The Quarry: Everything You Need to Know About Tarot Cards

Here’s everything you need to know about tarot cards in The Quarry.

The survival horror game The Quarry pits you as nine summer camp counselors as they look to survive the night (well, over two months for a pair of counselors) at Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp. Between each chapter, you’ll embody an unseen entity as they speak to Eliza Vorez (voiced and played by Grace Zabriskie), a tarot card reader. Tarot cards serve a specific and unique function in The Quarry, and they also have a connection to the story.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about tarot cards in The Quarry. There are a total of 22 tarot cards to find throughout the game, though it will likely take multiple runs of the ten-hour game to find all 22 (not to mention all trophies and achievements).

What are tarot cards in The Quarry?

Tarot cards are the mementos of Eliza Vorez, who ran the Harum Scarum show. You should come across some Harum Scarum items as early as the Prologue with Laura, but throughout the rest of the game as well. Eliza (as she’s referred to in the game) would give tarot readings at these shows. Spoiler alert: she is “The Hag of Hackett’s Quarry.”

The Death card.

After she died in a fire six years ago, her tarot cards drifted in the wind. Fortunately and coincidentally, they’re found all over Hackett’s Quarry only; just how did some of these end up in the rum running cellars of the Hackett’s? You’ll know a tarot card is collectible when the camera changes to a far view of your character and instead foregrounds a card. Hit X or A to collect.

The Empress card.

If you wait too long and it goes back to a close third-person view, simply move and reenter the area to trigger the tarot card collection. Hit X or A here to collect, then hit L1 or LB when prompted to view the card and associated description.

What do tarot cards do in The Quarry?

A scene playing out in Eliza’s crystal ball.

Tarot cards allow you to view a few seconds of a possible outcome in the next chapter. The scene will be based on the type of tarot card you select, so it’s recommended to read each description carefully as you collect them as most describe a possible boon – but also a possible danger.

The High Priestess card.

Between each chapter, you’ll meet Eliza as the unseen entity – that is if you accepted her help at the beginning of the game. She will read out the associated descriptions of each tarot card You’ll then need to select “See More” to view the aforementioned scene.

The Moon card

The tarot card will then play a few seconds of a possible forthcoming scene in the crystal ball on Eliza’s table. Pay attention as the scene can help you make your decisions in the next chapter.

By the way, if you refuse Eliza’s help, you’ll at least pop the Hard Pass trophy and achievement. If you just want the trophy and want to play with the tarot card abilities, then refuse her help and start a new game.

What happens if I don’t find any tarot cards in a chapter?

The Stag card.

You’ll still meet with Eliza, but you won’t be able to see any possible future. She’ll just give you some words about finding her cards and wish you luck.

What happens if I only find one tarot card at the end of a chapter card?

The Wheel of Fortune card.

Eliza will automatically read out that card to you and go right into asking if you want to see more. Whether or not you want to view the scene is up to you.

What happens if I end a chapter having found multiple tarot cards?

Eliza will read out the associated descriptions of each tarot card, and her vocalizations may help determine which card to select as she puts certain emphasis on words and phrases. Then, you’ll have to select only one card, meaning only one possible future. You cannot view more than one card’s scene between chapters.

Again, read the descriptions as you find them in a chapter and rank them in your head. This should help with your decision between chapters.

SPOILER: The Hierophant tarot card

The description is much more personal than the other cards in the game and you’ll uncover why soon enough (or read below!).

In the later chapters, you’ll come across The Hierophant tarot card. This is a special card in the game which is signaled by its unusually personal description. Most of the tarot cards have a neutral tone to them, if not a bit dramatic, but The Hierophant’s is much different. Read below for heavy spoilers.

Again, spoilers begin here. The Hierophant is the card dedicated to her son, Silas. Silas Vorez was a seemingly unwilling part of his mother’s traveling show as “Silas the Wolf Boy,” being locked in a cage literally every second of every day. In fact, Silas is a werewolf who infected the Hackett family and was being hunted over the past six years since he infected Caleb Hackett, Chris Hackett’s (“Mr. H” and played by David Arquette) son. Silas was also described by Travis Hackett (played by Ted Raimi) as an albino child and white wolf, represented in the card’s illustration. Silas is ultimately the main “villain” in the game, though it’s unwilling and there are arguments for others, particularly depending on your choices.

The Hierophant card.

If you nab The Hierophant, then between chapters, your decision is made for you. Eliza will exclaim about the card and you’ll be transported to a scene six years ago – the fire that loomed so large in the story. You’ll briefly control Eliza as she looks around and finds a charred body that ends up being the former sheriff. Finding that Silas is alive, she put werewolf blood on her face (to mask her scent) and went off to search only to die in an ensuing explosion.

Her ghost haunts the area as she is “The Hag of Hackett’s Quarry.” If you play with subtitles, hers are the ones colored white. Mostly, it’s a lot of, “Silas!” and, “Kill them all!” Finding The Hierophant fills in a lot of storyline holes before you even hear it from other characters, and the scene with Eliza is gripping, so it’s recommended to nab this card.

By the way, there are two trophies and achievements related to tarot cards. Forewarned is Forearmed will pop for receiving a tarot reading. Decked Out will pop for finding all 22 tarot cards.

Now you have everything you need to know about tarot cards. Remember to search everywhere and be ready for those camera changes to nab all of the tarot cards in The Quarry.

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