Subnautica Below Zero: How to Get Snow Stalker Fur

Need to craft a Cold Suit, Cold Suit Gloves, or a Cold Suit Helmet but don’t know how to get Snow Stalker Fur? Here’s what you need to know.

If you’re on the hunt for Snow Stalker Fur, you will have already visited the Phi Robotics Center in the Glacial Basin to scan the fragments for the Cold Suit, Cold Suit Gloves, and Cold Suit Helmet.

At this point, Fiber Mesh is easy enough to make, coming from Creepvine Samples, but you’ll still need to acquire Snow Stalker Fur – four pieces of it to craft all three Cold Suit items, in fact.

So, as you can’t harvest it from a dead Snow Stalker, how do you get Snow Stalker Fur in Subnautica: Below Zero?

You need a Spy Pengling to get Snow Stalker Fur in Subnautica: Below Zero

To get Snow Stalker Fur in Subnautica: Below Zero, you’re going to need to harvest it from a live Snow Stalker by using a Spy Pengling.

So first, you’re going to need to get the blueprint for a Spy Pengling to craft one at your Fabricator. The Spy Pengling fragments for you to scan can be found in the Glacial Basin, specifically, within the Phi Robotics Center.

After entering through the blast doors, head towards the wreckage that was the Phi Robotics Center. Head towards the left side of the room as you enter to go towards the still-grounded steps. To the right of those, you’ll spot an entrance to the collapsed building.

Head straight through and to the cupboard at the back of the room. Here, you’ll find the Spy Pengling fragments to scan. Scanning it will give you the blueprints for both the Spy Pengling and the Spy Pengling Remote.

Back at the Fabricator, you’ll need Titanium and Copper Wire (2x Copper) for the Spy Pengling Remote, and two pieces of Titanium, a Wiring Kit (2x Silver), Silicone Rubber (Creepvine Seed Cluster), and a Battery (2x Ribbon Plant, Copper) for the Spy Pengling. So, in total, you need:

  • 3x Titanium
  • 3x Copper
  • 2x Silver
  • 2x Ribbon Plant
  • 1x Creepvine Seed Cluster

Now, you have the tools needed to harvest Snow Stalker Fur from a living Snow Stalker.

Where to find Snow Stalkers in Subnautica: Below Zero

Snow Stalkers are fairly common land-based carnivores around the areas of the Glacial Basin as well as the Arctic Spires.

Were you to leave the huge blast doors of the Phi Robotics Center and turn right, you can follow the frozen rivers around to the south. Here, you can find a solitary Snow Stalker on the other side of the coves that enclose over the frozen river, where the skeletons begin to appear.

Alternatively, you can head deeper inland, exploring areas like the Basin, Blue Ice Caves, and Glacial Forest. Following those same frozen rivers shown above, keeping right, you’ll encounter a small pool of water with steps leading in, with the pool being behind the snow pile shown below.

Here, there’s a winding underwater cave system, so you’ll need a decent tank of O2 and a mobility machine to get you through without drowning. On the other side is a platform, a large colony of Penglings, and a family of Snow Stalkers, including a juvenile Snow Stalker. Sometimes, you can find Snow Stalker Fur in their nearby cave.

If you’re struggling to find regions in the game, take a Beacon with you and drop it when you’d like to check the name of your location. Then, you can use the interactive Subnautica Map to see where you are in relation to your target location.

How to get Snow Stalker Fur in Subnautica: Below Zero

Now that you have your Spy Pengling and know where the Snow Stalkers are, you’re going to want to find a nearby, but not too nearby, place to set-up the Spy Pengling.

As soon as you enter a Snow Stalker’s area, they’ll begin to slowly stalk you. So, you won’t have much time to harvest the Snow Stalker Fur.

To get more time before being mauled, pick somewhere a bit higher up, forcing an encroaching Snow Stalker to take a long way around, and either put down a nearby Flare or have one at the ready – these scare the carnivores away.

If possible, be in a cave or by a steam geyser to ensure that you don’t get hypothermia while controlling the Spy Pengling. As shown below, we ran to a slightly lofted geyser and quickly threw down the Spy Pengling.

You’ll need to open your XenoWorx PDA, ‘assign quick slot’ the Spy Pengling Controller, and then ‘drop’ the Spy Pengling onto the ground. Next, with the Controller in hand, press the Right-Hand button (the right trigger on consoles) to activate it.

The Spy Pengling is quite a robust little tool and can sustain small falls. These are the console controls for the Spy Pengling:

Spy Pengling Control PS4/PS5 Button Switch Button Xbox One/Series X|S Button
Activate Spy Pengling Controller R2 ZR RT
Move Spy Pengling (L) (L) (L)
Move Camera (R) (R) (R)
Use Grabber L2 ZL LT
Harvest Resource (when prompted) X A A
Make Chirping Noise Triangle X Y
Exit Spy Pengling View O B B
Self-Destruct Down (d-pad) Down (d-pad) Down (d-pad)
Enter Photo Mode R2 ZR RT
Take Photo (in Photo Mode) L2 ZL LT

While the controls for the Spy Pengling do allow you to ‘Harvest Resource’ when the prompt shows, in this playthrough, it was found that these controls weren’t very reliable when following a Snow Stalker.

Instead, you can press the ‘Use Grabber’ button to essentially reach out and pull off some Snow Stalker Fur as they pass, as shown below.

Once you’ve collected the Snow Stalker Fur, at least four pieces, you need to press the ‘Exit’ button to return to playing as Robin. This can take a bit of time to do, so be sure that you don’t get caught out as we did.

Next, run to the Spy Pengling, press the prompted button to open it and take the Snow Stalker Fur, exit its inventory, and then press the prompt to ‘Pack up Spy Pengling’ to return it to your bag.

Now you know how to get Snow Stalker Fur in Subnautica: Below Zero, from building yourself a Spy Pengling to pulling the fur from the ferocious beasts on frozen land.

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