Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Best Armor to Use

Find out all how to get all the best armor sets in AC Valhalla.

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, there’s a plethora of armor sets for you to equip, with each one giving you a stats buff in specific areas. It can be fairly difficult to decide which set you want to max out first as it will cost you a lot of the game’s most coveted resource, Titanium.

How you approach the game will have a massive impact on which armor set will work the best for you and what stats you should be aiming to increase.

In this article, we’ll be giving you the rundown on what we rank as the top five best armor sets, including the stats, abilities, and how to find each piece, enabling you to get geared up early on and straight into the action.

Some of the numbers may vary in your playthrough as we unequipped all weapons and reset all skills acquired to get the purest stats possible. Due to your choice of armor mainly coming down to your preferred playstyle, this list isn’t in any particular order but is comprised of the best armor sets in the game.

1. Thegn’s Armor Set

Gear up like a noble and rule the land in the Thegn armor set. One of the best-looking sets in the game also packs a punch, thanks to its fantastic critical boosting ability.

The biggest drawback to this set is that the pieces are scattered through the high-power territories of Wincestre, Glowecestrescire, and Eurvicscire, but it’s worth going through the trouble of unlocking this Way of the Bear orientated armor.

Thegn’s Set ability

2/5 pieces equipped:

  • Increase to critical chance when parrying
  • Lose it when: attacking from the back or attacking an enemy on the ground
  • Bonus: + 10.0

5/5 pieces equipped:

  • Additional increase to critical damage
  • Bonus: +20.0 critical damage

This ability is perfect for anybody looking to employ a gear build that focuses on improving your critical chance and critical damage. A stack limit isn’t mentioned, so as long as you don’t attack from behind or hit a downed enemy, you can keep boosting your critical stats as you tear through your opponents.

Thegn’s Great Helm

Thegn’s Great HelmBase StatsMax Stats
Light Resistance2736
Heavy Resistance3140

When you find this item, it comes in the flawless category with five of the seven upgrade bars filled. If you want to max this helmet, it’ll cost one Tungsten Ingot, 430 Iron, 1,075 Leather, and 28 Titanium pieces.

Thegn’s Great Helm location

The Thegn’s Great Helm can be found in the city of Wincestre, south of Hamtunscire. The helmet lies in the Old Minster, inside a secret room on the second floor – the chest requires three keys to open, with their locations being in our wealth of Wincestre guide.

Thegn’s Cloak

Thegn’s CloakBase StatsMax Stats
Light Resistance2938
Heavy Resistance2938

Thegn’s Cloak is another piece of this set found in the flawless category with five out of seven upgrade bars filled; it’ll cost another Tungsten ingot, 430 Iron, 1,075 Leather, and 28 Titanium to fully upgrade this piece of Armor.

Thegn’s Cloak location

Thegn’s Cloak can be found in Wincestre along with Thegn’s Great Helm. This time, the chest is hidden behind a barred door on the second floor of the Bishop’s Residence in the eastern part of the city. See the guide to the wealth of Wincestre to get the lowdown on exactly how to get this armor piece.

Thegn’s Heavy Tunic

Thegn’s Heavy TunicBase StatsMax Stats
Light Resistance3241
Heavy Resistance2635

The third piece of the Thegn’s armor set is found in its flawless state, so it’ll cost you the same as the last two pieces to max upgrade (one Tungsten ingot, 430 Iron, 1,075 Leather, and 28 Titanium).

Thegn’s Heavy Tunic location

Thegn’s Heavy Tunic is found under the Temple of Brigantia, north of Doncaster in Eurvicscire. To locate the chest, you must find the tunnel that goes deeper underwater: the item is behind the large statue underneath the floating wooden planks.

You can see exactly where to dive in the image above, but be careful not to spend too much time down there as you’ll run out of oxygen.

Thegn’s Bracers

Thegn’s BracersBase StatsMax Stats
Light Resistance2635
Heavy Resistance3241

The fourth part of the armor set, Thegn’s Bracers, is also found in the flawless class of gear, costing you another Tungsten ingot, 430 Iron, 1,075 Leather, and 28 Titanium to upgrade fully.

