WWE 2K22: Best Superstar Entrances (Tag Teams)

Here are Outsider Gaming’s ranking of best tag team entrances in WWE 2K22.

Entrances are crucial for wrestlers getting over. This is even more so with tag teams where the entrance must work to put over two wrestlers instead of one. Usually, teams will have choreographed entrances that highlight each wrestler; think Hollywood Blondes, for example.

Below, you will find Outsider Gaming’s ranking of best tag team entrances in WWE 2K22. A mix of music, wrestler presentation and interaction, and pose(s) played roles in determining who made this list.

The list will be in alphabetical order based on team names in WWE 2K22.

1. Breezango

While no longer with WWE, Breezango were a hit with fans thanks to their skits as the “Fashion Police,” in-ring skills, and of course, their entrance. In 2K22, Tyler Breeze rekindles his selfie stick intro from his days as a heel in NXT while Fandango trails him with a ticket book from their Fashion Police days.

They dance and gyrate to the ring, posing on the apron before posing in the ring. Fandango is especially animated during the entrance, a nice way to bring a chuckle to your face. Breeze will lay on the apron as he did in NXT while Fandango just dances and dances. It’s a funny sight.

2. The Hurt Business

Not to be confused with Bobby Lashley’s solo entrance, The Hurt Business entrance is still good because even in its simplicity, it sends a message, mainly not to mess with The Hurt Business.

The music is The Hurt Business theme and not Lashley’s more aggressive solo theme. The two walk out confidently and with a little arrogance, then coming together in the ring. M.V.P.’s mannerisms during the entrance are well worth the watch, and the finality just signals that this is a formidable team even with both men well into their 40s.

3. The Miz & John Morrison

The Miz and the released John Morrison make this list for one simple reason: it’s their slow-mo entrance that began with Morrison’s singles run during the Aughts! The above picture is during part of the slow-mo, which is the main part you’d see while watching WWE programming.

Beyond that, this is the rare tag team entrance where they enter together even though The Miz makes his way first. Just like he did in real life, he strikes his pose and then points to the curtain for Morrison’s music to hit. They’ll also strut their way to the ring annoyingly as only The Miz can before doing further poses in the ring.

4. The Miz & Maryse

The only mixed gender tag team on the list, the husband-wife team of The Miz and Maryse have an intro that you’ll either like or hate. They enter together, strike poses, then come together for the kiss as pictured. That’s not the only time they’ll kiss!

They arrogantly make their way to the ring (which fits their characters) and both pose on the ropes. The Miz then pulls his wife closer for another kiss, this time on the ropes. The “It” couple really make it known what they think of themselves with this entrance, and regardless, it’s memorable.

5. Moustache Mountain

A team that should warm the heart of U.K. wrestling fans, Moustache Mountain has a very fan-friendly entrance, capped with Tyler Bate’s waves to the crowd. However, as their name suggests, the true appeal of the entrance comes in the utilization of their moustaches!

They hit the ramp and twirl their moustaches as pictured before hitting a quick pose. They then make their way to the ring. As Bate enters, Trent Seven does his customary slow roll into the ring with his towel wrapped around his neck, then tosses it to the crowd as he rises to his feet. The two then pose with their moustaches again in the ring to finish the entrance.

Don’t forget to wave back at Bate!

6. The Outsiders

One that hits heavy after the death of Scott Hall on March 14, The Outsiders’ entrance really is that much cooler because of Hall’s presence and mannerisms. It’s also important to note that the entrance for The Outsiders is the same regardless of using their n.W.o. versions or not. The only difference is the n.W.o. version gets the black-and-white screen pictured.

Kevin Nash will raise his hands in the n.W.o. hand sign as Hall slowly yet charismatically struts his way with his arms extended. The two just exude a sense of coolness as they make their entrance and pose in the ring. If anything, this is a nice way to relive Hall’s entrances and pay tribute to the legendary wrestler.

You can also play as Razor Ramon in the game.

7. The Street Profits

Rounding out the list is the former multi-time Tag Team Champion, The Street Profits. The Street Profits are actually one of only two teams (The Revival or FTR in AEW) to hold the NXT, Raw, and Smackdown Tag Team Championships during their times in WWE. They’ve become a fan favorite not just because of their skill, but because of their infectious personalities and their entrance.

Before the pandemic, they would enter and then run through the crowd before making it ringside. While that doesn’t happen anymore, they do have fun poses and dances at the top of the ramp, on the apron, and again in the ring. Watching their entrance just gets you in a good mood as you head into a match.

There you go, OG’s ranking of best tag team entrances. Will you go for the energy of The Street Profits? Will you go for the coolness of The Outsiders? Play WWE 2K22 to find your favorite tag team entrance!

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