Supraland: Complete Controls Guide for PC and Gameplay Tips for Beginners

Here are the complete controls with tips for Supraland.

Supraland is a first-person puzzle game available for free in the Epic Games Store until June 23rd. Supraland was inspired by The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Portal. The flow of gameplay is very loose and it’s expected you’ll figure out the next steps.  

A main quest objective is provided, but there is not much done to make the game intuitive. You are free to complete objectives as you please to some extent as well as being able to create new ways to reach the goal.

Below, you will find controls for Supraland on PC and the Xbox One controller. Following the controls will be gameplay tips for beginners.

All Supraland PC Controls

  • Forward:
  • Backward:
  • Left:
  • Right:
  • Jump: Space Bar
  • Crouch: Left Ctrl 
  • Use:
  • Attack and Fire: Left Mouse Button 
  • 2nd Fire: Right Mouse Button 
  • Ability 1:
  • Ability 2:
  • Ability 3:
  • Select Item 1:
  • Select Item 2:
  • Select Item 3:
  • Select Item 4:
  • Unequip Weapon:
  • Next Item: Mouse Wheel Up 
  • Previous Item: Mouse Wheel Down 
  • Camera: Mouse Up, Down, Left, Right 

All Supraland Xbox One controller controls

  • Movement:
  • Jump:
  • Crouch: L3
  • Use:
  • Attack and Fire: RT 
  • 2nd Fire: LT 
  • Ability 1: LB 
  • Ability 2:
  • Ability 3: RB
  • Select Item 1: D-Pad↑
  • Select Item 2: D-Pad→ 
  • Select Item 3: D-Pad↓
  • Select Item 4: D-Pad←
  • Camera: R

Note that the left and right sticks are denoted as L and R, respectively. Needing to click on either is denoted as L3 and R3.

Supraland gameplay tips for beginners

Below, you will find gameplay tips for Suprland, geared toward beginners.

1. Make Green Juice to increase maximum health in Supraland

The first few fights in Supraland are somewhat tough due to taking 20 percent damage per hit from enemies. There is a puzzle at the beginning of the game that rewards you with a max health boost. After returning from investigating the loss of water in your village, walk right until you reach the farmer. He will be standing next to a giant barrel with a water spout and bucker beneath.    

Pick up one of the sponges beneath the giant barrel and walk back towards the green pipe. Wet the sponge by walking into the pond behind the pipe. Walk back towards the farmer and climb the boulder next to him. Drop the wet sponge in the bucket. Climb down the boulder and hit the tree hanging over it three times. Return to the farmer and press the red button. The bucket will be filled with green juice and reward you with an additional ten max health.

2. Talk to every NPC

Supraland gives a few hints as to what you need to accomplish tasks. It is a puzzle game so you have to “find” your own hints the majority of the time. The current quest objective is shown in the top right corner of the screen, but there can be multiple puzzles required to complete before satisfying the goal.  

The NPCs in Supraland are very helpful when you are stuck.  They are all very friendly and usually drop hints in their dialogue. At times, they will directly tell you the location of an item that you need. Even if you have already spoken to a NPC, revisit them if you are stumped because some things they say may make more sense as you gain new upgrades.

3. Follow ground cables

Supraland contains many puzzles that have switch operated steps to them. A great way to figure out where these switches are or what they control is to follow the ground cables on the map. Find out what they lead to and activate them.  

Your character will not always have the correct abilities to complete the puzzle, but things will come together as you progress through the game. Once you unlock the Force Cube early on, you will use it together with the switches to complete puzzles.  

4. Always return barrels to the merchant

Red and golden barrels serve as a trade currency in Supraland. Returning barrels to the merchants in the game unlocks new upgrades for purchase. This is very important starting off because you begin with low health, low coin inventory space, and low sword attack damage.  

The merchant in Supraland starts you off with three types of upgrades, but to complete the first objective you have to unlock the triple jump to proceed. Prioritize barrels to make the game experience easier due to strengthening your player. As stated earlier some upgrades are required to move forward in the game.

5. Collect every coin and chest

Supraland does not hold back when it comes to difficulty in the beginning of the game so upgrading as quickly as possible is extremely important. There are two ways to upgrade your player: opening chests and buying upgrades from the merchant 

The game only allows you to carry thirty coins in the beginning, but you can purchase max coin upgrades from the merchant. Chests contain coins as well as direct upgrades to your player. Search every inch of the map to collect every chest and coin as some are in secret or hidden areas.    

There you have the complete control guide and five beginner tips to help you get started with Supraland. Think outside the box to complete the puzzles and collect every coin and chest you find to purchase powerful upgrades. 

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