WWE 2K22: Best Signatures and Finishers

Here’s Outsider Gaming’s ranking of the best Signatures and Finishers in WWE 2K22.

In professional wrestling, one of the aspects that really helps wrestlers connect with the fans is a dynamic, memorable, and effective Signature or Finisher, and in some cases, both. In WWE 2K22, there are a plethora of innovative and devastating (looking, at least) Signatures and Finishers.

Below, you will find a list of Outsider Gaming’s best Signatures and Finishers. The list will be in alphabetical order as listed in WWE 2K22 by Superstar name.

1. A.J. Styles – Phenomenal Forearm

Signature of Finisher: Finisher
Type: Springboard vs. Standing Opponent

While more known for the Finisher listed below, A.J. Styles unleashed this finisher in WWE to replace the Styles Clash as his main finisher. The latter move is used rarely in WWE. Even though Styles signed with WWE at age 39, not only has he re-signed with the company, but the Phenomenal Forearm is one move that continues to display his athleticism and skill even into his mid-40s.

Standing on the apron, you can either wait for your opponent to rise or use a Wake-Up Taunt (D-Pad Up) to have them rise at your command. Hit the Finisher when prompted (R2 + X or RT + A) to launch the springboard attack. Watch as his legs swing forward as his forearm lands because of the momentum.

2. A.J. Styles – Styles Clash

Signature of Finisher: Finisher
Type: Standing Front (Pin Combo)

The move that helped make Styles a favorite to many pro wrestling fans over the past two-plus decades, the Styles Clash is still a well-received and respected Finisher whenever Styles decides to use the move. In fact, because of its rarity, when he does use the Styles Clash, discussion surrounds the “rub” the other wrestler received for making Styles resort to the move.

Perform this move with your opponent standing in front of you and the Finisher notification on-screen. Styles will place them into a piledriver position, then put his legs in front of the arms to hook them, then fall – slam – the opponent forward. If you hit the right stick when prompted, you’ll use those hooked arms around your legs to turn them over into a pin, basically a sunset flip pin.

3. Cedric Alexander – Fallaway Moonsault Slam

Signature of Finisher: Signature
Type: Rope Rebound; Running (Pin Combo)

The other wrestler with two moves on this list, Cedric Alexander’s skills and dynamism are on full display with both moves. Here, he catches the running opponent with a flipping slam while running. It’s like a modified Spanish Fly, but using the momentum of the opponent against them. This is also known as the Collision Course for Cameron Grimes, though it’s not listed as such in the game.

To perform this move, have a Signature ready and send the opponent off of the ropes with a Grapple (Circle or B) and an Irish Whip (Circle or B after Grapple). This should also put your opponent into a stunned state, opening them up for an immediate pin or landing a reversal-proof Finisher, such as the one below.

4. Cedric Alexander – Lumbar Check

Signature of Finisher: Finisher
Type: Standing Behind

The move that displays Alexander’s skill, strength, and snap, the Lumbar Check will make you feel like you need to have your back checked – and you’re only playing a video game.

You have to be standing behind your opponent for this, so lift them from the mat with up on the right stick and hit right or left on the right stick when they’re standing to turn them around. Then hit the Finisher buttons when prompted. Alexander will begin in a belly-to-back suplex position, but as he lifts his opponent, he drops back and forcefully brings the opponent’s back down across his knees; you can see Akira Tozawa’s grimace of pain in the picture above.

Just don’t be surprised if you need to work out the kinks in your back after landing the move.

5. Dakota Kai – Kairopractor

Signature of Finisher: Finisher
Type: Standing Front (Pin Combo)

Another move that is just destroys the back, Dakota Kai’s play-on-words Kairopractor is similar to the Lumbar Check insofar that both maneuvers end with the opponent being dropped across the offensive wrestler’s knees.

This move will activate when standing in front of the opponent. Kai will kick the opponent in the gut, hunching them over, then run off of the ropes. She’ll use that momentum and her opponent’s position to hit what basically amounts to a flipping Backstabber. While the Lumbar Check brings the opponent straight down, using gravity and Alexander’s strength, the Kairopractor uses the momentum of Kai’s speed and the rotation of the move to inflict serious damage.

6. Mustafa Ali – 054 Splash

Signature of Finisher: Finisher
Type: Dive vs. Grounded Opponent (Pin Combo)

A move seldom, if not completely unseen since his knee accidentally came across the face of the then-Daniel Bryan, there are no such worries when using the 054 Splash with Mustafa Ali in WWE 2K22. The 054 Splash and the other top rope dive on this list are probably the two most impressive diving moves in the game.

The 054 is the inverse of the 450 Splash. The 450 is a dive where the wrestler does one full flipping rotation in the air, landing with their front across the body. The 054 starts with the wrestler facing away from the opponent as if engaging a Moonsault only to launch himself backward and rotate the opposite way, the inverse. Ali still lands across the body of the opponent, but facing the opposite direction. It’s truly a sight to behold in real life and in the game.

