The Quarry: Full List of Characters and Cast

We’ve got all the characters and cast in The Quarry.

The Quarry is a game filled with a star-laden cast of known names in acting. The survival horror game will pit you as one of the nine main camp counselors throughout the ten chapters. The decisions you make will determine if any, all, or no characters die throughout your playing.

Below, you will find a full list of characters from The Quarry broken into different groups for clarity. Within each group, the characters will be listed alphabetically by first name as most characters are exclusively referred to by their first names. Note that this list will contain heavy spoilers, so read at your own discretion.

All the characters and cast in The Quarry game

There will be three separate groups for this list. First will be the main playable characters, the Camp Counselors. Second will be the main antagonists of the game, the Hackett family. Lastly will be unfortunate progenitors of the game’s events, Harum Scarum. The actor or actress of each character will be noted in parentheses.

Camp Counselors

While you play the bulk of the game as seven of the nine camp counselors, you do eventually play with all nine counselors. Max Brinly will most likely be the last one you control. You’ll receive the Rough Night trophy or achievement if all survive. Conversely, if all die, you’ll pop the Hackett’s Quarry Massacre trophy or achievement.

1. Abi Blyg (Ariel Winter)

Abi Blyg is the shy artist of the group. She’s a bit subdued, slightly quirky, and is attracted to Nick Furcillo. Played by Ariel Winter, her insecurities and apprehension leads to a lot of stammering and muttering during discussions. However, toward the end of the game, she becomes more assertive and confident. If you’re playing with subtitles, hers are a shade of pink.

There is a pivotal moment in the first half of the game where Abi has to either make a decision to shoot Nick or not, and this could determine her fate. However, you will pop the Lovers’ Quarrel trophy or achievement if Nick does kill Abi. Abi, if alive, will survive the night with Emma Mountebank (if alive) in a secret surveillance room.

2. Dylan Lenviv (Miles Robbins)

Dylan is the morning announcement guy and also the camp DJ. Later, you find out he has an interest in quantum physics, but that’s not a “camp Dylan” kind of thing. He does have some of the more humorous dialogue of the cast, even at his expense. Dylan doesn’t necessarily take himself out of danger, routinely assisting in situations that can turn nasty. Dylan also seems to have a thing for Ryan Erzahler. If you’re playing with subtitles, his are a shade of red orange.

Dylan is involved a couple of crucial episodes. The first you’ll likely encounter is in the radio hut where he is attacked and bitten by a (spoiler alert) werewolf. You have a timed decision whether or not to amputate Dylan’s hand (playing as Ryan) and with a shotgun or a chainsaw (pick chainsaw). If you don’t, he becomes infected as a werewolf. If you save him, you’ll pop the Just a Flesh Wound trophy or achievement. If you eventually infect the entire group of counselors, you’ll pop the Blood Pact trophy or achievement.

Another is, if he’s not a werewolf presumably, he heads to the scrapyard with Kaitlyn Ka to find a part for a vehicle to escape (Jacob Custos had sabotaged the van earlier). Here, a werewolf will follow and attack while Dylan is in a crane. Your decisions will here will determine the fates of Dylan and Kaitlyn.

If they survive that and Kaitlyn gets the silver bullet to kill Caleb Hackett, then he’ll stay alive with Kaitlyn waiting out the night in the lodge.

3. Emma Mountebank (Halston Sage)

An epilogue scene showing the fates of the characters.

Emma Mountebank is the “camp hottie” of the group. She is an instigator in good and bad ways (so chaotic neutral?) as she can (if you choose) make out with Nick, causing both Jacob (her summer boyfriend) and Abi (mutual crush on Abi) to become jealous. She thinks Abi just needs a “nudge” to start a relationship with Nick. Even though she’s playing the attractive stereotype, she proves to be one of the most capable of the counselors (should she survive), routinely escaping situations on her own. If you’re playing with subtitles, hers are yellow.

Emma’s main scene of fate is when she’s on the island alone. She’ll enter the treehouse and find clothes, but also be chased down by a werewolf that was taking refuge there (you’ll learn why, which includes their hatred of water). Your decisions during the quick time events and the zip line will be crucial in determining if she lives or dies. A certain tarot card may also show you the situation of her death near the zip line, so pay attention!