Thegn’s Bracers location

You’ll find Thegn’s Bracers within Stenwege Camp in Eurvicscire. The building that you need to get into is locked, and you’ll need Odin’s Sight to find the key nearby. The key could be held by a Man at Arms-type enemy: either loot or kill them to gain access to the inner section of the camp and find your loot.

Thegn’s Breeches

Thegn’s BreechesBase StatsMax Stats
Light Resistance3140
Heavy Resistance2736

Lastly are Thegn’s Breeches, and just like the others, you’ll find it with five out of seven upgrade slots filled and needing a Tungsten ingot, 430 Iron, 1,075 Leather, and 28 Titanium to upgrade it to its maximum rating.

Thegn’s Breeches location

The last piece of Thegn’s Set can be found in Aelfwood, in the western part of Glowecestrescire: the chest is in a cave behind a locked door.

A nearby enemy will be holding the key that you need, so either loot it or kill them to gain access to the chest and complete Thegn’s Set.

2. Mentor’s Armor Set

This is the armor of the Hidden Ones member who gained the rank of ‘Mentor.’ Having been based in Roman Britain, this armor set allows you to gear up as the assassins of old. This Raven-aligned armor is stashed in Suthsexe, Snotinghamscire, and Wincestre.

Mentor’s set ability

2/5 pieces equipped:

  • Increase attack after critical hits
  • Stacks: 5
  • Duration: 35 seconds
  • Bonus: +1.2 to 20.0 attack

5/5 pieces equipped:

  • Additional increase to speed
  • Bonus: +0.6 to 10.0 speed

This armor set comes equipped with a very useful ability, with your attack increasing up to +20.0 after five critical hits and you getting a further bonus to your speed. So, you can deal high-damage blows in quick succession.

Focusing your runes on improving your critical chance will further boost this effect, making you extremely potent in combat.

Mentor’s Mask

Mentor’s MaskBase StatsMax Stats
Light Resistance3340
Heavy Resistance2936

When you find the Mentor’s Mask, it’ll be in the flawless category with six of the seven upgrade slots filled. It’ll cost you one Tungsten ingot, 370 Iron, 925 Leather, and 26 Titanium to fully upgrade this item.

Mentor’s Mask location

In Snotinghamscire, to the west of Snotingham, is the Sherwood Hideout camp. Within this camp, you’ll find the Mentor’s Mask. The area has a power level of 250, so be careful if you haven’t reached that level yet.

Mentor’s Cloak

Mentor’s CloakBase StatsMax Stats
Light Resistance2936
Heavy Resistance3340

As was the same with the Mentor’s Mask, the Mentor’s Cloak is found in the flawless class with six out of the seven upgrade slots filled. It’ll cost you one Tungsten ingot, 370 Iron, 925 Leather, and 26 Titanium to reach the maximum level.

Mentor’s Cloak location

On Snotinghamscire’s border with Eurvicscire is an enemy camp called the Loch Clunbre Hideout – it sits to the south of the Elmet Monastery, on the bank of the Maun River.

In the Loch Clunbre Hideout is a hut with a chest holding the Mentor’s Cloak, but you need a key to open it, which is on an enemy who is also waiting within the same hut. Defeat them and take the key, and then loot the chest and claim your armor.

Mentor’s Robes

Mentor’s RobesBase StatsMax Stats
Light Resistance2235
Heavy Resistance2841

The Mentor’s Robes start as a superior piece of gear, which is a rank below flawless. So, it’ll cost one Nickel ingot, one Tungsten ingot, 510 Iron, 1,275 Leather, and 28 Titanium pieces to get upgraded fully.

Mentor’s Robes location

Our third piece of the Mentor’s armor set lies in the settlement of Guildford, in Suthsexe. In Guildford is Saint Lewinna’s Church, which is where you’ll find the chest holding the Mentor’s Robes. To enter the church, shoot down the pallet of building supplies blocking the window at the top of the tower.

