WWE 2K23 MyFACTION Guide – Faction Wars, Weekly Towers, Proving Grounds, and More

MyFACTION returns with a fully functional online mode and PvP. Here’s your WWE 2K23 MyFACTION guide.


MyFACTION was introduced in WWE 2K22 and while it required an internet connection to play, there was no ability to play others like in NBA 2K’s MyTEAM. However, things have changed as WWE 2K23 MyFACTION includes both PvP and time-limited online events, enhancing what was a promising yet disappointing introduction last year.

Below, you will read:

  • An overview of card tiers in WWE 2K23 MyFACTION
  • An overview of evolution cards in WWE 2K23 MyFACTION
  • An overview of every WWE 2K23 MyFACTION mode
  • Strategies for paying each WWE 2K23 MyFACTION mode

There are several game modes in MyFACTION. They are Faction Wars, Weekly Towers, Proving Grounds, Live Events, and Quick Play. The first three were in WWE 2K22 and pit you against AI opponents, while the latter two were introduced this year and pit you against other players.

Explaining card tiers and contracts in WWE 2K23 MyFACTION

WWE 2K23 MyFACTION Guide The Prototype
The new pack opening and card display animations are much more sleek than in WWE 2K22.

Like MyTEAM, MyFACTION gives wrestlers an overall rating and place them into tiered sets of cards. Also like MyTEAM, the game begins with lower-rated cards as higher tiered and rated cards are introduced throughout the year. Here are the available tiers from highest to lowest:

  • Pink Diamond
  • Diamond
  • Amethyst
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

Pink Diamond was introduced this year, leading to the belief that more tiers will be coming in 2K24 and beyond. However, at this point with the worldwide release, the best cards you can gain are Ruby (if you have any of the pre-order cards) and Sapphire (from the Token Market).

Next, each card comes with a set of contracts. A contract is consumed per match. Even if the wrestler doesn’t participate in the match, as long as they’re chosen, a contract will be consumed. Here are the known base contracts for the card tiers available at launch:

  • Ruby (five contracts)
  • Sapphire (seven contracts)
  • Emerald (nine contracts)
  • Gold (11 contracts)
  • Silver (13 contracts)
  • Bronze (15 contracts)

It’s safe to assume that Amethysts will see three contracts while both Diamond levels will see one contract.

Evolution cards in WWE 2K23 MyFACTION

WWE 2K23 MyFACTION Guide Cena evo

Evolution cards also make a return from 2K22 and NBA 2K games. Evo cards are cards that have three objectives per tier that you must complete in order for the card to evolve to the next tier. Thus far, there are only seven evo cards available, but you’ll only be able to own two (possibly three).

First, if you pre-ordered the Icon or Deluxe editions of WWE 2K23, then you’ll receive a John Cena evolution card that starts at Gold with a cap of Ruby. As the cover athlete and Showcase feature – again – it makes sense to have arguably the greatest wrestler in WWE history as an evo card.

Next, your two guaranteed evo cards all depend on the starter pack you choose: RAW, SmackDown, or NXT. Each starter pack contains men’s and women’s wrestler who can evolve to Emerald. They are as follows:

WWE 2K23 MyFACTION Guide Starter Packs
  • RAW: Matt Riddle and Bianca Belair
  • SmackDown: Drew McIntyre and Liv Morgan
  • NXT: Bron Breakker and Roxanne Perez
WWE 2K23 MyFACTION Guide Bianca Belair

Each evo card has different conditions to meet, three each before hitting the evolution. Belair’s included landing Finishers and Heavy Attacks, while Emerald Cena needed to damage 10 Opponents’ Torsos (Red), Land 50 Grab Attacks, and Land 75 Heavy Attacks.

More and more evo cards will be introduced throughout the year. If 2K22 is any indication, certain themed packs will also contain evo cards (check for every PLE, for example).

Overview of each mode in WWE 2K23 MyFACTION

If you’re a trophy or achievement hunter, then WWE 2K23 MyFACTION requires you to play each mode, though some (much) more than others. However, unlike WWE 2K22 where you had to complete all lifetime challenges in MyFACTION, you only have to complete 15 in 2K23 to pop the trophy or achievement. Still, there are mode-specific trophies for Weekly Towers, Faction Wars, Proving Grounds, and Live Events, and you only need to complete one Quick Play overall.