If Emma makes it through that and meets back up with Abi, they’ll survive the night together first in the storm shelter and then in the surveillance room (as pictured).

4. Jacob Custos (Zach Tinker)

Jacob Custos is the stereotypical loud jock who has more insecurities than he would like to admit. He has the unfortunate title of spending the most amount of time in the game in his underwear and most amount of time trapped by the Hackett family. Jacob likes to make challenges yet hates losing, a seemingly odd combination since he loses most all of the challenges he makes in the games. He still has feelings for Emma even after they agreed to end it because of distance. If you’re playing with subtitles, his are green.

Jacob is the sole reason that the seven main counselors remain at Hackett’s Quarry to experience the events that unfold. You’re given a choice early in the game as Jacob to sabotage the van by taking one of two parts (either suffices). Jacob can admit this to Emma later in the night, which will trigger the Nobody’s Fool trophy and achievement.

A cool note is how the pause menu appearance changes based on what’s happened in the game, such as a bloody-faced Jacob.

Jacob will have a couple of scenes with Bobby Hackett. It’s recommended to take the pacifistic approach in these scenes if you want him to survive. The first encounter is a bit…bloody and gross. You’ll also encounter him in the holding cages of the Hackett family’s manor, and your decisions there can determine his fate.

If he makes it out of the cages, he’ll survive the night in the forest alone thanks to the werewolf’s blood still on his face.

5. Kaitlyn Ka (Brenda Song)

Kaitlyn Ka is the most capable of the counselors while also being the one to crack humorous insults and call people out on their crap. She doesn’t lack for confidence in any situation, even when confronted by werewolves. She also shows early that she is the best with a shotgun, which becomes crucial later in the game. If you’re playing with subtitles, hers are purple.

Kaitlyn has a few scenes where her fate depends on your decisions. One is the aforementioned scene in the junkyard. Another is back in the lodge after they return from the junkyard. If Abi and Emma are in the surveillance room and picked up the silver bullet, they can roll it to Kaitlyn only if you choose to check on the noise. You can then shoot an attacking Caleb Hackett in his werewolf form with the bullet, killing him and saving those in the lodge. You can also pop the The Final Girl trophy or achievement if Kaitlyn is the sole survivor.

Kaitlyn will survive the night if Caleb is killed. Of course, that is also if she survived the junkyard encounter with a werewolf (it was unclear as to the identity of that werewolf).

6. Laura Kearney (Siobhan Williams)

An eyepatches Laura as she recounts her harrowing tale.

Laura Kearney is who you begin the game with in the Prologue. You’ll play as her in the second half of the game, first to relive the two months that she was missing (with Max) and later as she seeks revenge on the Hacketts. Laura begins as take-no-crap character and only continues to become more after her two months – understandable considering the circumstances. She also is far more capable than her boyfriend, Max, who seems to just roll along with what life gives him. If you’re playing with subtitles, hers are a shade of orange.

Laura is pivotal in a few scenes. When you’re exploring the police station, heading upstairs and finding out the birthday information lets her login to the computer, which will trigger the Bizzare Yet Bonafide trophy or achievement for listening to the podcast. You can also find a syringe to sedate the sheriff Travis Hackett later if you’d like. However, if you agree to work with Travis later, you’ll pop the Above the Law trophy or achievement.

Later, while playing as Ryan, Laura suddenly transforms as her infection manifests and she immediately seeks to kill Travis, who has some silver glass in his hand. Ryan has a decision to shoot a werewolf (Chris Hackett) with silver, which will cleanse Laura of her infection, or not. If not, Laura and Travis will mutually kill each other, popping the Mutually Assured trophy or achievement. If both Laura and Max survive the night, you’ll pop the Should’ve Gone to the Motel trophy or achievement.

Laura also is the one that will be the person you play as to end the game. Laura, Travis, and Ryan (if all survived) come upon the original werewolf. Laura can either shoot him or not. If you do choose to shoot and kill him, you’ll pop the The White Wolf trophy or achievement.