Once you’re inside the church, climb down the ladder in the left corner of the room and then destroy the crates and flimsy wooden floor behind the bannister. Next, drop down to the first floor.

Down here, move the stack of supplies away from the wall to reveal a door. On the other side of the door is the room where you’ll find the Mentor’s Robes.

Once you’ve collected the gear, go back into the main hall and move the stack of supplies below the ladder so you can climb back up and out of the church, as seen above.

Mentor’s Vambrace

Mentor’s VambraceBase StatsMax Stats
Light Resistance2538
Heavy Resistance2538

The next piece of the Mentor’s armor set is the Mentor’s Vambrace, which is found in the superior category with three out of four upgrade bars filled. You’ll need a Nickel ingot, a Tungsten ingot, 510 Iron, 1,275 Leather, and 28 Titanium to get the best out of the armor set.

Mentor’s Vambrace location

In the south of Suthsexe, you can find the Anderitum Hideout. To access the hideout, you can either use a key – that can be found on one of the guards – or drop down through the skylight.

After dropping down the skylight, instead of sliding under the wall next to the fire, turn left and head down the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel is a wooden board blocking your way: break it and continue through.

On the other side of the wall and to your left is a destructible wall. Either use your fire powder trap ability or turn around and find an oil jar to destroy the wall and carry on.

Next, take the left turn at the end of the short passage and head up the stone stairs; keep following this path until you reach a wall covered in ivy and look up. Here, you’ll see a breakable wooden barrier. So, break this and climb through to claim your gear.

Mentor’s Trousers

Mentor’s TrousersBase StatsMax Stats
Light Resistance3241
Heavy Resistance2635

Lastly, we have the Mentor’s Trousers. This piece of the armor starts as a flawless item with five out of the seven upgrade bars filled. As such, you’ll need to spend one Tungsten ingot, 430 Iron, 1,075 Leather, and 28 Titanium on the Mentor’s Trousers to get its max stats.

Mentor’s Trousers location

You’ll need to head to Wincestre to complete this armor set, with this last piece residing within the walls of the Wincestre Garrison. Head over to our Wincestre’s wealth guide to find out exactly how to claim this gear and complete the Mentor’s armor set.

3. Thor’s Armor Set

Embody the God of Thunder and become the storm with Thor’s armor set. This late-game armor not only looks the part but comes with great stats and a powerful ability buff.

Aligned with the Way of the Bear, Thor’s armor is mainly found on powerful enemies across the Valhalla map, so be prepared for a tough fight when tracking down the five pieces of gear.

If you needed an added incentive to go after this armor set, you’ll also unlock Thor’s legendary hammer, Mjolnir.

Thor’s set ability

2/5 pieces equipped:

  • Increase speed when stunning an enemy
  • Stacks: 4
  • Duration: 30 seconds
  • Bonus: +2.5 speed

5/5 pieces equipped:

  • Additional increase to stun
  • Bonus: +10.0 stun

This ability perfectly synchronises with Mjolnir as the hammer’s ability gives a chance to deal stun damage to all enemies around you with every hit. Combine this ability with the armor’s, and you can increase your speed and stun, making you deal damage directly and to the surrounding areas.

Even without Mjolnir equipped, this ability is still very useful when it comes to staggering opponents’ attacks and moving that little bit more quickly around the battlefield.

Thor’s Helmet

Thor’s HelmetBase StatsMax Stats
Light Resistance2936
Heavy Resistance3340

After you’ve tracked down Thor’s winged helmet, you’ll receive it as a flawless piece of gear with six out of the seven upgrade bars filled, requiring you to spend a Tungsten ingot, 370 Iron, 925 Leather, and 26 Titanium to reach the maximum level.

Thor’s Helmet location

This piece of the armor is only available after you’ve already collected Thor’s Battle Plate, Gauntlets, and Breeches by defeating the three Daughters of Lerion – who are incredibly tough if you’re a lower level than them.

