WWE 2K23: MyGM Guide and Tips to Become a Hall of Fame GM

The fan favorite GM Mode reboot returns in WWE 2K23, and this guide has all the tips and tricks you need to become a Hall of Fame GM.

WWE 2K23 MyGM draft

The MyGM mode in WWE 2K23 is a massive step up from the features and experience fans saw last year. However, new features and changes mean new challenges, and this WWE 2K23 MyGM guide is a must before you start planning a multi-season dynasty. 

Just like any traditional Franchise Mode experience, there are both short-term and long-term strategies that help push your brand towards success. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, the tips and tricks in this guide can make a huge difference before you even draft a single superstar. 

In this article you will learn: 

  • All the GMs and Brands you can choose from in WWE 2K23 
  • Tips and tricks from the the MyGM Draft all the way to WrestleMania 
  • What happens after each season and how keepers affect subsequent drafts 
  • The best ways to use Power Cards and Shake Ups for maximum impact 
  • How to win Slammies and become a Hall of Fame GM
  • All of the WWE 2K23 trophies and achievements for MyGM 

How to dominate in MyGM from the draft to WrestleMania and back again

Some of the GMs available in MyGM mode are pictured

When first starting your WWE 2K23 MyGM save, you’ll be faced with the decision of which GM and which brand you’ll be using. This choice is simply personal preference, as all of the GMs and brands come with their own unique Power Card to use throughout your save. 

Here is every GM available to use in WWE 2K23 and the Power Card they come with: 

  • Adam Pearce – Instigator: Increases the levels of all active Rivalries by 1. 
  • Sonya Deville – Power Up: Power Cards in the store are free this week. 
  • Stephanie McMahon – The McMahon Presence: Earn twice as much money from arena attendance this week. 
  • Xavier Woods – Cheat Code: Select a superstar from an opposing brand’s roster. They will permanently join your roster next week. The selected superstar may not be a title holder, and this card is not usable in Week 1. 
  • Tyler Breeze – Quick Recovery: All your superstars immediately recover 20 Stamina. 
  • Kurt Angle – Heart of Gold: All charity promos are free to book and have their results doubled this week. 
  • Eric Bischoff – Backstage Booking: Booking costs for all show logistics are free this week. 
  • Mick Foley – Cactus Jacked: Select an opposing brand. Two superstars who participate in their show next week will be injured (selected at random). 
  • Custom Superstar – Legend Whisperer: The first legend you sign this week will be free. 

After making your GM selection, here are the brands you’ll choose from and which Power Card each comes with: 

  • SmackDown – Birth of Legends: Six random superstars on your roster will have their popularity increased by +6. 
  • Raw – This is War: Select an opposing brand to have three randomly selected superstars that cannot be booked in matches next week. Cannot be used the week before a PLE. 
  • NXT – Fighting Champion: Title matches booked for this week will receive a large match rating boost. 
  • NXT 2.0 – Fresh Meat: Reduce the price of the next three free agents you purchase this week by 50%. 
  • WCW – Classically Trained: Extend the duration of all your current legends’ contracts by five weeks. 

With nine GM options featuring different cards and the five brands to pick from, there are 45 different combinations you can end up with for your MyGM journey. After all the brands have been set, you’ll get the option of adjusting the session settings for that particular MyGM save. If you’re planning to play any of the MyGM matches rather than purely simulate, you can find the detailed WWE 2K23 controls guide here to help get rolling. 

What are the best MyGM settings?

The different settings that can be changed are displayed.

The first and most important setting to decide on is the Game Difficulty you choose for MyGM, as the three choices will definitely change your experience. Easy offers a smaller match card, reduced injury chances, lower morale thresholds for superstars who want to quit and possible keepers at the end of each season, no budget reduction in later seasons, and some starting assistance from Triple H in the form of money and Power Cards. 

Normal increases the match card size, adds a small budget reduction in later seasons, has medium morale thresholds for keepers and superstars quitting, and will not include the starting assistance from Triple H. Hard, the most difficult option available, will give you the same match card length as Normal, but there will be a moderate budget reduction in later seasons, high morale thresholds for superstars quitting and keepers, and increased injury chances. 