7. Max Brinly (Skyler Gisondo)

Max after being attacked in the Prologue.

Max Brinly is one of the two missing camp counselors, and the two you meet in the Prologue. Max is easily frustrated, but seems to just let things flow and defers a lot to Laura. Max is unfortunately attacked by a werewolf in the storm cellar of the camp as they arrived a night early, which just happened to be a full moon. It’s later revealed that the werewolf who attacked him was actually Chris Hackett, infecting him. Laura will actually witness Max’s transformation in jail as Travis sets her up to view it, which causes the loss of her left eye. Max discusses the possibility of werewolves with Laura before any other character makes a mention. If you’re playing with subtitles, his are a blueish-purple.

Laura reveals that Max is actually the one in the treehouse on the island that Kaitlyn saw with binoculars earlier in the night and that Emma (potentially) escaped from. Laura states that they put him there with an extra set of clothes (that Emma “borrows”) since werewolves hate water and he wouldn’t leave the island.

Your biggest decision with Max is in a late chapter. You decided whether to swim back or stay on the island. If you want him to survive, stay on the island. Otherwise, he’ll immediately die once he hits the deck.

8. Nick Furcillo (Evan Evagora)

Nick Furcillo is an extremely laid back individual. He’s not a loner, but he’s also not a leader. He is seen early on tagging along with Dylan. Nick unfortunately is the first counselor to be attacked by a werewolf in the forest as he chased after Abi after the whole Truth or Dare incident with Emma. He does eventually become a werewolf in the aforementioned scene from Abi’s section. However, he can survive the night and become human again – or stay a werewolf. If you’re playing with subtitles, Nick’s are a shade of yellow orange.

When Nick is attacked, you’ll run to him as Ryan. You’ll pop the Nick of Time trophy or achievement if you successfully take the fastest route to Nick. Choose the shortcut each time and successfully complete each quick time event to do this. You’ll see Bobby Hackett dragging him off. You can shoot Bobby, but even if you don’t, he’ll bite Bobby’s fingers to escape.

Later, Nick as a werewolf is in a holding cage in the Hackett manor. Your decisions here can determine the fate of a few characters.

If Nick makes it out of the holding cages, he’ll survive the night and be cleansed of his infection if all werewolves are killed.

9. Ryan Erzahler (Justice Smith)

Ryan Erzahler is the quiet, brooding type. He’s not very outgoing, but he is inquisitive and capable. You’ll spend a lot of time playing as the stoic Ryan, who is teased early for being “Mr. H’s” (Chris Hackett) favorite counselor. Ryan accomplishes a lot during the game, and is a pivotal character of the last few chapters. If you’re playing with subtitles, his are blue.

Aside from the scene with Nick and scene with Laura above, Ryan has many crucial decisions. One of the more important ones is after he’s stabbed in the manor. You can either pull out the knife or leave it in his side. If you want him to survive for sure, keep it in his body. Otherwise, he’ll eventually bleed out. This leads to the other crucial decision: Laura’s proposal to become a werewolf with her bite. This will pop the Phlebotomy trophy or achievement if you accept. Further, if Ryan is the sole survivor, you’ll pop the Last Man Standing trophy or achievement.

If Ryan survives the night and Chris Hackett is killed, then he will be cured of his infection. He joins Laura and Travis (if all alive) in the ending scene with Silas.

The Hackett’s cast

Constance Hackett berating one of her sons, Travis.

This section is on the Hackett family. They don’t appear as they seem to be early on, and you can argue that even a few have altruistic justifications. Still, they’re the main antagonists of the game even if you do potentially end up working with one.

Basically, they contracted a “curse” where some members of their family become werewolves with the full moon. They’ve spent every full moon for six years hunting down the original werewolf to cure the family of their infection. It just so happens that the werewolf they’re hunting was sighted near Hackett’s Quarry.

You can pop the Family Matters trophy or achievement if you kill all members of the Hackett’s.

10. Bobby Hackett (Ethan Suplee)

Bobby Hackett is the muscle of the family. He’s stereotypical in that he’s not the brightest nor socially adept. He seems fearless as he chases Kaitlyn through the lodge early in the game, but is later shown to be very frightened of humans who have been infected as he runs away, screaming for Travis once he sees Laura is close to transforming. He seems to continually be under the tutelage of his father, Jedediah, including on how best to hunt werewolves.

