Tips And Tricks To Winning All Star Tower Defense

Looking to dominate All Star Tower Defense? Check out our expert tips and tricks.

All Star Defense Roblox Tips and Tricks

When you get introduced to the millions of games on Roblox, it can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to the platform. Presently, Roblox has almost 40 million games that gamers appreciate worldwide, and one of the millions is the All Star Tower Defense, or ASTD Roblox.

How you start

To get started in ASTD Roblox, you’ll get Goku (Koku), Naruto (Zaruto) as you start the game and 75 gems. You typically begin your journey in Story Mode. The first objective is called “Green Man,” and it includes 15 rounds of increasingly tougher attackers, with particularly dangerous antagonists emerging in wave four. It is recommended that you strengthen your assigned units to fight off these foes. In the final wave, a small boss will emerge. Honestly, getting to the last round may be a challenge.

Here are a few tricks and tips to get ahead of the game.

Use codes

Use codes to get gems and more advanced units. A compilation of all the codes in the gameplay can be sourced online, and some of them may only work on private servers. Remember that some have expiration dates, so using them once you acquire them is the best decision.

Try summoning

In gaming, summoning refers to the act of calling forth a character, creature, or object through the use of a special ability or item.

For four-star (Ultra Rare) or five-star (Mega Rare) characters, try summoning them, but remember that some five-star may be better than four-star. One particularly useful unit is EXP IV, which is a six-star character obtained through evolution or codes. Other recommended four-star units include Krillin (Kriffin) or Garou (Kung Fu Master), Saber (Sword), and Toriko (Pro-Food Hunter (ICE)).

Consider range and terrain

When placing your units on the map, consider their range and the terrain, as there are two distinct varieties of units: ground units and hill units. There are also different attack types, including single-target, Full AoE, Circle AoE, and Cone AoE. You can find this information on a unit’s page.

Do not skip waves

Try not to jump over waves, as this makes the game harder, and more foes will come flooding. Instead, focus on defeating the enemies that are closer to your base. Advance your units at waves three to four as powerful enemies that upgraded units can only damage will appear at these waves.

To make an upgrade of your unit, click on the upgrade button in the GUI, but ensure you have enough funds for the upgrade. As a bonus tip, consider seeking your friend’s help in Extreme Mode or find a helpful public server or ask for assistance in The ASTD Discord.

Is playing the All Star Tower Defense Game worth it?

The All Star Tower Defense game can be a lot of fun and offer a good challenge for players who enjoy strategy and resource management. If this sounds like something you enjoy, then the All Star Tower Defense game is worth it. However, ultimately it’s up to you to decide whether or not a game is worth your time and money.





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