The Finisher icon will pop when on the top rope with your opponent grounded, facing up. Ensure they’re not too far from the turnbuckle you’re standing or the icon may not appear.

7. Randy Orton – Pop-Up RKO

Signature of Finisher: Finisher
Type: Rope Rebound

The man and move responsible for the viral “RKO Outta Nowhere!” memes a few years ago, Randy Orton’s RKO makes this list with a twist – it’s the pop-up version!

Orton’s RKO is a leaping cutter. However, the snap he puts onto it added to the elevation he gets – particularly when he was younger – has made it arguably the most popular finishing move in all of WWE. If you judge it on crowd reactions, it’s undoubtedly number one. He’s also had some memorable pop-up or mid-air catching RKOs, like his one against Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 31 or on the then-Evan Bourne over a decade ago.

To trigger the Pop-Up RKO, make sure you first have a Finisher stored. Then send your opponent off of the ropes with an Irish Whip. As they approach, hit L1 or LB to launch them in the air, then quickly hit the Finisher buttons to hit the move. If you aren’t quick enough, the opponent will drop to the mat. If you do land it, Orton will react like he did when he landed his on Rollins – which is also the reversal animation if you try to land what’s known in the game as The Stomp, Rollins’ old Finisher.

Note that other Finishers can be of the Pop-Up variety, like the End of Days. Check the Move-Sets menu for more information on all of the Pop-Up Finishers.

8. Rey Mysterio – 619

Signature of Finisher: Signature
Type: Standing Front

The cover athlete and featured wrestler in Showcase, Rey Mysterio is considered the greatest masked wrestler and luchador ever. Part of this is due to the innovative and memorable move sets he has employed throughout his career.

The 619 is something you’ll land plenty in Showcase. In the game, Mysterio rolls up an opponent’s front side and into a rana position, then sends them into the ropes. He then runs off of the opposite ropes to build speed and hits a swinging kick between the top and middle ropes, using the same ropes to balance himself. It’s also known as the Tiger Feint Kick, employed by Io Shirai.

The beauty of landing the 619 with Mysterio is that one of his Finishers is a springboard from the apron to a grounded opponent. The 619 places both the opponent and Mysterio in position to land the finisher, even more so if the 619 puts the opponent into a stunned state.

9. Rhea Ripley – Prism Trap

Signature of Finisher: Finisher
Type: Grounded Upper Body (Technical Submission)

The first of two submissions on this list, Rhea Ripley’s Prism Trap makes the list because of the unique and devastating look of her finisher. It’s basically a standing inverted Texas Cloverleaf, but Ripley adds a bit of torque by bending her opponent’s body forward while in the above position.

Interestingly, both of Ripley’s finishers are set to the Prism Trap while her oft-used Finisher, Riptide, is now a Signature. In any case, to trigger this, you must be at the upper body of a grounded opponent and not the legs no matter how misleading the submission looks. From there, as with any submission, succeed in the button mashing mini-game to tap out the opponent.

10. Ricochet – 630 Senton

Signature of Finisher: Finisher
Type: Dive vs. Grounded Opponent (Pin Combo)

The second top rope dive on this list, the 630 Splash may be the most impressive move in all of WWE. When you see it in action, it’s hard not to be in awe.

Like the 054 Splash, this is activated when on the tope rope against a ground opponent, facing up. However, unlike the 054 Splash, the opponent needs to be even closer to the corner you’re in for this to land; even if the Finisher icon appears, the opponent could be too far away! Once they’re close enough, climb to the top.

Unlike the 450, which is one flipping rotation, the 630 is one-and-a-half flipping rotations! Ricochet will land with all that momentum from flipping through the air with his back on the opponent’s chest. The game did a real nice job at capturing the snap and zip needed for the 630 to look realistic and land.

By the way, if you miss because they’re too far away, your Finisher stock shouldn’t deplete.

11. Shayna Baszler – Kirifuda Driver

Signature of Finisher: Finisher
Type: Standing Front (Technical Submission)

The last move on this list, it’s also the second submission after Ripley’s Prism Trap. Shayna Baszler, the Submission Magician, is a master of breaking down her opponents limb-by-limb only to choke them out in the ring. Her background as one of the forerunners of women’s MMA has translated well to her in-ring style.

The Kirifuda Driver, while you do end up in a Coquina Clutch position, is activated against a standing opponent from the front. What makes it stand out over other submissions is that Baszler basically hits a Falcon Arrow into the Coquina Clutch with no wasted movement and with smooth precision. The button mashing mini-game will then appear.

With her other Finisher being the Coquina Clutch, it’s safe to say that Baszler effectively has two variations of the Coquina Clutch as finishers.

As stated, there are many Signatures and Finishers to choose from in the game. The 11 listed here are just a taste of all of the moves you can experience in WWE 2K22. So, which moves will become your go-to Signatures and Finishers?





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    I wanted to know if anyone can tell me whether or not you have to grapple front signature moves on one player and use both moves. I tried adding joystick input and my wrestler still keeps using the same signature move. For now, I’ll just choose another move.

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