Bobby is the one who pours blood (which is revealed to be werewolf blood) on Jacob’s face to protect him. Bobby also plays a role later in chasing down Ryan. He’s the one who actually stabs Ryan, then comes to retrieve his knife – which he accuses Ryan of stealing. There will be a few “don’t breathe” events here with Ryan as you hide from Bobby. Bobby is also in the final fight in the manor where Chris and Laura might kill each other, becoming unconscious after being beat on and thrown into a wall, but he can be killed if the werewolves survive.

11. Caleb Hackett

Caleb Hackett is the nearly unseen son of Chris Hackett. Caleb is actually the first of the Hackett’s to be infected after he and his sister, Kaylee, tried to free Silas from his cage. Caleb started a hay fire as a distraction, but as Travis says, “everyone was dead in minutes” with how quickly hay burns. While Silas escaped, Caleb suffered a bite and became infected, eventually infecting his sister and father.

Caleb is revealed to be the main werewolf roaming the forest. He is the one that attacked Nick and Abi, and will kill Max should he swim back from the island. Caleb is also the werewolf who confronts Kaitlyn in the lodge, surviving her shot if she doesn’t grab the silver bullet from Abi and Emma. Because Caleb is only shown in the picture shown and as a werewolf – and in the Epilogue dead in his human form – there is no dialogue from him.

12. Chris Hackett (David Arquette)

Chris Hackett – or Mr. H – is the director of Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp, running the camp on the grounds of his old family’s quarry. He is a bit uptight, taking everyone’s cell phones for two months as he outwardly is a “no technology” guy; he uses a corded phone in his office, after all. He becomes extremely agitated when the counselors tell him the van is busted and they can’t leave and we find out why later – because he’s a werewolf.

He attacked Max in the storm shelter and was shot by his brother, Travis, to prevent Max’s death. Chris is later revealed to have a secret surveillance room with cameras pointed at the the trails and away from the camp, searching for Silas. He will either live or die based on your decision with Ryan in the manor and if killed, it will cure anyone living that he’s bitten as well as Max and Laura, who carry his infection.

13. Constance Hackett (Lin Shaye)

Constance Hackett isn’t in many scenes, but she may leave the most impact of any character in The Quarry with Lin Shaye’s stirring performance. The matriarch of the family who makes all of their decisions, she is first shown welcoming Nick (in first-person werewolf view) to the holding cages in their manor. Then, you see her berating Travis, yelling out expletives like she earns money with each utterance. She’s also shown to be ruthless and stubborn, rejecting her granddaughter’s effort to come clean about the family’s curse.

With Laura in the manor, Constance will grab the shotgun and struggle with you for control. You’re tasked with button mashing X or A to win control. If you do win control, you’ll literally and accidentally blow off the front half of Constance’s face in a vertical fashion, leaving a grisly scene. Her death triggers the rest of the Hackett’s in the estate to attack you.

14. Jedediah Hackett (Lance Henriksen)

Jedediah Hackett is patriarch of the family who calmly makes his way through the night. He’s mainly seen paired with Bobby, seemingly teaching his son how to hunt werewolves more efficiently. The initial scene where you see the two almost makes it seem like they’ll actually be hunting the counselors, so a little misdirection there.

Jedediah becomes enraged if Constance is killed by Laura, shooting at her as she flees down a hallway (and needing a successful quick time event to dodge). He then seeks out Laura until she cuts the power, then is found fending off a werewolf with Bobby in the estate that ends up being one of his other sons, Chris. If Chris isn’t killed by Ryan in this scene, then they’ll all be killed by Chris.

15. Kaylee Hackett

Kaylee Hackett, like her brother Caleb, is not actually shown aside from the picture and as one of the werewolves – though which one is a guess. She helped Caleb with the “freeing” of Silas only for her brother to be bitten and infected, eventually infecting her and their father as well.

