WWE 2K23 Early Access Release Date and Time, How to Preload 

With the WWE 2K23 early access release date and time looming, get your preload started now to start playing as soon as possible.

WWE 2K23 Early Access Bad Bunny

If you’ve already secured a pre-order of the game and are itching to get started, the WWE 2K23 early access release date and time are closing in quickly. While players who got the standard edition have a longer wait, those who haven’t decided yet still have time to pre-order the WWE 2K23 Icon Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition. 

On top of that, some fans may be worried about the download time for the game. Here, you’ll find full details on the exact WWE 2K23 early access release date and time as well as how to preload early depending on which platform you’ll be using. Of course, there is also a possible hack to slip in a little earlier, but it’s one that rarely works for players each year. 

In this article you will learn: 

  • The confirmed WWE 2K23 early access release date 
  • The exact WWE 2K23 early access release time
  • How to preload early on Xbox or PlayStation 

WWE 2K23 early access release date and time 

WWE 2K23 Early Access Bobby Lashley

If you’ve already secured your pre order for the WWE 2K23 Icon Edition or WWE 2K23 Digital Deluxe Edition, it comes with three days of early access before the worldwide release date arrives. For players who have yet to place a pre order, you can find more details here about the various editions of WWE 2K23 and decide which one is right for you. 

While the worldwide release date isn’t until Friday, March 17, the confirmed WWE 2K23 early access release date is actually set for Tuesday, March 14, 2023. The biggest sign of exactly when the game will go live for players comes thanks to the PlayStation Store, as their listing shows exactly when the game will be available in your local time zone. 

As a result, it appears 2K has chosen to go with a standard Midnight ET unlock. For clarity, that would make the WWE 2K23 early access release time 11pm CT on Monday, March 13, 2023. As a friendly reminder, Daylight Saving Time will also kick in this weekend just ahead of the WWE 2K23 launch.  

In addition, there is one potential trick players have tried for years that has very occasionally seen success. While rare, some players have gotten titles to unlock early by setting their consoles to New Zealand time. This is not recommended as it can rarely cause problems with the console, and WWE 2K23 appears to be using a simultaneous worldwide launch, but it is a trick players may still choose to try. 

Download size and how to preload WWE 2K23 

WWE 2K23 Early Access Xbox

While download size may vary a bit between platforms, and there could be additional space needed for the first major WWE 2K23 update, sizes on a few platforms have been able to be confirmed. WWE 2K23 clocks in at about 59.99 GB on Xbox Series X|S on initial install while the title is upwards of 71.010 GB on PS5. 

As a result, players may want to go ahead and check their storage to ensure sufficient space is available for the game to avoid the panic of having to erase things while trying to download WWE 2K23. The official preload date for PS4 and PS5 was set for March 10, and players who have already placed a digital pre order should be able to install the game now. 

As for Xbox, there is a way to install the game today regardless of whether or not you’ve already purchased it. First off, ensure you’ve downloaded the Xbox app to your mobile device, signed in, and turned on the option to initiate remote downloads from your console. At this point, simply search for WWE 2K23 in the Xbox app. 

As shown in the image above, you can open the listing to tap “DOWNLOAD TO CONSOLE” and initiate the download regardless of whether you own the game already. Make sure you’ve picked the right version, as the WWE 2K23 for Xbox One version will also be visible and downloadable for players with an Xbox Series X|S. 

Once the install is complete, you will still have to pre-order the game and wait for the WWE 2K23 early access release date and time to arrive. However, you’ll now be prepared to hit the mat as soon as the game unlocks for players.

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