UFC 4: Career Mode Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Need some quick help to ensure your rise to greatness in UFC 4’s Career Mode?

UFC 4: Career Mode Tips and Tricks for Beginners complete guide

In every sporting game, Career Mode catches the attention of fans through its in-depth, intriguing storylines that many developers improve year in, year out.

Here’s what you need to know about Career Mode on UFC 4.

Just like in its previous edition, the focal point of Career Mode in EA Sports’ UFC 4 is becoming the greatest of all-time. To do so, players must capture at least two UFC belts and break six performance and two promotional records.

What’s new in UFC 4 Career Mode?

UFC 3 saw the introduction of social media and personal responses in Career Mode, and this carries over to this year’s edition of the game.

In UFC 4 Career Mode, you will be able to interact with other athletes within your promotion, choosing between a positive or negative response.

A negative response will garner more hype for a potential fight; however, it will ruin your relationship with the opposing fighter.

Having healthy relationships are key to growing and evolving as a mixed martial artist, and in the game allows you to unlock new moves; inviting a fighter to train with you when a positive relationship exists lowers the cost of learning.

Perhaps the most obvious change in this year’s Career Mode is the fact that the UFC is not the sole promotion.

After four amateur fights, you are given an option: accept an invitation to Dana White’s Contender Series, or enter the WFA (a regional promotion).

In this promotion, you can work your way up the ranks towards a belt; reaching champion status within the WFA will give you a higher rank when you eventually jump ship to the UFC.

UFC 4 Career Mode tips and tricks

As always, Career Mode is an extremely lengthy process and requires hours upon hours of dedication to complete. Because of this, we have compiled our top tips and tricks to help you along your path to glory.

Only fight when you’re fit

Training is essential to claiming success within the octagon, and this remains prominent in UFC 4’s Career Mode.

Fitness has four sectors – low, moderate, peak, and overtrained. Reaching, but most importantly staying, at peak fitness is critical when prepping to trade fists inside the cage.

Entering a fight – especially a five rounder – with anything below peak fitness isn’t an ideal scenario. Your stamina will likely yield midway through the third round, and you’ll find yourself struggling to finish the bout.

Promote yourself as much as possible

Within Career Mode are various ways that you can spend your time, cash, and energy, with the most essential (bar training) being listed under the ‘Hype’ section.

After clicking the ‘Hype’ box, three subsections will appear: Promotions, Sponsorships, Connections. The promotions section is the place to be if you wish to elevate the hype around a fight.

Selling the fight to the fans will gain you more money, fans, and help you to break promotional records.

Always learn and upgrade

Evolving as a fighter in Career Mode is not only fun, but it’s also necessary; champions aren’t forged by honing their day-one skill sets.

Due to this, learning new moves and upgrading your character’s attributes become more important than first anticipated.

You can upgrade your attributes by earning evolution points. These points can be dished out in the ‘fighter evolution’ tab, which gives you the option to increase offensive and defensive stats, as well as earn perks.

We recommend focusing your first few evolution points on your health; chin, recovery, and cardio are three things that each MMA athlete must focus on in real-life, and you should too.

Learning new moves can be achieved by inviting another fighter to train, but it does cost money on top of energy points.

Moves such as the lead overhand punch or teep kick will help give your contender the additional push needed to claim UFC gold.

Always have that killer instinct

Rendering an opponent unconscious via strikes or submission is an easy way to gain fans and catapult up the rankings, but doing so – depending on which difficulty level you play – is a challenge in its own right.

The more finishes you earn, the more promotional records you’re likely to break (KO, Submission, or Performance of the Night records, for example).

This will aid you in your quest to become the undisputed greatest fighter of all-time, and undoubtedly raise your levels of enjoyment when playing UFC 4 Career Mode.

Who are the best fighters to pick for UFC 4 Career Mode?

While you can start afresh, these fighters from across each division make for a great UFC 4 Career Mode experience.

Fighter Weight Class
Tatiana Suarez Women’s Strawweight
Alexa Grasso Women’s Flyweight
Aspen Ladd Women’s Bantamweight
Alexandre Pantoja Flyweight
Thomas Almeida Bantamweight
Arnold Allen Featherweight
Renato Moicano Lightweight
Gunnar Nelson Welterweight
Darren Till Middleweight
Dominick Reyes Light Heavyweight
Curtis Bladyes Heavyweight

Hopefully, these UFC 4 tips and tricks will help you along the path to achieving the ultimate goal of becoming the greatest of all-time in Career Mode.

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