Once you’ve defeated the three menacing sisters, Cordelia, Goneril, and Regan, you must head to East Anglia – specifically, southwest of Burgh Castle – where you’ll find a rundown estate with an underground entrance.

Follow the underground path and keep to the right as it splits. Here, you’ll find a strange statue in the centre of a room, interact with the back of the statue, and you’ll place the three daggers into the three slots revealing a new path. Continue further underground to find the chest containing Thor’s Helmet.

Thor’s Cape

Thor’s CapeBase StatsMax Stats
Light Resistance3238
Heavy Resistance3238

One of the few armor pieces that you’ll receive as a mythical item is Thor’s Cape, It has seven out of the ten upgrade slots filled, so it will still set you back 300 Iron, 750 Leather, and 23 Titanium to upgrade those last three levels.

Thor’s Cape location

Unfortunately, this piece of Thor’s armor is what makes it a very late game set to complete. You must find and kill all 45 of the Order of the Ancients and return their medallions to Hytham in Ravensthorpe.

Once you have, you can complete the armor set and head to Norway to collect Mjolnir.

Thor’s Battle Plate

Thor’s Battle PlateBase StatsMax Stats
Light Resistance3441
Heavy Resistance2835

When you claim Thor’s Battle Plate, it comes in the flawless category of gear. So, you’ll need to spend a Tungsten ingot to reach the mythical class, followed by 370 Iron, 925 Leather, and 26 Titanium to max upgrade this part of the God of Thunder’s armor.

Thor’s Battle Plate location

This part of Thor’s armor set is found on Regan, the second most difficult Daughter of Lerion. You’ll find her at Walsham Crag in Northern East Anglia, to the west of the Forward Camp.

She has a power rating of 160, so come prepared and powered up to defeat her. Once you have, you’ll receive Thor’s Battle Plate and another mysterious dagger.

Thor’s Gauntlets

Thor’s GauntletsBase StatsMax Stats
Light Resistance2035
Heavy Resistance2641

Next up is Thor’s Gauntlets; these come in the superior category, requiring a Nickel and Tungsten ingot to reach mythical class. It will also need more resources than the previous armor pieces to upgrade fully, as follows: 530 Iron, 1,325 Leather, and 28 Titanium.

Thor’s Gauntlets location

The last of the Daughters of Lerion, Cordelia, is the one that you have to beat to collect Thor’s Gauntlets. She is the most powerful of the three sisters, with a power rating of 340.

You can find her in East Anglia, southwest of the viewpoint Britannia’s Watch. After you’ve defeated the three sisters of Lerion, head to the disgraced Lerion Estate to uncover Thor’s Helmet.

Thor’s Breeches

Thor’s BreechesBase StatsMax Stats
Light Resistance2740
Heavy Resistance2336

The last piece of the son of Odin’s armor is Thor’s Breeches. They come in the superior class, just as Thor’s Gauntlets do. The Breeches, however, have one more upgrade slot already filled, so they require slightly less Iron and Leather to reach max level. Still, you’ll need to spend a Nickel ingot, a Tungsten ingot, 510 Iron, 1,275 Leather, and 28 Titanium.

Thor’s Breeches location

In the northeastern part of Grantebridgescire is an island with the Isle of Ely Monastery on it; you want to head to the north side of this island to the Spalda Fens.

Here, you will face Goneril, a powerful boss who holds Thor’s Breeches. Once you’ve defeated Goneril, you can claim this piece of Thor’s armor and collect a mysterious dagger that you’ll use to obtain Thor’s Helmet.

4. Brigandine Armor Set

This beautiful armor set is comprised of boiled leather and common metals, but the artisans made it one of the best-looking armors in the game.

Basic but reliable, the Brigandine set is aligned with the Way of the Bear skill tree section and offers good stats plus an underrated ability. It can also be acquired fairly early on if you’re willing to travelling between Cent and Sciropescire – both of which sport a recommended power of 130.

