Explosive Bullets GTA 5

Want to know hot to get Explosive Bullets in Grand Theft Auto V? Keep reading to find out.

Learn how to get Explosive Bullets in Grand Theft Auto V

Who nowadays likes to burst ten to 20 shots when explosive bullets can get it done more efficiently? Isn’t it interesting?

To give you a gist, explosive bullets are one type of ammunition. You can employ explosive bullets with specific weapons in GTA 5 to deal significantly more damage to your enemies and their possessions.

These bullets are locked and may only be obtained with the use of cheat codes or by accomplishing specific in-game objectives. However, this guide is all you need, no matter which console you play.

Below, you will read:

  • How to access explosive bullets GTA 5 cheat
  • How best to use explosive bullets GTA 5
  • Where you can find explosive bullets GTA 5

Explosive bullets GTA 5 cheat codes

  • PS4 explosive bullets cheat code: On the PlayStation 4, players can gain access to explosive shots by entering the following cheat code: Right, Square, X, Left, R1, R2, Left, Right, Right, L1, L1, L2.
  • Explosive bullets Xbox One cheat code: If you own an Xbox One and want access to explosive bullets, type the following cheat code: RT, X, RB, Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, X, LT, LT, LT.
  • Cheat code for explosive bullets for PC: On the PC, players can use the cheat code POWERUP to gain access to explosive bullets.

How to use explosive bullets GTA 5 in the best manner

Explosive ammunition can be used with specific weaponry in GTA 5 once it has been unlocked. In order to maximize the effectiveness of explosive bullets, players should shoot toward the target’s body or the ground next to them.

The bullet will detonate upon impact, increasing the damage it deals. When used against vehicles, explosive rounds are highly effective due to the extensive damage they may do to the vehicle’s engine and tires.

Where to find the explosive bullets in gta 5

You can only get explosive bullets in GTA 5 by entering a cheat code or by completing a specific task. They are not obtainable through regular gameplay or in-game store purchases.

Final words

Explosive bullets are a very potent weapon in Grand Theft Auto 5, dealing more damage to both adversaries and items. They are especially useful against automobiles and can be obtained with cheat codes or by achieving specific game objectives. To get the most out of these rounds, shooters should use them strategically, aiming for the ground around their targets or the body of their enemies.





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