If you’re new to MyGM entirely, it is highly recommended to get a feel for things on Easy. The lower match card is much more manageable, and the help from Triple H is a big boost when getting started. However, veteran players who got used to MyGM on Normal or Hard in WWE 2K22 should safely be able to kick things off at Normal or Hard in WWE 2K23. 

Increasing the opening budget can be helpful, but keep in mind it’s the same budget your opposing brands will have. Player order has to do with the order in which everyone plays or simulates their set show each week, which likely will make little difference unless you’re playing with multiple human brands and want to keep the order from feeling stale. 

Shake Ups are a new feature that can be a huge help, so that’s a setting you’ll want to leave on. Your last big call will be how to handle the draft, starting with the choice to use the default draft pool or create a custom one. Custom draft pools can be extra fun, especially if you bring legends into the main roster or have superstars from Community Creations, but be careful of how much you edit the draft pool and superstar details as wrecking the balance on it can hinder your save. 

How to have the perfect WWE 2K23 MyGM Draft

A WWE 2K23 draft board is shown

When it comes to drafting, the size of your roster will be influenced by the difficulty you’ve chosen to play MyGM on. For players on Easy, the smaller match card allows even small rosters of ten or 12 superstars to manage coming out of the MyGM Draft. However, higher difficulties have larger cards and will require larger rosters. 

You’ll also want to keep in mind that, after the draft, you’ll still be able to sign Free Agents and Legends to round out your roster. While those contracts aren’t always permanent, they usually are a good bit cheaper than the draft signing cost. You can also fill out your roster with the much cheaper enhancement talent available in the Free Agent pool each week, but it’ll take time to build their popularity up. 

Ultimately, the most important part of your draft is going to be balance. Whether you’re looking to fill out your full season roster right out of the gate or want to just get a starter group to add to, you want the drafted choices to fit well together. Class is going to be the most important factor, as this year you’ll once again want to pair Bruisers and Fighters together, Giants and Cruisers together, and be free to utilize Specialists more widely. 

While it can seem important during your draft, keep in mind that you can swap any superstar to the opposite Role with a one-week Role Change promo. Having a balanced group by Role coming out of the draft helps, but you can fix that balance in the first few weeks so long as the Classes will mesh well. 

MyGM tips and tricks to build the best brand possible

A match card for WrestleMania is displayed

Now that you’ve got your save created and draft set, it’s time to start working through MyGM one week (or one show) at a time. MyGM now operates in 25-show seasons. During that time, it will follow a pattern of four weeks of TV followed by a Premium Live Event (PLE) in the fifth week. The first four PLE shows are chosen at random and can vary save to save, but the end of each season will always be WrestleMania, which has an even larger match card than the average PLE. 

Keep this format in mind as you go, especially in the later parts of the season. When it comes to grabbing Free Agents or Legends to fill out your roster, knowing how the durations of those contracts will align with your upcoming PLE shows is going to be key. You’ll also want to watch for the Shake Ups coming at Shows 6, 11, 16, and 21. 

One of WWE 2K23’s most interesting new MyGM features is the Shake Ups cards dealt out at these post-PLE points throughout your season. Each time you’ll be offered the choice between three Shake Up cards of Bronze, Silver, or Gold quality. Some of these offer instant changes like popularity and stamina adjustments or give you Power Cards. 

Shake Up cards are one of the new features in the game

Many of the Shake Ups are seasonal with effects that will last for the rest of that season. Those cards might boost fans or match quality in specific circumstances, and several give you a way to make extra cash through the rest of the season. Finally, particularly in the earliest Shake Ups, you might get a card that will only be active for the next ten or 15 shows, which is something you’ll want to keep in mind so you aren’t booking under the impression it’s still active when that Shake Up power has gone dormant. 

As for booking the actual shows, you generally won’t want to go too overboard with gimmick matches and expensive logistics on the week-to-week shows. Instead, use the weeks between each PLE to build up rivalries and keep your roster as healthy as possible. The primary logistics exception is your Arena, as the cost of using a bigger arena is almost always outweighed by the ticket revenue earned from that show. 