Brigandine set ability

2/5 pieces equipped:

  • Increase armor when surrounded by more than two enemies.
  • Enemies thresholds: 3 / 4 / 5+
  • Bonus: +10.0 / 20.0 / 30.0 armor

5/5 pieces equipped:

  • Additional increase to melee damage
  • Bonus: +2.4 / 7.3 / 25.0 melee damage

The ability of the Brigandine armor set can be easily overlooked, but it comes in very handy when approaching hordes of enemies – especially in the game’s siege missions where you’re taking on armies of opposing soldiers.

Increasing your armor and melee damage while surrounded, this armor set makes disadvantages into advantages, turning the tables on your opponents as you get stronger with the more enemies that dare to approach you.

Pairing this armor set with the Brigandine Rune and Feather Runes can make you even deadlier in combat. The Brigandine Rune increases your speed when surrounded by two or more enemies, and the Feather Runes decrease your weight.

This increase in speed, armor, and melee damage is a potent triple threat for you to take advantage of in AC Valhalla.

Brigandine Helm

Brigandine HelmBase StatsMax Stats
Light Resistance2540
Heavy Resistance2136

When you first acquire the Brigandine Helm, it’ll be in the superior gear class, with two out of the four upgrade slots filled. If you’re looking to upgrade this piece of armor fully, you’ll have to spend one Nickel ingot, one Tungsten ingot, 530 Iron, 1,325 Leather, and 28 Titanium pieces.

Brigandine Helm location

In central Sciropescire, just west of Dudmastun Lake and east of the Hill Gate Remnants viewpoint, is the Wenlocan Outpost. Here, you’ll find the Brigandine Helm.

On the west side of the outpost, on the ground floor, is a cavern with a firepit in the centre and a large moveable stone pressed up to the wall.

Move this stone to reveal a crack in the rockface that you can squeeze through: go through the crack to find your loot waiting for you on the other side.

Brigandine Cape

Brigandine CapeBase StatsMax Stats
Light Resistance2136
Heavy Resistance2540

The Brigandine Cape also starts as a superior piece of gear with two out of four upgrade slots filled. As such, it’ll cost the same amount of materials as the Brigandine Helm to max out (a Nickel and Tungsten ingot, 530 Iron, 1,325 Leather, and 28 Titanium).

Brigandine Cape location

On the eastern border of Sciropescire and Ledecestrescire is the town of Quatford, sitting to the west of the Bardon Lookout viewpoint. This is where the chest holding the Brigandine Cape can be found.

The entrance is blocked by a destructible wall, so you can either use the incendiary powder trap or one of the oil jars to the left of the entrance to force your way into the cave.

Once inside, follow the passage down, destroy the flimsy wooden barricade, and then move the large stone away from the wall to reveal a crack in the wall. Squeeze through the opening, and to your left, you’ll spot the chest that you’re looking for.

Brigandine Armor

Brigandine ArmorBase StatsMax Stats
Light Resistance2035
Heavy Resistance2641

Again, the Brigandine Armor is acquired as a superior-tier piece of gear, with two out of four upgrade slots filled. It’ll cost one Nickel ingot, one Tungsten ingot, 530 Iron, 1,325 Leather, and 28 Titanium to reap the full power of this set.

Brigandine Armor location

In Canterbury, which you can find in the southeast of Cent, is the Canterbury Cathedral and the location of the Brigandine Armor.

Make your way to the second floor of the Cathedral. On one side of the second floor is a barred door. Shoot the lock off of this door from the opposite side and then head around and go through the previously locked door.

Follow the stairs down to find a room with a destructible part to the floor: either use the incendiary powder trap or shoot the chandelier above to break the floor and reveal the chest that holds the Brigandine Armor.

Brigandine Gauntlets

Brigandine GauntletsBase StatsMax Stats
Light Resistance2338
Heavy Resistance2338

The Brigandine Gauntlets are the fourth piece of the set to come as a superior piece of gear, again with two out of the four upgrade slots filled. It’ll require another Nickel and Tungsten ingot, 530 Iron, 1,325 Leather, and 28 Titanium to upgrade fully.