WWE 2K23 MyFACTION Guide Faction Wars

In Faction Wars, you take in your four lineup members into an eight-person tag team match. Even if you never tag out and only use your first listed wrestler, contracts will still be consumed. Faction Wars will give you rewards of MyFACTION Points (MF), Tokens, cosmetics items, card packs, or even wrestler cards for each victory up to 50, then every two victories through 98 wins, and every three wins thereafter for a time; it’s currently capped at 101 wins (you need 100 Faction Wars wins for the trophy). This is the mode to play to quickly gain MFP, Tokens, and cards.

WWE 2K23 MyFACTION Guide Rick Boogs reward
Pulling a Rick Boogs! Note the list of rewards on the right.

You will also be able to choose one of five briefcases for each win that has all of the above rewards except that the wrestler cards are time-limited rewards that last about a month. At launch, those time-limited rewards are Gold Indi Hartwell, Gold Raquel Gonzalez, Gold Axiom, and Emerald Rick Boogs. You also have a 25 percent chance of pulling a second briefcase.

WWE 2K23 MyFACTION Guide Weekly Towers

In Weekly Towers, you will have five new matches each week with a reward for winning all five. You’ll need to win by earning a certain amount of MFP during each match. You’ll start by needing 15 and end with up to 90 at times.

WWE 2K23 MyFACTION Guide Proving Grounds

In Proving Grounds, you play “chapters” that tell a connected story. The first chapter is Genesis, then Made, Ascension, Main Event Mayhem, and Hall of Immortals thus far (2K22 has around seven chapters, so more should be added throughout the year). Each chapter has an “Epic 90 Medal Reward,” but this means you must beat each match of each tower on Legend difficulty while earning at least 90 MFP. It’s daunting, but the rewards make the endeavor worthwhile.

WWE 2K23 MyFACTION Guide Live Events

In Live Events, you take on time-limited matches against AI opponents. Your standard Live Event match will be for 100 MFP. However, there are currently two Live Events that reward you with a wrestler card. There is a Bloodline TLC Triple Tag for an Emerald 72 OVR Otis. There is also Fraction Fracas, an eight-man battle royal for Sapphire 77 OVR Erik that requires an Emerald card to play.

WWE 2K23 MyFACTION Guide Erik
The current Live Events and the Sapphire 77 OVR Erik reward for one of them.

In Quick Play, you play against other players. You just click Quick Play, choose your card, and a match will be made. It’s as simple as that.

Mode-specific tips for WWE 2K23 MyFACTION

Here are some specific tips for each mode that go beyond “win.” No Quick Play or Live Events tips will be listed. In terms of difficulty of mode, the ranking would be Proving Grounds at Legend difficulty, then Faction Wars, then Weekly Towers, then Live Events (depending on the time-limited events) and Quick Play depending on your skill level.

Proving Grounds tips for WWE 2K23 MyFACTION

WWE 2K23 MyFACTION Guide Tyler Bate

In Proving Grounds, each chapter contains six towers to complete of five matches each, 15 medals per tower. However, in order to gain the most and best rewards from this mode, you have to play on Legend Difficulty. You can earn three medals per match: one for Normal, two for Hard, and three for Legend. You must earn 15 MFP, 60 MFP, and 90 MFP, respectively.

The current Epic 90 Medal Reward for Proving Grounds are as follows:

  • Chapter 1: Sapphire 77 OVR Tyler Bate
  • Chapter 2: Sapphire 77 OVR Alexa Bliss
  • Chapter 3: Sapphire 78 OVR Roman Reigns
  • Chapter 4: Ruby 82 OVR Ronda Rousey
  • Chapter 5: Ruby 82 OVR The Rock

Not all of these will just be normal singles matches, either. You may have Ladder matches, Falls Count Anywhere matches, or even tag and handicap matches. If you’re finding Legend to be too difficult or frustrating, try on Hard and work your way up.

As the AI seems to reverse or counter every other move on Legend, the biggest tip is to play with patience. From there, avoid the routine timing you developed on lower difficulties, mixing up your grapple move timing to throw off the AI. Then, only attempt Signatures and Finisher when the AI is stunned. Their precocious countering makes it a risky proposition to try in a non-stunned state.

Faction Wars tips for WWE 2K23 MyFACTION

WWE 2K23 MyFACTION Guide Lineup
Note how each opponent card is one tier higher than your own – and the Ruby Action Figure John Cena!

