Where is the Quarry in GTA 5?

Want to know where to find Quarry in GTA V? Keep reading to find out.

Location of the Quarry in Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) is an open-world action-adventure game in which players are free to roam a wide and rich game environment teeming with a variety of locales and landmarks. The Quarry, a sizable mining operation, is one such setting with meaningful gameplay and narrative implications. Where is the Quarry located in GTA 5?

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Where is the Quarry in GTA 5?

The Quarry in Grand Theft Auto V can be found to the east of the main hub, between the Ron Alternates Wind Farm and the Sandy Shores Airfield.

Players have access to many different areas of the Quarry in Grand Theft Auto V during the course of the game’s many missions. There are a wide variety of mining machinery, structures, and vehicles in the Quarry, in addition to natural hazards like deep pits and precipitous cliffs. There are a lot of secrets and collectibles strewn about the Quarry for players to uncover.

The Quarry is the setting for many missions and side quests in Grand Theft Auto V. It’s possible that the Quarry will play a role in the game, either by requiring players to go there for a task or mission or by hosting either opponents or allies. Because of its open terrain and enough cover, the Quarry is an excellent place for players to hone their driving and shooting skills.

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The Quarry’s role in gameplay and missions

Even in the first reward task itself, namely Bail Bond provided by Maude Eccles to Trevor Philips, players get the need to visit the Quarry. The mission asks players to track down absconders from their bail in exchange for a reward. Players can earn 10,000 dollars for returning these targets alive or 5,000 dollars by killing them. Apart from this, there is another such example mission called Quarry Quarry where players are instructed to visit a place.

Realism in the Quarry

Regarding realism, Grand Theft Auto V’s Quarry is a fair approximation of a real-life quarry. Heavy machinery, gravel pits, and loading docks are just a few of the realistic touches included in the Quarry. Increasing the realism to this degree benefits the overall immersion of the game.


All in all, the Quarry is a fantastic addition to GTA 5’s environment, providing a new and interesting setting to explore. Located in the game’s pivotal northwest, it plays a crucial role in both the game’s narrative and gameplay.

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