Swordsman VR Review: A Deep Dive into VR Sword-Fighting

Contents1 Immersive Visuals and Graphics in Swordsman VR2 Exploring Swordsman VR’s Narrative and Storytelling3 Mastering the Art of Combat: Gameplay in Swordsman VR4 Unlocking Replay Value: Swordsman VR’s Content and […]

Discover the immersive world of virtual reality sword-fighting in our Swordsman VR review

Release Date: Aug 31st, 2023

Platform: Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro

Rating: 7 out of 10

Swordsman has seen many iterations over the last two years. First coming to life on PSVR and PC, Swordsman has gone through many updates and improvements before finally coming to the Quest 2. In comparison to other popular virtual sword fighting games, such as Blade and Sorcery, Hellsplit Arena, and Undead Citadel, it takes a new, innovative approach. It has certain advantages and an addictive gameplay progression grind, but you may encounter some problems that detract from the experience on a whole.

Immersive Visuals and Graphics in Swordsman VR

Uncover the thrilling combat mechanics of Swordsman VR

When you boot up Swordsman VR on your Quest 2, you’ll be met with stunning visuals that draw you in. The UI is reminiscent of older role-playing games, such as Skyrim and Mount & Blade. Recent patches have enhanced the game’s fantasy setting, which already boasts well-designed character models and weapons. Aside from the detailed environments though, the color palette is fairly muted. Brown seems to be the color of choice by the developers and after long games sessions, it can feel a little gloomy. Not a deal breaker but a little more creative splashes of color would not have gone amiss.

Upon game launch you’ll quickly realise that the main menu is your one-stop shop for purchasing armour, weapons, and skill points from the blacksmith, skill master, and armourer, respectively. The gameplay cycle is driven by these components as you face off against the powerful swordsmen of the Jötunn in successive rounds. Ranking up and improving your gear is the name of the game. The loop of improving your gear, spending your points and boosting your perks for gameplay can be addictive.

Exploring Swordsman VR’s Narrative and Storytelling

The story of Swordsman VR may need some work. I’m being kind as the story is almost non-existent. For those keen to be gripped by creative storytelling and character arcs, jog on! This might not be the game for you. The Jötunn, a fabled entity who influences swordsmen everywhere from a mediaeval hall to a gladiator arena to a gloomy castle to a Viking settlement, is at the centre of the story. You’re tasked with taking down bosses to gain access to their legendary weapons. The tale, however, is superficial, with little in the way of exposition or developed characters. You play, to unlock new gear and weapons, rinse and repeat. The design of the game’s final bosses, in particular, feels decidedly generic although the Kraken was kinda cool as a standout. Aside from that, there is a lack of depth and creation on the whole here unfortunately.

Mastering the Art of Combat: Gameplay in Swordsman VR

Swordsman VR’s gameplay is focused on physics-based combat, which is both taxing and engrossing. If you’ve played Blade & Sorcery or even Bonelab, you pretty much know what to expect. As you take on powerful foes, you will have your reflexes and perception tested. You’ll quickly work up a sweat.

In combat, players face off against a wide variety of foes, each with their own special attack animations and difficulty levels. Getting kicked unexpectedly while trying to swing a broadsword will have you questioning your technique. Bonus stages feature pirate ships, arena battles with various conditions, and one-of-a-kind boss fights against characters like Santa Claus and the queen of the underworld. Some battles are thrilling, while others lack challenge and refinement and may leave you feeling unsatisfied. That said, chopping a dude’s head off with an expert swing of your sword never gets old. Shouting ‘There can be only one!’ in your boxers have never been more thrilling (Highlander reference for the old folks among us)

Unlocking Replay Value: Swordsman VR’s Content and Challenges

"Immerse yourself in the world of VR sword-fighting with our Swordsman VR review

Swordsman VR’s replay value isn’t as high as other games in the genre due to its lack of modding tools and repetitive levels. Although the game takes place in a variety of locations, all of the stages are rather flat. A novice player will need between 5–8 hours to experience everything, which may leave some players wanting more diversity. Similar games like Blade & Sorcery offer cool magic abilities, climbing and varied environments to parkour around which only helps to highlight Swordsman’s shortcomings. Not terrible in any way but hard to come back to after completion as you’ll have experienced all the fun the game has to offer already.

Physical Realism: Elevating the Gameplay

Getting the physics right and adding mass and weight to all objects goes a long way in Swordsman. The sword play feels fun and realistic. It’s a step above Blade & Sorcery when it comes to combat and being aware of your distance and swinging arcs are vital intuitive quirks that may elevate your gameplay. Also, having a cutlass in each hand feels pretty badass! The game’s soundtrack and sound effects also help to elevate the tense atmosphere of swordplay by creating unique ambiance in each environment.


Experience the adrenaline of VR sword-fighting in our Swordsman VR review

Swordsman VR is an impressive example of the virtual reality sword-fighting genre, both visually solid and physically exciting. But is Swordsman VR worth it to purchase?

Despite its lackluster story and uninspired level design, this VR title is well worth adding to your collection because of its robust progression system and satisfying gameplay loop. Swordsman VR has the potential to develop into an even more exciting virtual sword-fighting experience with the promise of future content and community activities. Hopefully we will continue to see updates and bonus content added in the coming months to extend the game’s lifespan.


  • Graphics and polish are very impressive.
  • RPG advancement depends on combat skill.
  • Possibility of future content updates and gatherings


  • Combat can feel a bit “floaty” at times, and the story and boss designs are both uninspired.
  • Reduced range of possible values
  • The main content has a short running time.

Overall, Swordsman VR provides a challenging and immersive sword-fighting experience for virtual reality (VR) fans in search of something fresh with realistic physics. The story may be paper thin but the metal blade of your sword cuts with mighty gusto!

Rating 7 out of 10

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