Street Power Football: Best Superpowers List and Guide

Find out which Street Power Football (Street Power Soccer) Superpowers can all-but guarantee you a goal.

Street Power Football is filled with characters – some of which are real-life freestylers – and customisation items, but when it comes to game-changing options, it’s all about the Superpowers.

Each Superpower has the potential to result in an easy goal, but as you would assume, some are much better than others.

As each character has a Superpower tied to their load-out, the Superpowers can influence your decisions when picking which player or team of players you use in Street Power Football.

In this guide, we’re going through how you use Superpowers, how to fill the Power Bar, how to defend against a Superpower, and highlight what look to be the best Superpowers in the game.

What are Superpowers in Street Power Football?

Superpowers are special moves that each freestyler can perform during games. There are eight of these abilities, with each of them giving the user or the user’s team a huge advantage for a short spell.

When in a match, the Superpower can be used as soon as the team’s Power Bar is filled.

How do you fill the Power Bar to use Superpowers in Street Power Football?

The Power Bar, found in the bottom corner of the screen, starts empty (white) but will begin to fill when you complete tricks.

To perform a trick, you need to press the Trick button or the High Trick button combination while moving in any direction. Your direction of choice will influence the trick that your character performs.

Doing high tricks appear to fill the Power Bar at a faster rate than standard low tricks, but they can be riskier to perform in a match.

You can also pick up the Power Bar Max consumable on the field of play, which you can get by running through the consumable cans that appear. Once in your inventory, press Triangle/X/Y to use it and gain a full Power Bar.

If you’re playing a match with more than one freestyler on your team, your Power Bar counts for your whole team as opposed to being bound to one character.

However, each character’s Superpower is available while they’re on the pitch – you just need to get the ball to them or switch to them to use their specific ability.

So, when the Power Bar is full, pass the ball to the character that has the Superpower that you want to use (the Power Bar icon will change to show that player’s Superpower).

How do you use a Superpower in Street Power Football?

When the Power Bar is filled with colour, you’ll be able to use the Superpower of the character selected. Most Superpowers require you to have the ball to perform, with the exception of Stamp.

Press L2 + Triangle (PS4), ZL + X (Switch), or LT + Y (Xbox One) to trigger your Superpower. This will either grant your team the boost or see the character selected perform their solo Superpower.

You’ll need to be familiar with each of your Superpowers before using them as some give you a brief state of immunity from tackles while others will lead to a shot on goal.

How do you defend against Superpowers in Street Power Football?

Defending successfully in Street Power Football is one of the most challenging aspects of the gameplay, with the AI often being useless around the goal and it sometimes being difficult to identify which player you’ve switched to control.

However, defending against Superpowers is even more troublesome. Many of the Superpowers are near-impossible to defend against, with the best Superpowers giving you very little time to react to and defend.

The best advice is to try to clog up the goalmouth or, at least, switch to a player (L1/L/LB) standing in front of the goal, hold the strafe button (R1/R/RB) and time your attempt at a steal (Square/Y/X) rather than button-mashing.

Some of the Superpowers see the user fire a mighty shot on goal, and if they don’t opt to curve the shot, it can fire right down the middle, which allows the AI to sometimes block it by automatically being in the way.

Defending Superpowers is a brutal task against the best ones, but your best bet is to get right in front of the goal, strafe, and try to steal.

All of the Superpowers in Street Power Football

There are eight Superpowers in Street Power Football, each of which does something a bit different. In the table below, you can find the Superpower icons, their effects, and which characters have each Superpower.

Superpower Icon Effect Characters
Air Jump   Go airborne with this super volley kick. Aguska Mnich, Daniel Cappellaro, Erich Kranberger, Kristoffer Liicht, Pablo Martinez
Charge Shot   Shoots an electrically-charged ball that stuns any opponent it hits. Alexandra Medvedev, Anas Boukami, Issy Hitman, Kazane Shimazaki, Raquel Benetti, Tanita Waddell
Ghost Ball   Shoot the ball through your opponents until it hits the wall or goal. Andreas FreeStyleS3, Daniel Got Hits, Darryl Bathea, EasyMan, Petr Karasek, Laura Biondo
Missile Shot   Shoots a ball that behaves like a ballistic missile. Ahmed Lilli, CrisStreetStyle, Ji-Woo, Lenka Vesela, Michal Rycaj
Power Shield   A defensive shield that stops opponents from stealing the ball. Javifreestyle, Maria Rossi, Yoanna Dallier
Smoke Bomb   Smoke bombs the opponents, making it difficult for them to do anything. Andrew Henderson, Hamish Flaming, Laetitia O’Connor, Liv Cooke
Speed Teleport   Teleports the player towards the opponent’s goal. Jacek Makowski, Melody Donchet, Sean Garnier, Veera Saarinen, Yo Katsuyama
Stamp   Stamp and stun the surrounding opponents. Boyka Ortiz, Gunnar Haagensen, Soufiane Bencok

The best Superpowers to use in Street Power Football

As games in which Superpowers are available are limited to either five minutes of play or five goals, the special abilities which grant a higher chance for you to score a goal are the best Superpowers.

Smoke Bomb and Stamp hinder opponents to a degree, but don’t necessarily result in a goal. The Power Shield is better and can result in a walk-in goal, but passes and shots can be quite easily intercepted.

The following Superpowers have proven to be the most difficult to stop and the easiest to use to get a goal.

Ghost Ball

The Ghost Ball is an absurdly potent and easy Superpower to use. As the ball can pass through opponents until it hits the goal or a wall, all you need to do is square-up to look directly at the goal and then trigger the move.

You just need to make sure that your teammates keep away from the goalmouth when you fire the Ghost Ball, so it’s best used when you’re approaching your opponent’s half.

Missile Shot

Not quite as unstoppable as the Ghost Ball, the Missile Shot boots a looping ball into the air that’s targeted to drop under the bar and into the back of the net.

As the shot gets away quite quickly, and there isn’t a player directly in front of the ball to block, it isn’t easy to organise a defence for the Superpower.

That said, if someone reads that you’re going to use the Missile Shot, they can try to stop it by switching to their goal-tending player and strafe back to guard the top of the goal.

If that last player back doesn’t move all the way back to the goal frame, the Missile Shot will loop over them and into the net.

Air Jump

Air Jump is a lot like the Missile Shot, with the ensuing attempt on goal putting the ball on the net from an aerial position.

However, Air Jump loses a bit of strength to Missile Shot as the Superpower is clearly telegraphed, with the user flying into the air, going slow for a bit, and then shooting.

So, it’s a bit easier to defend than the Missile Shot, but the Air Jump does offer the benefit of not being blockable close to the initial shot, as the character flies high into the air first.

Speed Teleport

Speed Teleport only makes the selection of the best Superpowers in Street Power Football because of the one situation where it guarantees a goal.

If you’re locked down defending in your own half but manage to get a foot on the ball, you can then instantly use Speed Teleport to be on your own and in front of the goal for a headed tap-in.

It can result in a goal if you use it while your opponent is set up defensively, but there’s a good chance that the Speed Teleport will zip you right in front of their goal-tending player, allowing them to get in a tackle.

When building your team, look to integrate at least one player who has one of the best Superpowers in Street Power Football.

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