Choosing the perfect arena is a bit of a moving target, but the figure you’ll want to watch is your attendance. If you’re selling out the Capitol Wrestling Center every week, try the Fleet Center every show if you can unlock it. Once you outgrow that, the Big Stadium will become your go-to every week. The cost of booking the Big Open Stadium is usually only offset by ticket revenue for PLEs, so keep that one on the shelf for week-to-week shows, even if it’s unlocked. 

Show Logistics have been spread out this year across multiple seasons. The most powerful and expensive options for Arena, Crew, Special Effects, and Advertisement aren’t even available to unlock until Season 4. With your budget due to reset at the end of each season, make sure to trigger those unlocks (even if you don’t use them right away) if you can afford the cost.  

When you do finally arrive at each PLE, that’s the time to stop holding back. Keep stamina and other risks in mind, but make sure to book the best card possible with the most exciting match types you can afford. The other big thing you’ll want to utilize around every big PLE is your Power Cards. Some of them can make a truly massive impact. 

While it can be easy to focus entirely on ratings or fans, it’s important to note that there doesn’t appear to be just a single factor in determining the rankings of GMs in each MyGM save. After several seasons of simulation, it became clear that having a high budget and playing frugal also make a massive impact on your rank. In more than one season, the highest ranking and winning GM wasn’t actually the one with the most fans, but rather the one that finished that season with a massive budget. It’s not clear exactly how rank is calculated, but other aspects like show quality and match quality likely also play a role. 

What are the easiest ways to get Power Cards, and how should you use them?

Different Power Cards are earned in MyGM mode

After being first introduced last year in MyGM, Power Cards have continued to expand this year with a variety of options that have become increasingly deadly in a multi-season format. While your budget and (most of) your roster will reset at the end of each season, any Power Cards you have will roll over into the new season. The GM and Brand-related Power Cards are given again at the start of every season. 

This means, if you so choose, you can spend early seasons being extremely conservative by stockpiling Power Cards to utilize in bigger shows down the line. Fortunately, there are several ways to grow your arsenal of Power Cards in MyGM. The most direct is buying Power Cards that are on sale each week, but don’t risk damaging your budget too badly with this. Be sure to check the Season Challenges, as completing these helps your Hall of Fame Trophy progress and awards Power Cards upon completion of those challenges. Lastly, keep an eye on the Commissioner Goal given by Triple H each week to score a free Power Card, but don’t risk keeping a major star off any PLE just because of his request. 

Once you have them, the most valuable time to use Power Cards will, as mentioned previously, line up with each PLE show. Some of the Power Cards in MyGM exist to make your opposing GM’s lives harder. Cards with the power to veto champions or superstars from entire shows are best used ahead of PLE events when possible, and the same goes for anything that increases the budget impact of logistics or match types on opposing GMs. 

A large category of Power Cards are specific to various match types with the power to greatly increase the rating for one match of that type on your card. Saving these for the biggest PLEs can be huge, as guaranteeing a five-star match in the Opener and Main Event can make a huge impact on the revenue and fans gained from that PLE. Additionally, if you have the right cards and keep your match types diversified on a big show like WrestleMania, you can actually use Power Cards to force near perfect ratings across an entire show. 

Many of the Power Cards in MyGM can help with stamina drain and injury rehab or risk, and there are even options like Fix Match to force a specific outcome when needed. Superstar boosting options like To The Moon, Superstar Training, and Beginner’s Luck can quickly turn enhancement talent or lower popularity stars into viable main eventers if utilized properly. Ultimately, your Power Cards’ path will vary with every save, but never sleep on their ability to turn the tide at one key show.

How do keepers work when each MyGM season ends?

Players have to select their keepers at the end of every season

While the debut of MyGM in WWE 2K22 featured a system where you could choose the duration of your single season save, things are turned upside down in WWE 2K23 with the debut of multi-season saves in MyGM. Every season is 25 shows long with WrestleMania as your finale, and there is a transition process between each season. 

After the conclusion of WrestleMania, you’ll quickly transition into the seasonal Slammy Awards, (more details below). After you’re briefed on the success or failure of that season, you’ll transition toward a completely new draft with the addition of keepers from your last season’s roster. 

