The Quarry: Complete Controls Guide for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Gameplay Tips for Beginners

Here’s your complete controls guide and gameplay tips for the cinematic horror game The Quarry.

From 2K and Supermassive Games, The Quarry is a cinematic horror game where you control the fates of the characters. The game plays much like the critically-acclaimed The Walking Dead series from Telltale Games with dialogue options, simple exploration, and most importantly, quick time events (QTE). The Quarry also has a cast – with facial recognition to boot – of familiar names in acting like David Arquette, Ariel Winter, and Brenda Song, among others.

Below, you will find complete controls for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Following the controls will be tips for beginners, mostly suited toward successfully navigating the early part of the game.

The Quarry PS4 and PS5 controls

  • Move: L
  • Look and Aim: R
  • Quick Time Events and Choose: L and R
  • Confirm and Interact: X
  • Shoot: R2
  • Cancel and Back: Circle
  • Walk Faster: L1 (hold)
  • Quick Access Clues (when prompted): L1
  • Pause Menu: Options

The Quarry Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S controls

  • Move: L
  • Look and Aim: R
  • Quick Time Events and Choose: L and R
  • Confirm and Interact: A
  • Shoot: RT
  • Cancel and Back: B
  • Walk Faster: LB (hold)
  • Quick Access Clues (when prompted): LB
  • Pause Menu: Menu

Note that the left and right analog sticks are denoted as L and R, respectively. There are no L3 or R3 functions by pressing the sticks in The Quarry.

Below, you will find tips for beginners and early success in The Quarry. Remember, your decisions will have an effect further into the story in addition to determining the fates of the characters.

1. Use multiple game slots

In The Quarry, you can have multiple game files which will be necessary to find all paths and outcomes. If you’re a trophy hunter, then this will be needed to obtain them all.

Since each path (more below) has two choices, you’ll need to play at least twice to go down each path. Now, you could also cross paths on a replay, which increases the playability factor.

There is also Movie Mode. Movie Mode is laid back, removing QTEs and giving you the cinematic experience. There are three options with Movie Mode: everyone dies, everyone survives, or director’s chair. Director’s chair is similar to actually playing the game except your decisions will basically be who lives and dies. There is also a trophy for just starting a Movie Mode file.

If you know how you want everything to play out, then it’s recommended to go through Movie Mode first so you can have an in-depth knowledge of The Quarry for your actual playthroughs. It’s a lot of time, sure, but you’re sure to to be entertained, especially if you’re a fan of horror and slasher flicks.

2. Refer back to tutorials once unlocked

Through the early parts of the game, you’ll begin to unlock tutorials. Tutorials will play automatically, but you can also refer back to them through the pause menu. The only negative is you will have to view the video again with no way to stop or back out, but the videos in the tutorial menu do seem shorter than when they’re first played.

The tutorials, or “safety tips,” are drawn in a retro style resembling The Flintstones and The Jetsons; a gaming equivalent would be Fallout 4. The first safety tip you’ll see is on QTEs. However, during gameplay, no matter how many times the tutorial was tried, the QTE failed, leading to the belief that the QTE may actually not be playable during the tutorial and only there for the example.

Refer back to these if you become confused or just for clarification. It may be best to refer to these before having to make an associated decision.

3. QTEs are simple, but don’t underestimate them

A QTE indicator, telling you to hit up on L or R while running through the dark woods.

Quick Time Events (QTEs) are those few seconds where you’re asked to hit a certain command or input a set of commands. In The Quarry, it’s fairly simple as you’ll be using the left and right analog sticks for the QTEs. Your earliest experience will be just after the first tutorial video ends, so don’t be mad if you miss pressing up on L or R in time to catch the cellphone.

You’ll be hitting a different direction with the sticks for each QTE, and some will be consecutive. Some of the QTEs also happen at seemingly random moments, so it’s a way the game tries to keep your focus and maintain a bit of surprise factor. As QTEs, the faster you successfully complete them, the better.

4. Understand the difference between choices and paths

Like other cinematic games, your input really matters when it comes to making choices and decisions. The pictured choice between a hammer and a wrench, for example, will see Max tell you (Laura) that the wrench is quieter if you pick the hammer. You can then either stick with the hammer or choose the wrench. Luckily, it’s not timed.

Then there are those decisions that are timed. You’ll know you’re in a timed choice by the red bar that gradually diminishes between your two options. As they’re timed, you have to make your decision quickly, within about five seconds. The main difference between the two types of decisions is that generally, the untimed ones won’t affect much besides some dialogue – again, generally. However, the timed ones do tend to affect the story more – again, generally.

5. Choose your paths wisely

A path chosen that actually wasn’t a timed decision.

In The Quarry, you’ll know you’ve chosen a certain path when PATH CHOSEN appears on screen, almost like a glitch. For example, the picture in the previous section was a timed choice that determined if you left Max or tried to save him. The above picture was an untimed choice where you (as Jacob) pick one of two ways to sabotage the van to keep the main characters at Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp one more night, all for the best (and most selfish) reasons of course.

From the pause menu, hit L1 and R1 or LB and RB to hit the PATHS tab. Here, you see an overview of the title of the paths, a brief description, and the path you took. For example, Laura & Max was about young love and highlighted if you left or saved Max. Above The Law was if you lied or told the truth to the officer. A Fool’s Errand was on whichever sabotage Jacob chose with the van.

This is a great way to keep track of your paths so that you don’t repeat them on another playthrough. It will also help you stay more coherent with the ongoing story – if coherence is important to you. Again, your decisions will determine who lives or dies, possibly all for either. The paths you take will play the biggest role in determining everyone’s fate.

6. Explore as much as possible

“What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger,” the motto of Hackett’s Quarry, will be oft-repeated and seen in The Quarry.

In The Quarry, you want to explore as much as possible. After all, the more information you glean, the better. Anything that can be interacted will have a glowing light from the ground and as you approach, X or A will appear so you can interact with the spot. Sometimes, it’s just viewing a sign, like pictured. Other times, it will lead to other things like clues.

A clue about a collar with the name Ian, but it’s human-sized…

Anything that’s a clue will be in the CLUES tab, separated by area. Any evidence you collect will be in the EVIDENCE tab. Review these at your leisure, though it should be noted that some of the clues and such will have multiple bits of evidence. In the picture above, there are two question mark boxes under the description of the Bloody Collar, for example.

Finding the Temperance tarot card

The other reason to explore so thoroughly is to search for tarot cards. Tarot cards will come in handy as you progress through the game after you meet a certain someone, who also happened to be awaiting your arrival.

There are 22 tarot cards in all to find. Each card has its own properties and effects, but those will be found out as you progress. The difference between finding a tarot card and any other interactive spot is that the tarot cards don’t need to be directly in front of you. The Temperance card was unlocked just after entering the kitchen area, hitting X (or A) to see it dissolve.

The more you explore, the more clues you find, and the more evidence you unlock – in addition to the tarot cards – should make your desired paths more feasible.

There’s your rundown of controls and tips for playing The Quarry. Remember, if just want a relaxed experience play on Movie Mode. If not, then use the above tips to help you as you uncover the secrets of Hackett’s Quarry!

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