WWE 2K22: Best Tag Team Ideas

Here are Outsider Gaming’s best tag team ideas in WWE 2K22.

Tag team wrestling has always played a major role in the business. Many future World Champions found their starts in tag teams from the likes of Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and Edge. At other times, World Champions have teamed up to form Tag Team Championship duos, such as Michaels and John Cena or Jeri-Show (Chris Jericho and The Big Show).

In WWE 2K22, there are many registered tag teams, but that doesn’t limit you in potential pairings. As such, below you will find Outsider Gaming’s ranking of best tag team ideas in WWE 2K22. There are a few important notes before proceeding.

First, these teams were registered to the game, but you can still create your own teams in Play Now. Second, there are no mixed gender tag teams. This was mainly due to the many pairings in both the men’s and women’s tag team divisions that were considered. Third, most of the teams listed have teamed in real life, though only one of the teams is actually a current team on WWE programming. Lastly, teams will be listed in alphabetical order by team name.

1. Asuka & Charlotte (90 OVR)

Longtime rivals Asuka and Charlotte Flair are actually former Women’s Tag Team Champion together. Even if they weren’t, they are two of the highest-rated women’s wrestlers in the game (behind Becky Lynch). They make a formidable duo where Asuka’s ferocity and technical ability is matched by Flair’s athleticism.

While Asuka is known for her stiff kicks, her Asuka Lock submission is a wrenching chicken wing that looks brutal. Flair is also a submission specialist with her Figure 8 Leglock, her upgrade to her father’s famous Figure 4. With these two, you have your submission-based tag team.

2. Beth & Bianca (87 OVR)

Beth Phoenix and Bianca Belair have actually tangled in the ring. It was during the 2020 Royal Rumble match that saw Belair forearm Phoenix on the top rope and Phoenix taking the bump so hard that she flung her head back, hitting the ring post and busting open the back of her head.

However, why they make a great hypothetical team is that they are the two legitimate powerhouses of their generation. They both carry a muscular body that helps to further relay their strength to viewers. Phoenix’s Finisher, the Glam Slam, is also used by Belair, thought not as a Finisher, so there’s also some symmetry there.

3. Boss “N” Hug Connection (88 OVR)

The real-life friends were also the inaugural winners of the current iteration of the Women’s Tag Team Championship. Both Bayley and Sasha Banks had stated one of their goals was not only to resurrect the titles, but to reign as title holders. Both, like the previous four women, are also former Women’s Champions.

Banks can function as your technical high flyer while Bayley can come in with the power moves. Banks’ Finisher is a submission (Bank Statement) while Bayley’s is grapple move (Rose Plant). You’re covered regardless of how you like to achieve victory.

4. DIY (83 OVR)

Tomasso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano made waves upon debuting together as a tag team even though both had found singles success before NXT. It took a while, but they became one of the best tag teams and Tag Team Champions in NXT history. They also had arguably the most storied singles rivalry in NXT history as well.

Although Ciampa is more of the bruiser of the two, they’re both fast and compliment each other well, as their run as DIY showed. They’re also the first team on this list whose tag team name is actually registered for announcement in WWE 2K22.

5. Evolution (89 OVR)

Evolution, which helped launch the singles careers of Batista and Randy Orton, with Ric Flair not pictured.

One of the more impactful stables of this century, Evolution is where fans really came to know eventual world champions Randy Orton and Batista. It’s also where Triple H firmly placed his stranglehold on WWE as top act – even if many fans sought a change.

While the variation of the three pictured never won the Tag Team Championship together (Batista won with Ric Flair), they have teamed together. There is a double team Finisher (Beast Bomb RKO) that combine Batista’s Batista Bomb and Orton’s RKO.

Ric Flair isn’t included because the only version of him in WWE 2K22 is from the 80s. You could add him, but it might be a bit jarring when seeing them out there together because of the difference in character presentation.

6. The Nation of Domination (90 OVR)

The stable that helped turn smiling babyface Rocky Maivia into The Rock, The Nation of Domination is an iconic group that, while not all four main members are present, is still strong with just the two main members of Faarooq and The Rock with a 90 overall rating.

Faarooq – the first Black World Heavyweight Champion as Ron Simmons (his real name) in WCW – led the Black Power group that also consisted of Kama Mustafa (Papa Shango and The Godfather) and D’Lo Brown, among others, though these were the core four. The powerhouse and mentor of the group, Faarooq’s move-set is heavily geared toward power moves.

The Rock is, well, The Rock. The version in the game is obviously not the late-90s version, but his more recent look. Even though he hasn’t competed in a legitimate match in years, he still carries one of the highest ratings in the game.

Brown is not in the game and only Papa Shango is playable in WWE 2K22 (MyFaction aside).

7. Owens & Zayn (82 OVR)

Another pair of best friends and eternal rivals, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn make a good tag team because they literally know everything about the other when it comes to wrestling.

While these versions of their characters are far disparate from when they teamed in the past, they largely employ the same moves that they did in the past. Use Owens’ power and Zayn’s speed for a nice balance and mixture of attack. Even though they’re the lowest-rated team thus far, don’t let that fool you.

8. Rated-RKO (89 OVR)

Hall of Famer Edge and future Hall of Famer Orton are both multi-time World Champions and held the Tag Team Championship once as Rated-RKO. After Edge returned to WWE from a forced retirement ten years earlier in a shocking entrance during the 2020 Royal Rumble match, he reengaged a feud with Orton, which resulted in what WWE billed as the “Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” at Backlash.

There’s not much to say other than it’s a team of two of the best in WWE over the past two decades. Orton is 14-time World Champion and Grand Slam Champion. Edge is also a Grand Slam Champion and 11-time World Champion. Simply put, there aren’t many pairings better.

9. Shirai & Ray (81 OVR)

Io Shirai and Kay Lee Ray actually represent the only current tag team on this list. In fact, they’ll face Wendy Choo and Dakota Kai in the finals of the Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic on the March 22 episode of NXT 2.0, with the winners facing Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolan of Toxic Attraction for the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship presumably at NXT Stand & Deliver during WrestleMania weekend.

Shirai is probably the second-best women’s wrestler in NXT’s history behind Asuka’s undefeated tenure. The former NXT Women’s Champion is known for memorable spots, whether it was her crossbody off of the top of the In Your House set or leaping off of the WarGames cage while donning a metal trashcan.

Ray is the former long-time NXT UK Women’s Champion. After being embroiled in a feud with NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose, she teamed with Shirai to whittle down Rose’s cronies before once again getting her hand (and feet) on Rose.

Shrai’s Over the Moonsault Finisher (though it isn’t called that in the game) is a thing of beauty. Ray’s KLR Bomb is her version of the Gory Bomb.

10. Styles & Joe (88 OVR)

The final team on the list, A.J. Styles and Samoa Joe are career-long rivals from TNA (Impact) to Ring of Honor to WWE. The two had a heated feud when Styles was a face WWE Champion – Joe constantly referring to Styles’ wife Wendy really added the personal touch – and have been involved in some of the best matches of the past two decades. Many regard their triple threat match involving Christopher Daniels at TNA’s Unbreakable in 2005 is the best triple threat match ever.

While Joe is a bruiser, he is also a very technical wrestler. After all, he is the “Samoan Submission Machine” who favors the Coquina Clutch. His Muscle Buster is always a devastating move. Styles can fly, but he is also one of the best wrestlers of the past 20 years, able to do everything. His Phenomenal Forearm is a thing of beauty, but his Styles Clash is what helped put him on the map in the days before social media.

There you have it, OG’s ranking of best tag team ideas in WWE 2K22. Which team will you play? Which teams will you form?

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