the table, you’ll find Clementine’s Notebook. Grab that to add another notebook to your collection.

If you haven’t yet, use one of the vending machine drinks to grab a third piece of sheet music from the vendor.

Now you know how to navigate the rooftops to the library and another apartment to nab collectibles. After following this guide, you should have three of eight music sheets and two of four notebooks!





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