Super Animal Royale: Coupon Codes List [November 2021] and How to Get Them

Wondering about those Super Animal Royale Coupon Codes? Here is your guide to what they are and how to access them.

Super Animal Royale has received lots of praise thanks to its cute, fun, and challenging battle royale style. One of the well-received aspects is the vast customisation you can apply to each of your unlocked animals.

While in-game achievements will unlock most of your customisation items, there are those that can only be unlocked through what are known as Coupon Codes.

Below, you will find your complete guide to Coupon Codes, including a list of active and previous Codes.

What are Coupon Codes in Super Animal Royale?

Coupon Codes are codes that you can input to unlock exclusive items. Customisation items unlocked through Coupon Codes are usually themed or seasonal. For example, a previous code rewarded a Variety Heart Antennae.

How do I use a Coupon Code in Super Animal Royale?

From the Home screen, scroll to the top right and select the gear Options button. Scroll down to Coupon Codes and input the code.

If input correctly, you will be notified that you have unlocked a certain item or items and can equip them. You can also manually equip items through the Customize tab that’s accessible from the Home page.

What codes are available in Super Animal Royale?

Here‘s the list of the active Coupon Codes, as of 2 November 2021:

  • DAYOFTHEDEAD: Mariachi Outfit and Mariachi Hat
  • HOWLOWEEN: Howl Mask
  • LOVE: Baseball Cap (Rainbow) and Rainbow Umbrella
  • NLSS: Red Button Up Shirt, Red Striped Shirt, Jeans Vest, Police Outfit, Velvet Robe, Skull Beanie, Police Hat, Egg Umbrella, and Josh Umbrella
  • SQUIDUP: Squid Hat
  • SUPERFREE: Super Fox Beanie

Note that active codes can become inactive at the developer’s behest, but we will aim to update the list when new Super Animal Royale Coupon Codes are released.

Here is a list of the seasonal and previous Coupon Codes in Super Animal Royale. Seasonal codes, which will be listed first, are activated around their respective times of the year:

  • CANADA: Mountie Outfit, Mountie Hat, and a Hockey Stick
  • CRISPRmas: Santa Hat and Santa Outfit
  • DAYOFTHEDEAD: Mariachi Outfit and Mariachi Hat
  • HOWLOWEEN: Howl Mask
  • NEWYEAR: Party Hat and Dress
  • USA: Uncle Sam Outfit, Stars & Stripes Hat, and Stars & Stripes Baseball Bat
  • BIRTHDAY: Pixile Party Hat and Anniversary Cake Gravestone
  • BIRTHDAY2020: Pixile Party Hat, Pixile Umbrella, and 2nd Anniversary Cake Gravestone
  • DreamHack: Dreamhack 2019 Dallas Mmbrella
  • MAY4: Green, Blue, or Purple Super Light Sword (now in Cackling Carl’s Cart)
  • PETEMBER: Variety Heart Antennae
  • SAKURA: Sakura Kimono, Sakura Fan, and Sakura Umbrella
  • SUMMER: Randomly Coloured Pool Noodles (now in Cackling Carl’s Cart)

Where can you find Super Animal Royale Coupon Codes?

The Super Animal Royale Twitter account (@AnimalRoyale) releases the Coupon Codes, so follow them when you want the most up-to-date codes to show off your style to the world. Some of their Tweets will refer you to a YouTube video on the Pixile Studios page, which you’ll need to watch to find the Coupon Codes.

There you go: your guide to getting Coupon Codes in Super Animal Royale. Whenever a holiday or cultural event is coming up, remember to check their social media accounts for new codes!

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