Keepers will cost you less to re-sign than they would if you chose to draft them, and they’ll be safe from being swiped by any other GM during the new season’s draft. One big catch is that superstars with low morale will not want to be re-signed, and thus will be unavailable to select as your keepers. While the popularity can be tempting, at times the most important factor in your keepers will be stamina. Any superstar with relatively high stamina and popularity is a must, but don’t be afraid to refresh your roster aside from those few keepers. 

The number of keepers awarded to a GM is based on their rank at the end of the previous season. Top-ranked GMs only get to choose three keepers, second-place GMs get four, third-place GMs get five, and fourth-place GMs get six. After the new draft has completed, you’ll transition into the next season much the same way your first began. 

While your budget will reset each season, the starting budget decreases in later seasons if you’re playing on Normal or Hard difficulty. One figure that notably does not reset is your total fans. This means that rushing through a poor season runs the risk of creating an increasingly less closable gap between yourself and opposing GMs. Starting a new save is always a valid and reasonable option if your current one isn’t going well, but you’d be surprised how quickly that fan gap can close in later seasons with few majorly successful PLEs and a little opponent sabotage. 

How do you win Slammies and become a Hall of Fame GM?

GMs are awarded Slammy Awards at the end of the season

Every season of MyGM is followed by the Slammy Awards. Based on performance throughout that season, Slammies are awarded to each of the GMs. Not all possible Slammies are known just yet, but here are the ones that have been discovered so far:

  • The Brawler: Most Triple Threat and Fatal 4-Way matches
  • The Brown Noser: Completed the most Commissioner Goals
  • The Ringmaster: Largest average crowd size
  • The Legacy: Most legends hired in a season
  • The Flip Flopper: Most role changes in a season
  • The Exec: Most advertising promos
  • The Caged Beast: Did the most Steel Cage and Hell in a Cell matches
  • The Bootstrap Puller: Most free agents signed
  • The Risk Taker: Most injuries in a season 

If you’re hoping to snag all the achievements or trophies, there are more details in the section below about why trying to diversify the Slammies you win in MyGM will be extra helpful. While they’re a fun accomplishment, Slammies aren’t actually necessary as you chart a path to becoming a Hall of Fame GM. 

To reach Hall of Fame GM status, you need to collect ten Hall of Fame trophies across however many seasons you need in MyGM. The most likely way you’ll snag these is with Career Achievements that are reached simply by continuing to work through MyGM. Even if you’re not particularly successful, you should eventually hit the revenue and total fans tiers. You’ll also get a Hall of Fame trophy for finishing multiple seasons in first or second place. 

Finally, one way you can likely guarantee at least one extra Hall of Fame trophy per season is by working on the Season Challenges. While each of these provides a Power Card as described earlier, completing five separate challenges in a single season will also award you a Hall of Fame trophy. 

How do you unlock all the WWE 2K23 trophies and achievements for MyGM?

Players must collect ten Hall of Fame trophies to become a Hall of Fame GM

For players looking to be as completionist as possible, there are just five achievements (on Xbox) or trophies (on PlayStation) connected to WWE 2K23 MyGM. However, they’re not going to be ones you can wrap up in a single season. In fact, one of them will be particularly challenging. 

Here are the WWE 2K23 trophies and achievements for MyGM: 

  • Fatal 4-Way: Completed a 4-Brand Season in MyGM
  • Matchwork: Booked all possible match types during a single season of MyGM
  • Pump Up the Slam: Earn 10 different Slammies in MyGM
  • Brand Management: Win a Season with each brand in MyGM 
  • On Top of the Mountain(s): Finish first in ratings after 3 full Seasons in MyGM 

While a few of these are doable with a little patience, such as winning at least one season with each brand, booking all the match types in one season, and wrapping up a 4-Brand Season, the others will be quite a bit more challenging. Earning 10 different Slammies will require 10 completed seasons, and you’ll want to try and avoid any of the landmarks you’d hit previous times or strive for ones you know you haven’t unlocked yet. 

The most difficult will certainly be to finish first in ratings after three full Seasons in MyGM. While winning a season by finishing with the highest ranking may seem attainable, finishing first in the ratings will require a focus on overall match quality throughout the entirety of all three seasons. Fortunately, you’ll be able to bring all the various strategies outlined in this WWE 2K23 MyGM guide to your own personal GM wars.

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