Super Animal Royale: Complete Controls Guide and Tips for Beginners

Jumping into the animal-filled battle royale? Here is complete controls list and tips to help you become the top dog (or any other animal)!

A new release from Modus and Pixile Studios, Super Animal Royale has gained popularity quickly for its cute aesthetic and gameplay that pits various animals against each other in a battle royale setting. Adding to its popularity: it is free on all major platforms and Steam!

You are delivered to the map via a giant bird, landing wherever you please (the route is always different). Beyond the other players, the area of safety shrinks as the Super Skunk Gas encroaches on the land. You will take damage should you be outside the safe zone and the gas hits you; always stay within the safe zone!

Below you will find all of the Super Animal Royale controls for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox with gameplay tips further down.

Super Animal Royale controls on Nintendo Switch

  • Move: LS
  • Creep: L3
  • Super Jump Roll: ZL
  • Aim: RS
  • Attack: ZR
  • Reload: A
  • Use and Pick Up: X
  • Switch Weapon: R, L
  • Super Tape: B
  • Heal: Y
  • Map: D-Pad (up)
  • Toggle Inventory: D-Pad (right)
  • Emote: D-Pad (left)
  • Quick Chat: D-Pad (down)
  • PAWS (Pause) Menu: +, –

Super Animal Royale controls on PC (Keyboard)

  • Move Up: W
  • Move Down: S
  • Move Left: A
  • Move Right: D
  • Creep: Ctrl (Zoom with Sniper or Hunting Rifle)
  • Super Jump Roll: Space
  • Aim: Mouse
  • Attack: Left-Click Mouse
  • Reload: R
  • Use and Pick Up: E
  • Switch Weapon (with Mouse): Click Wheel
  • Switch Weapon (Primary Gun): 1
  • Switch Weapon (Secondary Gun): 2
  • Switch Weapon (Melee): 3
  • Switch Weapon (Throwable): 4
  • Switch Weapon (Previous): T
  • Super Tape: C
  • Heal: Q
  • Map: M
  • Toggle Inventory: I
  • Emote: V
  • Quick Chat: Z
  • Open Chat: Enter
  • Toggle Chat Mode: Tab
  • Mute Player Underneath Mouse Cursor: F5
  • Hide HUD: F1
  • PAWS (Pause) Menu: Esc

Super Animal Royale controls on PlayStation

  • Move: LS
  • Creep: L3
  • Super Jump Roll: L2
  • Aim: RS
  • Attack: R2
  • Reload: X
  • Use and Pick Up: Square
  • Switch Weapon: R1, L1
  • Super Tape: O
  • Heal: Triangle
  • Map: D-Pad (up)
  • Toggle Inventory: D-Pad (right)
  • Emote: D-Pad (left)
  • Quick Chat: D-Pad (down)
  • PAWS (Pause) Menu: Options

Super Animal Royale controls on Xbox

  • Move: LS
  • Creep: L3
  • Super Jump Roll: LT
  • Aim: RS
  • Attack: RT
  • Reload: A
  • Use and Pick Up: X
  • Switch Weapon: RB, LB
  • Super Tape: B
  • Heal: Y
  • Map: D-Pad (up)
  • Toggle Inventory: D-Pad (right)
  • Emote: D-Pad (left)
  • Quick Chat: D-Pad (down)
  • PAWS (Pause) Menu: Menu

The left and right analogue sticks are denoted as LS and RS with pressing either being down as L3 and R3.

How to choose your mode and begin playing Super Animal Royale

After the game loads, you will be brought to the Home screen, from which you can access other menus. To play, simply select the Solo mode option. However, to choose one of the other three modes, click on the box above Play.

The modes are as follows, with the descriptions provided by the game:

  • Solo: “Reach the top of the food chain by being the last Super Animal to survive the battle royale.”
  • Duos: “Reach the top of the food chain by being the last pair of Super Animals to survive the battle royale.”
  • Squads: “Reach the top of the food chain by being the last squad of up to four Super Animals to survive the battle royale.”
  • The Bwoking Dead: “Work together as survivors to flee the Zombie Joes and escape the island. If you are infected, your goal is to sabotage their escape. Note: kill & win related Milestones and Super Challenges don’t apply in this mode.”

You can also choose your region and toggle cross-play to play users across systems from this section of the game.

How to choose, add, and upgrade animals

Under the Research Lab file, you will find a list of unlocked animals, the upgrades available for each, and the silhouettes of animals unlocked at every ten levels of progress – through to level 80. You start with four breeds: Fox, Bear, Skullcat, and Tiger.

You can unlock the other animals and breeds by collecting and using Super Serum and the specific Animal DNA (for example, Songbird DNA). To use and create or upgrade animals, scroll to the animal under the Research Tab and confirm the creation. Voila! Now you have an additional animal.

You must unlock the base breeds (the ones shown on the Research Lab tab) to unlock the new breeds. For example, the base Super Fox breed then unlocks Super Maroon Fox, among others.

There aren’t any advantages or disadvantages to using certain animals. While the rarity differs, the animals used are purely an aesthetic choice. While there are 360 total breeds – not including DLC – below, you will find a list of the base breeds and the level at which they unlock.

Level 1

  • Fox
  • Bear
  • Skullcat
  • Tiger
  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Songbird

Level 10

  • Deer
  • Raccoon
  • Blue Jay
  • Duck
  • Ferret
  • Squirrel
  • Pigeon

Level 20

  • Bunny
  • Monkey
  • Donkey
  • Pig
  • Skunk
  • Rat
  • Chicken

Level 30

  • Panda
  • Sloth
  • Sheep
  • Owl
  • Otter
  • Penguin
  • Frog

Level 40

  • Wolf
  • Lion
  • Boar
  • Raven
  • Hedgehog
  • Cow

Level 50

  • Capybara
  • Hawk
  • Leopard
  • Possum
  • Goat
  • Seal

Level 60

  • Red Panda
  • Horse
  • Parrot
  • Badger
  • Turtle

Level 70

  • Hyena
  • Hippo

Level 80

  • Bat

What rarity does each colour represent?

The green background on both weapons represents the Uncommon rarity.

Each animal and weapon is classified into a different rarity class. There are five different rarity categories in Super Animal Royale, as follows:

  • Grey: Common
  • Green: Uncommon
  • Blue: Rare
  • Purple: Epic
  • Gold: Legendary

With animals, not all species have all rarities available in their species pool. While most have at least one Legendary subspecies, some stop at Rare, others at Epic, and some skip rarity – like by going from Uncommon to Epic – without having a Rare breed.

Remember, the colours tell the difference of rarity with animals, but it’s all just cosmetic. However, the rarities do make a difference with weapons – each rarity level shows an increase in base damage.

What are Milestones in Super Animal Royale?

Milestones are the in-game tracker for achievements in Super Animal Royale. Most of the unlockables in the game are obtained through Milestone achievements.

You can access the Milestones tab from the Home page and scroll through the many achievements that you can and have accomplished. You can also see the reward path for each Milestone, such as how many of a certain Milestone you need and what items can be unlocked.

Beyond obtaining more customisable items for your animals, this is also a good way to keep testing yourself to become a well-rounded character. Sure, you might be a pistol fiend, but can you achieve the same with the Bow & Sparrow?

With the Super Animal Royale controls, you should have what it takes to rise to the top animal of the food chain! Which animal will you choose to ascend in this battle royale title?

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