Not much is said about either except that Ryan likes the two while Dylan thinks they’re a bit weird. Well, being accursed to live as a werewolf just might have its drawbacks, so it’s understandable. The only time we actually see Kaylee is her back floating in the pool after being killed as a werewolf by Laura and reverting back to her human form; Laura thought the werewolf was Chris.

16. Travis Hackett (Ted Raimi)

The first villain of the game and someone who can vacillate between villain and accomplice, Travis Hackett is the sheriff of North Kill and uses his position to help coverup his family’s deeds. These include cooking the books at their junkyard, hiding Max’s SUV after he abducts Max and Laura in the Prologue, and deaths caused by them every full moon. He is a stubborn, easily angered man who used his position and relative rurality of North Kill to keep Max and Laura detained for two months with no due process.

Eventually, during the flashback play with Laura, Travis spills the truth about the curse that afflicts his family, though he is a bit coy on just how it came to affect his family. He tells the two in the cells that his family has been hunting every full moon for six years. If he survives the encounter in the estate with Laura, then he will be part of the group to finally track down Silas and decide his fate.

There is also at least one other time you can kill Travis. When you escape from his cell, if you didn’t get to use the tranquilizer, you’ll steal his gun and can either shoot him or lock him in the cell.

Harum Scarum

Harum Scarum was the traveling show of Eliza Vorez. She would give readings using tarot cards and her crystal ball while her son, Silas, was trapped in a cage as “Silas the Dog Boy.” It’s noted in the game if you find enough clues that the Hackett’s thought they had stored or destroyed all of the Harum Scarum items, but obviously not all as you find some during your play.

17. Eliza Vorez (Grace Zabriskie)

Eliza wiping werewolf blood on her face after the Harum Scarum fire six years ago – literally seconds before she died in an explosion.

Eliza Vorez is the tarot card reader you meet with between chapters. She is Silas’ mother and ran the Harum Scarum show. Caleb and Kaylee Hackett felt bad for Silas after Harum Scarum came to North Kill and tried to free him only for their “distraction” hay fire to catch too quickly and kill everyone there, including the former sheriff. Eliza, as shown in a flashback scene when you find The Hierophant card, comes upon the scene after everyone is dead, thinking the charred body of the sheriff is Silas, but finds the sheriff’s badge. She then dies in an ensuing explosion. If you’re playing with subtitles, hers are white.

She blames the Hackett’s for her death and Silas’ predicament and haunts the quarry as “The Hag of Hackett’s Quarry.” She continually yells or whispers at the counselors, mostly to kill the Hackett’s and lamenting the loss of her son. In the scenes you meet with her, she’ll give you words of advice, but when she sees The Hierophant card – the card that’s based on her son – she’ll plead with you not to kill him because of how much she’s helped you. If you kill Silas, she angrily scolds you and tells you she’ll always be there as a malevolent presence just behind you.

18. Silas Vorez

Silas Vorez is Eliza’s son, though many would probably argue that her treatment of her son would most certainly not be motherly. From what is gathered throughout the story, Silas is the fist werewolf, or at the very least, the first werewolf to affect the Hackett’s. There was no word on how Silas himself became a werewolf, whether that was through some genetic evolution like Muzan Kibutsuji becoming the first demon in Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer or if he was infected by another. Silas is Travis Hackett’s “white whale,” and the Path in the game about this hunt is aptly titled “The White Whale.” It also helps that Silas is described as an “albino boy, white wolf.”

The Quarry’s conception of werewolves.

Silas ends up being the last “boss” of the game even though he’s really only depicted as a victim of circumstance who’s just trying to survive. The final confrontation is also anti-climatic as Laura either shoots at and kills an injured Silas – curling up in the remains of his cage from the fire six years ago as he seemingly never left – or not. The death of Silas ends the curse for all living members of the game at Hackett’s Quarry, including the Hackett’s, and pops the The White Wolf trophy or achievement. Silas in human form is shown during the Epilogue, deceased if you shot him with Laura.

Now you know all of the characters you’ll encounter (with heavy spoilers) while playing The Quarry. Remember that it’s going to take multiple runs to pop all trophies and achievements if that’s part of your gaming. If not, sit back and enjoy the performances from these acclaimed thespians!

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