Brigandine Gauntlets location

Within Cent is the town of Beamasfield, situated to the west of Canterbury. On the north side of town is a house with three doors at the front and one at the back. Enter the house from the front left door, turn around, and look up. Here, you’ll see a second level, which is where the chest with the Brigandine Gauntlets is, but it needs two keys to open it.

Use your Odin’s Sight to help track down the keys, one of which is in a house to the south. It’s the first thatched house that you see to your right as you exit the house thar the armor’s chest is in. This house can only be entered via a window.

Once you have the first key, head up the path to the left; you’ll find the second key inside the open-air structure with the red flags hanging from it. There are several enemies in the town, so be careful if you haven’t got a very high power level yet.

After collecting the two keys, head to the house, unlock the chest, and you’ll now own the Brigandine Gauntlets.

Brigandine Trousers

Brigandine TrousersBase StatsMax Stats
Light Resistance2641
Heavy Resistance2035

Lastly, we have the Brigandine Trousers, which are found as a superior piece of gear with two out of four upgrade slots filled. You’ll need yet another Nickel ingot, Tungsten ingot, 530 Iron, 1,325 Leather, and 28 Titanium to hit its max level.

Brigandine Trousers location

On the southeastern coast of Cent is the Dover Fortress. On the beach below this fortress is a cave where you’ll find the chest holding the last piece of the Brigandine armor set.

Enter the cave, keep to the right-hand path, and head up the slope to see a destructible part to the floor. Either use the incendiary powder trap or grab a nearby oil jar to destroy the flooring.

Once you’ve destroyed the flooring, drop in and break the wooden barricade inside. Behind the barricade is the chest housing the Brigandine Trousers.

5. Hidden Ones’ Armor Set

This Way of the Raven aligned armor set was worn by the original Egyptian Hidden Ones and is the reward for completing the abandoned Hidden Ones’ Bureaus scattered across England. There a six in total for you to explore, five of which give you a piece of the armor set.

Hidden Ones’ set ability

2/5 pieces equipped:

  • Increase assassination damage when crouched and undetected for ten seconds
  • Lasts ten seconds after getting up or getting detected
  • Bonus: +25 assassination damage

5/5 pieces equipped:

  • Additional increase to headshot damage
  • Bonus: +25 headshot damage

The ability of this armor set specialises in the stealthier playstyle, increasing your assassination damage by +25 when you’re crouched and undetected for ten seconds.

You’ll be able to take down more powerful opponents in one shot rather than relying on the skill Advanced Assassination, which provides a timing-based attack. Throw the +25 headshot damage into the equation, and you’ll quickly be taking down fortresses as a ghost, instilling fear into your enemies.

Both of the stat upgrades can be directly improved using runes to increase your ranged attack or assassination damage further, making Eivor channel their inner Bayek and embrace the Assassin’s Creed.

Hidden Ones’ Mask

Hidden Ones’ MaskBase StatsMax Stats
Light Resistance2738
Heavy Resistance2738

The Hidden Ones’ Mask starts as a superior piece of gear with all four upgrade slots filled. When you’re maxing it out, you’ll have to spend a Nickel ingot, a Tungsten ingot, 480 Iron, 1,200 Leather, and 28 Titanium.

Hidden Ones’ Mask location

Each of the Hidden Ones’ set can be found within a Hidden Ones’ Bureau in England. The headgear can be found inside Lunden’s Londinium Bureau, which is situated just outside of the city to the northeast.

To gain access to the underground Bureau, find the large circular palisade fence in the ruins, climb up and dive into the water below.

Hidden Ones’ Hood

Hidden Ones’ HoodBase StatsMax Stats
Light Resistance2435
Heavy Resistance3041

The Hidden Ones’ Hood starts in the superior class of gear with its four upgrade slots already filled. So, you’ll have to fork out another Nickel ingot, Tungsten ingot, 480 Iron, 1,200 Leather, and 28 Titanium before this piece of gear is at its max level.