There is one big factor to consider: you will face opponents one card tier higher than your lineup. For example, if you have four Bronze wrestlers, then you will face four silver wrestlers. If you have one Emerald and three bronze, then you will face one Sapphire and three silver wrestlers, and so forth. At launch, Sapphire cards seem to be the top tier of available cards, though you will face higher (and evolution John Cena can hit Ruby, leading to Amethyst opponents).

WWE 2K23 MyFACTION Guide opponent tag
Sending Sapphire Montez Ford into the corner so a Silver partner tags into the match.

Then, once the match begins, simply send the higher tier opponent into their corner where one of their teammates will tag into the match. With the tiers available at launch being Bronze, Silver, Gold, Emerald, and Sapphire (Ruby if you have the Icon or Deluxe editions), facing a Silver or Bronze wrestler means you’ll have them in red damage quicker than higher tier wrestlers.

WWE 2K games are notorious for any tag team or multi-person and multi-team matches having pins broken up nearly every time. It’s even worse with an eight-person tag team match as there are three other wrestlers who can break up your pins – and they will!

WWE 2K23 MyFACTION Guide submission
Forcing Apollo Crews to submit within two minutes of the match starting without it being broken up!

Instead, focus on submitting your opponent rather than earning a pinfall. After you inflict red damage to an area or land a Finisher, engage a submission and win the mini-game. It’s not foolproof, particularly early when submission ratings are lower, but you can still game the system a bit like this:

  • Set your lineup with a wrestler who has high Power or Technical Submission Offense
  • Set a manager that increases one of both of these attributes
  • If you want to use them, equip Sideplates that increases one or both of these attributes
  • Apply a submission on a red-damaged area of your opponent and watch the meter fill quicker
  • Change the mini-game setting from Rapid to Hold to maximize the effect
WWE 2K23 MyFACTION Guide winner
Team Biscuit, a nod to He Who Fights With Monsters.

Again, early on with the lack of high-end cards available, it may take more time. WWE 2K22 saw a quick hack of using Ruby Asuka from the Token Market – her Technical Submission Offense was in the 80s – to win matches in under two minutes. While no card is yet available with these attributes, the overall strategy still applies.

Weekly Towers tips for WWE 2K23 MyFACTION

WWE 2K23 MyFACTION Guide Batista

Weekly Towers are fairly laid back. Of the four currently available, only the Week 4 Extreme Rules Tower has a wrestler card reward with Emerald 73 OVR Batista.

Each Weekly Tower has five matches. Your first match or two will only require you to earn 15 MFP and win, but will increase for the last three matches, up to 75 and possibly 90 MFP, though 60 MFP is more likely. Most matches will be singles matches, but there is one tag team match (Week 2, Match 5) in the first four towers. However, roughly half of the remaining 19 available matches are gimmick matches.

Basically, in a less stressful environment, take your time and figure out your timing, mechanics, and what styles you like playing with best. Weekly Towers are also great for evo cards as the chaotic mess of Faction Wars and the difficulty of Proving Grounds may make evolving them more annoying than anything.

Especially for evo cards that need you to damage a certain number of opponents’ body parts or pin or submit a certain number of opponents, there is one big workaround: ironman matches in Weekly Towers. After each fall, red damage reverts to orange, allowing you to once again inflict red damage and have it count, and you can rack up the pins or submissions as well.

However, only one ironman match is available thus far of the 20, the very last match of Week 4 against Natalya. Unfortunately, evo Belair had already been fully evolved at that point during gameplay, but the tactic still applies.

Locker codes for WWE 2K23 MyFACTION

WWE 2K23 MyFACTION Guide Locker Code

Locker codes also make a return. However, there are only a few locker codes thus far to redeem:

  • NEWDAYROCKS: Emerald Xavier Woods (Manager)
  • UPUPDOWNDOWN: Emerald Tyler Breeze (Manager)
  • AUSTIN316ESB: Emerald 74 OVR “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Broken Skull logo, Broken Skull nameplate, El Segundo wallpaper
  • EVENSTRONGER23: 3,000 MFP, 3x Superstars Series Basic Packs

Woods’ code becomes available after completing the Tutorial while Breeze’s does after completing MyGM. Locker codes tend to expire quickly, so redeem them soon!

You should have everything you need to know about MyFACTION now to create your own dominant faction in WWE 2K23. Which mode will you tackle first?

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