Hidden Ones’ Hood location

The next Hidden Ones’ Bureau is found to the south of Colchester in Essex, within the underground complex. The entrance to the Essexe Camulodunum Bureau is located in a ruined stone building: approach it from the north and enter through what used to be an archway.

Sprouting from the ground to your left is a tree. Follow the branch until you reach a wooden platform, spot the destructible patch of floor below, and either use your incendiary powder trap an oil jar (found in a stall just before the archway entrance) to break it open.

Hidden Ones’ Robes

Hidden Ones’ RobesBase StatsMax Stats
Light Resistance3340
Heavy Resistance2936

Following the armor set’s trend, the Hidden Ones’ Robes are acquired in the superior class with four out of four upgrade slots filled. To max it out, you’ll have to spend a Nickel ingot, Tungsten ingot, 370 Iron, 925 Leather, and 26 Titanium. Despite being the same level as the two previous pieces of armor, the Robes require slightly fewer resources to upgrade fully.

Hidden Ones’ Robes location

In the heart of Northumbria is the city of Jorvik, with the Jorvik Bureau being located in the southwest part of the city. The easiest way to find it is to head south from the Jorvik Theatre and stay within the city limits.

This section of Jorvik is home to a graveyard, and in the middle of this graveyard is a destructible wooden barricade covering a hole in the floor just in front of an empty casket. All that you need to do is destroy this to enter Jorvik’s Eboracum Bureau.

Hidden Ones’ Gloves

Hidden Ones’ GlovesBase StatsMax Stats
Light Resistance2441
Heavy Resistance1835

Being one of the first items of this set that you’re likely to come across, the Hidden Ones’ Gloves are acquired as a superior-class piece of gear with just one of the four upgrade slots filled. This means that – should you want to upgrade this piece of the set fully – you’ll need a Nickel ingot, Tungsten ingot, 540 Iron, 1,350 Leather, and 28 Titanium.

Hidden Ones’ Gloves location

You’re likely to come across the Ratae Bureau before any of the others as Ledecestrescire has such a low suggested power rating, making it easier to navigate. The Bureau itself can be found on the eastern outskirts of Ledecestre.

If you follow the main road out of the city to the east, as you reach the bridge before the main gatehouse, look to your right and you should see two large female statues with a ruined building behind them.

Enter the ruins to find a destructible wooden section blocking a hole in the ground: destroy it and begin your journey through the Ratae Bureau to find the Hidden Ones’ Gloves.

Hidden Ones’ Leggings

Hidden Ones’ LeggingsBase StatsMax Stats
Light Resistance3436
Heavy Resistance3840

Breaking the mould is the Hidden Ones’ Leggings, which start in the flawless class of gear and with all seven of the upgrade slots filled. To fully upgrade this piece of the set, you’ll require significantly fewer resources than the others; you’ll need a Tungsten ingot, 110 Iron, 275 Leather, and 11 Titanium.

Hidden Ones’ Leggings location

In the midwest of England lies the county of Glowecestrescire: it’s here you can find the Hidden Ones’ Leggings smuggled away within the Temple of Ceres Bureau.

The south of the county is home to the city Glowecestre, and to the west of the city is a vast forest called the Forest of Denu. Here, you’ll find the Bureau resting at the foot of the mountain range that spans the left-hand edge of the county.

To find the Temple of Ceres Bureau, head out of the west gate of Glowecestre, follow the road over the bridge. Keep on this road as it heads into the woodland and stay on the main track, avoiding the path that forks to the left.

You’ll reach an archway with two statues on either side, marking the area where the Bureau is located. Shortly after the archway is a plateau with the assassin’s symbol etched into it, and just past this, up some large steps, is the entrance into the Temple of Ceres. Once you arrive here, you can complete the Hidden Ones’ armor set.

Now you know all of the best armor sets to collect in AC Valhalla, with each one favouring a certain playstyle, from sneaking to slaughtering. So, which one is your favourite when it comes to conquering your foes?

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